Best MIG Welders in 2020


Regardless of your motivations or needs, if you’re a DIY fanatic, then you’ll need to start learning how to weld. For most, it’s not the highest-paying job, nor is it the cleanest, but it has to be among one of the most fun skills you can possess. As a novice welder, you might have some [...]

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Hobart 210 VS 190: MIG Welder Comparison


Picking the right welding machine can be tricky business, what with the numerous manufacturers and their seemingly infinite number of welder machines available and their almost-identical features. People looking to get into the welding game should consider investing in a MIG welder which is designed to weld carbon steel, stainless steel, and non-ferrous metals like [...]

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Best Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet: Buyer’s Guide


A welding helmet is something that every welder must use. This piece of headgear protects the eyes, face, neck, and head from burns, welder’s flash, infrared lights, flying sparks, and the oh-so-dangerous UV lights. Basically, welding without one of these helmets on is a surefire way to expose yourself to a wide range of health [...]

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Best Welding Helmet: Buying Guide


Welding can be a relaxing but dangerous activity. You’re connecting two pieces of metal by way of introducing a heck of a ton of heat at the joint. During the welding process, a welder is exposed to extreme heat, UV and infrared rays, and flying sparks. Needless to say, you need something to protect your [...]

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Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder 115V Review


The 500559 140 MIG Welder from Hobart is a compact, versatile machine for MIG and flux-cored welding. This allows users to weld thin and thick sheets of metal with amazing, professional-looking results considering the machine’s power and size. The 500559 offers great quality and portability that runs off a normal home’s current. To make things [...]

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Goplus vs. Hobart MIG Welders


MIG welders a widely used by both professional welders and home mechanics. These machines are relatively inexpensive and extremely versatile. If you’re looking to repair a vintage car, fix a broken bike, or make a decorative trellis for your backyard garden, a MIG welder is the go-to tool. Even if you’re inexperienced, you can soon [...]

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LOTOS MIG175 175AMP Mig Welder Review


When you are looking for the right weld, you have to turn to a tool that is built to offer you the best solution, and LOTOS has the perfect solution for you – the LOTOS MIG175 MIG Welder. The unit has all the features you would want in an MIG welding machine. With Argon shielding [...]

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LOTOS TIG200 Welder Review


If you’re not sure what makes for a great welder and a terrible one, try purchasing one at random, and you’ll learn a lesson the hard way. Buying the cheapest unit from the nearest equipment store will introduce you to a world of pain, which is why you should purchase a thoroughly researched unit like [...]

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Lotos MIG140 140 Amp MIG Wire Welder Review


The Lotos MIG140 Welder is a unit designed to offer you commercial-grade performance and quality. When you’ve gathered a bit of welding experience under your belt, it’s time to move on to something like this unit. The Lotos model is what you need to tackle jobs that require bigger materials. It brings you a better-designed [...]

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