WEN 6552T Thickness Planer Review


One of the most beneficial tools you could ever have in your woodshop is a planer. But perhaps you don’t have tens of thousands of dollars or the floor space in your shop to dedicate to a single tool. Instead of getting a full-sized planer, consider investing in a benchtop model – a compact model [...]

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What is Planer Snipe: Explanation Guide


A thickness planer is a worthy investment if you need to reclaim old lumber or dimension boards for a project. It beats painstakingly using a hand planer every time if you need to alter the thickness of long, hardwood boards. However, most thickness planer models have one thing in common: producing snipe. What is snipe? [...]

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Jointer vs Planer: What’s the Difference?


One of the most commonly asked questions by people looking to get in the furniture-building game is what the differences are between jointers and planers. This is understandable since they both are used in preparing boards by cutting away bits of the board at a time. In this article, we’re going to discuss in depth [...]

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Best Thickness Planers


Squaring and straightening wooden boards is essential for creating perfectly fitting furniture and fixtures. Doing this by hand can be overwhelming, especially if you plan on restoring old, hole-ridden boards back to their former glory. Instead, if you’re serious about your craft, consider investing in a thickness planer. DEWALT DW735X Thickness planers are designed to [...]

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DEWALT DW735X vs WEN 6550 vs Makita 2012NB


Woodworkers of any level will swear that thickness planers are a crucial tool for producing the best-quality pieces of furniture. Thickness planers can be used for both dimensioning boards and final smoothing before connecting boards together. Consider a thickness planer as an investment where profits are made from the amount of lumber you can save [...]

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DEWALT DW735X vs WEN 6552 Thickness Planers


Whether you are a professional or amateur woodworker, sooner or later you will need to trim wooden boards in order to give them a fresh look or adopt them to fit somewhere. Well, then you need a benchtop planer. DEWALT DW735X Benchtop planers are considered the affordable alternative to the much-bigger industrial planers. In contrast, [...]

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