Best Lathe Buying Guide and Top 5


Woodturning is one of the most popular forms of woodworking. There are plenty of things you can create by woodturning such as bowls, bird feeders, pens, cradles, and even replacement handles for some of your aging tools. All you need to begin several fun projects are curved gouges, sharp chisels, and parting tools. But for [...]

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NOVA 46300 Comet II Mini Lathe Review


Most DIY woodworkers won’t need a full-sized lathe in their workshop. Not only are they costly but they also take up an enormous amount of floor space. For those of you looking to produce small, cylindrical pieces of wood-based art – pens, drawer knobs, tool handles, etc. – then the best tool to use would [...]

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How To Use a Lathe- ToolPowers


Lathes are used for a number of different projects, but for the regular handyman, it’s mainly used to produce beautiful wood-based art. However, depending on the type of lathe machine, you can even turn and shape pieces of metal. More advanced lathe machines have programmable limbs for making precise and identical cuts on multiple blanks [...]

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What are the Different Types of Lathe Machines?


Have you ever wondered how they bake baseball bats, wood pens, camshafts, screws, metal dies, or even locomotive wheelsIf you have, then the answer might be a bit of a shocker: it’s all thanks to lathes. What is a lathe machine? Lathe machines are used for removing the material off of stock or a blank. [...]

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WEN 3420 vs NOVA 46300: Lathe Comparison


Producing elegantly-turned legs and a number of other wood pieces is extremely easy with the use of a wood lathe. Some users still prefer the traditional hand crank and hand tool method of shaping and making designs, but they are nowhere as efficient as working with high-speed electronic lathes. This machine allows for more controlled [...]

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