Sun Joe SPX1000 vs Greenworks GPW1501

Sun Joe SPX1000 vs Greenworks GPW1501

Want to get rid of layers of slippery mildew from your deckWhat about the caked-on carbonized bits stuck to your grill’s gratesInstead of spending hours and hours manually scraping, scrubbing, and hosing down these surfaces, why not employ the assistance of an electric pressure washerThis is the must-have tool for eliminating all sort of nasty stains from around your home.

In just a fraction of the time, you can spray highly concentrated jets of water at your driveways, patios, and even the exterior wall of your home to give them a clean sheen you could never achieve by using a traditional garden hose.

Sun Joe SPX1000 vs Greenworks GPW1501: Comparison

Sun Joe SPX1000

In this article, we’re going to take a look at two electric pressure washer models that have garnered a considerably high amount of thumbs-ups. These are the SPX1000 from Sun Joe and the GPW1501 from Greenworks. Both of these machines provide enough power for tackling some of the toughest jobs, but which of these models should you get to clean your walkways and vehiclesKeep reading to find out!

PSI and GPM Ratings

Sun Joe SPX1000
The PSI rating refers to how much power a pressure washer can produce, whereas the GPM rating shows how much water is consumed per minute to provide said power. The Sun Joe’s 11.5-amp motor can produce up to 1,450 PSI at 1.45 GPM. Compared to traditional garden hoses, you’re getting more than 20 times as much force while saving almost 70 times more water.

Greenworks GPW1501
If you thought the Sun Joe’s PSI and GPM ratings were impressive, then prepare to have your jaw drop even further. The Greenworks can generate up to 1,500 PSI at 1.2 GPM. Ok, in all honesty, you’re not going to notice a 50-PSI difference, but in the long run, you can save considerably more on your water bill if you get the Greenworks.

Conclusion: PSI-wise, both of these machines perform similarly. The magic behind the Greenworks is how little water it uses while technically producing more force per square inch of highly concentrated water. A 0.25-GPM difference might seem like nothing, but you could possibly end up saving a hundred dollars or more on water by getting the Greenworks opposed to picking up the Sun Joe.

Greenworks GPW1501 vs Sun Joe SPX1000: Comparison

Greenworks GPW1501

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Adjustable Spray wand vs Quick-Connect Nozzle Tips

Sun Joe SPX1000
Unlike so many other models from Sun Joe, the SPX1000 comes with an adjustable wand where users can select how much pressure to blast out of the wand. By twisting the wand, you can choose from a range between 0° pencil-like precision and 40° wide spray area.

Greenworks GPW1501
The Greenworks comes with two (ONLY two!) quick-connect nozzle tips. They provide 25° and 40° fans. With the 25°, you can clear your patios of moss, mildew, and lift oil stains from your driveway. Using the 40° tip, you can clean more delicate surfaces such as the paint on your vehicle’s and your home’s windows. However, since there is no 0° or even 15° tips, precision cleaning might be an issue.

Conclusion: There are several ways you can alter the total pressure produced by an electric pressure washer. The Sun Joe’s adjustable wand allows users to choose their desired pressure by twisting the nozzle to select from between super-concentrated 0° to an ultra-light 40° and beyond. The Greenworks gives you two quick-connect nozzles: a 25° and a 40° option. You don’t even have the freedom to blast jets with pencil-like precision for the toughest cleaning jobs.

Sun Joe SPX1000

Sun Joe SPX1000


Sun Joe SPX1000
Fully assembled, the Sun Joe weighs an impressive 9.2 pounds. For such a high-power machine, it’s surprising to see that an electric pressure washer can actually weigh less than 10 pounds. Furthermore, the Sun Joe comes with a set of attachable wheels and a handle to help move the unit to and fro.

Greenworks GPW1501
Unlike the Sun Joe, the Greenworks doesn’t feature any wheels. You might not actually need them since the unit only weighs about 17 pounds after assembly. This is almost twice as heavy as the Sun Joe, but honestly speaking, it’s not going to weigh you down.

Conclusion: Both of these machines are celebrated for being extremely lightweight. This is great since, even with the Sun Joe’s handle, it might be a bit too short to roll around on its hind wheels. Between the 9.2-pound Sun Joe and the 17-pound Greenworks, we feel that you there’s hardly any difference in terms of portability, and neither of these models should result in fatigue or muscle aches when maneuvering them around your home.

Greenworks GPW1501

Greenworks GPW1501

Total Stop System

Sun Joe SPX1000
The Total Stop System (TSS) is a system which automatically turns the engine of a pressure washer off in order to save electricity. As soon as you release the trigger, the TSS will kick into gear and stop the engine from further pressurizing water. Additionally, the TSS will actually extend the lifespan of the Sun Joe’s engine by preventing it from working needlessly.

Greenworks GPW1501
The Greenworks does not have a TSS. Without a TSS, the pressure washer’s engine has a higher risk of burning out on you after several months of use. One way to prevent the engine from needlessly re-pressurizing water is by unplugging the machine as soon as possible after you’ve completed your cleaning tasks.

Conclusion: The TSS is designed to help extend the life of a pressure washer’s engine and reduce the electricity costs of operating a pressure washer. Essentially, the TSS kills the engine and prevents it from producing pressurized water when the trigger is disengaged. Unfortunately, the Greenworks doesn’t have such a system in place, so whatever savings you can get from its low GPM might actually be spent on electricity.

Soap Applicator

Sun Joe SPX1000
One of the most surprising things about the Sun Joe is that it doesn’t come with a soap applicator! You need to purchase this item separately! Basically, without a soap applicator, clearing oily spills off your driveway can be a hassle since you need to manually apply a few drops of soap before spraying it clean.

Greenworks GPW1501
The Greenworks comes with a detergent bottle attachment that you place on the gun handle. First, you need to remove the wand and tip before screwing on the soap applicator. The Greenworks then sprays a thin coating of soap at low pressure. To rinse it off, you’ll need to detach the soap applicator and reattach the wand.

Conclusion: Soap tanks or applicators are one of the main reasons for getting a pressure washer. There’s hardly any purpose of cleaning your car with a pressure washer if you need to apply soap to the body of your vehicle manually. However, if you get the Sun Joe, you can purchase a soap applicator separately. It’s a shame that it doesn’t come with the machine…

Sun Joe SPX1000 vs Greenworks GPW1501: Comparison

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Sun Joe vs Greenworks: Verdict

The only feature where the Sun Joe outclasses the Greenworks is with its fully adjustable nozzle for high-pressure 0° and low-pressure 40° cleaning. The TSS is also a handy feature, but it’s not a must-have to ensure a long lifespan of your pressure washer’s engine.

In our opinion, the Greenworks is the more superior model for two major reasons. First, it produces more pressure (50 PSI more, to be exact) while consuming less water (1.2 GPM compared to the Sun Joe’s 1.45-GPM rating).

Second, the kit includes a soap applicator. We were surprised to see that Sun Joe actually makes you purchase a soap applicator separately from the model. Between these two models, hands down, we feel that the Greenworks GWP1501 is the option to choose.

Greenworks GPW1501 vs Sun Joe SPX1000: Comparison

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