What is a Portable Air Compressor Used For?

An air compressor is an invaluable device to have. Both professional craftsmen and DIY-enthusiasts both require having an air compressor to get work done. Pneumatic tools for construction jobs such as brad nail guns, paint sprayers, and impact wrenches all require compressed air to operate.

Best 6 Gallon Air Compressors

Air compressors are tremendous time- and energy-savers. Back in the days of old, we’d have to manually sand, scrub, and paint whatever surfaces we were working on which led to fatigue and overall laziness. Nowadays, with the help of air compressors, these jobs get done much quicker, and the finished product is much more appealing, thanks to these devices.

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What Is a Portable Air Compressor?

As the name suggests, portable air compressors are designed to be taken with you wherever and whenever you need it. For most people, having a portable air compressor is mainly a way to ensure that your basketball or soccer ball never goes flat when playing at the park. However, for professional construction workers, when hauling around a stationary air compressor is too demanding or when the work site doesn’t have a compressor available on hand, that’s when the portable air compressor shines.

Best 6 Gallon Air Compressors

Types of Portable Air Compressors

The different types of portable air compressors depend on the build and shape of the tank. These devices come in different shapes and sizes to suit your line of work best. Additionally, manufacturers shape the tanks in such a way as to improve the unit’s overall maneuverability and portability.

There are four main types of portable air compressors. Wheelbarrow air compressors sit on top of a wheel and come with a handle so you can drag the unit around with little to no issues. Pontoon compressors usually come with 2- or 3-gallon cylinder tanks sitting horizontally. Pancake compressors have flat bottoms, round tanks, and are considered to be the most portable type of air compressor.

Finally, twin-stack compressors come with two tanks sitting horizontally. Twin-stack compressors often deliver the most power out of all portable air compressor types.

Best 6 Gallon Air Compressors

Benefits of Air-Powered Tools

Compressed air is one of the cleanest, most versatile forms of energy used today. There aren’t any toxic gases or other substances that emit from air-powered power tools. In addition, power tools that run off air have much longer life spans than their gas- and electric-powered counterparts. This is mainly due to that fact that compressed air doesn’t produce heat, meaning the internal components of a power tool won’t have any heat dissipation problems.

Better for Nailing Tasks

Craftsmen have to constantly deal with nails. One of the best power tools to use for nailing boards or roof shingles is a nail gun. You can purchase electric- or battery-powered nail guns, but they can cost you hundreds of dollars, whereas purchasing a reliable air-powered one can be as cheap as $50.

Best 6 Gallon Air Compressors

Quicker Painting

It’s time to get rid of that crusty paintbrush and paint roller and get a handy air-powered spray gun. Paint spray guns produce finer, neater finishes on surfaces than you could ever dream of getting with traditional utensils. If you’re looking to give your furniture a cleaner finish, just hook up a paint spray gun to your air compressor and you’re good to go.

Car Repairs

A car or any other vehicle is a hefty investment that we need to keep in tip-top shape. The problem is that most people aren’t familiar with easy vehicle maintenance tasks, and we know how expensive taking our cars to the shop can be. Most maintenance issues can be fixed with a little bit of know-how – easily learned through tutorials on the internet – and elbow grease, but using an air-powered ratchet can make tuning up your car so much easier to do.

Best 6 Gallon Air Compressors


Portable air compressors are versatile tools professional and DIY craftsmen should own and use. Depending on how much power you need, based on the number of power tools you have and their respective PSI and CFM ratings, you’ll want to choose the right type of portable air compressor that suits you best. Air compressors are extremely beneficial and can help you reduce time and costs when working in your shop or garage.

They can be used for home renovation jobs such as nailing roof shingles, furniture-making, and even working on your car to keep it as healthy as possible. Make sure you get the right model with sufficient power delivery and you’ll be set for many years.

Best 6 Gallon Air Compressors

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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