What Are the Best Cordless Tools for Contractors?

Since man first discovered how to use tools, we’ve been using them for everything – from clubbing wooly mammoths over the head to constructing a shelter. Nowadays, power tools are used for construction and renovation purposes. Power tools have evolved from clunky, corded models to portable, lightweight, cordless ones.

Best Cordless Tools for Contractors

Contractors are responsible for the provision of labor, materials, and equipment to complete construction projects. However, why should a contractor opt for cordless modelsHere are the two main benefits that cordless power tools have to offer.

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1. Portable

Of course, the number one reason to get cordless power tools is that they’re portable. This type of power tool uses battery packs which provide power for a limited amount of time. To reduce downtime as much as possible, you’ll need to invest in additional battery packs which are definitely worth the money.

Best Cordless Tools for Contractors

2. No need for electricity

If you’re working on a project without any electricity – e.g., constructing new buildings, building gazebos, etc. – then you’ll need cordless power tools. You can always lug around heavy, expensive, cost-intensive portable generators, though they can be problematic when constructing buildings with multiple floors.

Most Essential Cordless Power Tools for Contractors

Power Drill

Almost hardly any contractor worth his or her salt uses a manual screwdriver at the worksite anymore. They’re time-consuming, fatigue-inducing, and quite frankly annoying little tools that indeed serve an important purpose. The best tool you can get to replace them is a power drill. They’ll give you as much value as a screwdriver in only a fraction of the effort. Power drills even come with hammering functions to help drive long screws in the toughest wood and cement.

Best Cordless Tools for Contractors

Impact Driver

One of the best tools that a contractor can own is the impact driver. It’s not a hammer, nor is it a drill, but it serves a similar purpose of both of those tools. Impact drivers deliver sudden bursts of rotational, downward force that drives long screws into tough materials with very little effort.

Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool

As its name suggests, this multi-purpose tool really does have numerous applications. Attachments for this tool are available to perform nearly every job you can imagine. One of its best functions is to cut through the tough wood by using the plunge cutter attachment. This tool can be used to sand, buff, grind, rasp saw, polish, and scrape.

Best Cordless Tools for Contractors

Angle Grinder

A small, reliable handheld angle grinder can be a useful tool for grinding, polishing, and cutting applications. These tools have numerous attachments including diamond blades, sanding and polishing discs, grinding wheels, and wire brushes. The tool is extremely versatile depending on the types of attachments you own.

Best Cordless Tools for Contractors

Random Orbital Sander

A sander is an ingenious handheld that can smooth wooden surfaces. Random orbital sanders both spin and vibrate in a tiny circular motion. This lets users prepare rough stock for further processing and perform ultra-fine sanding for finishing projects. This tool isn’t exactly a replacement for belt sanders or wood planers, but it’s arguably the best portable sander unit you can own.

Laser Leveler

When contractors lay tiles, the best tool they can own to ensure straight alignment for every tile is with a laser leveler. It serves as a guide for vertical, horizontal, and diagonal orientations so you won’t need to rely on manually placed threads to ensure straight tiles. The best models can shoot vertical and horizontal lasers from distance of up to 100 feet away with less than a fraction of an inch of error.

Best Cordless Tools for Contractors

Portable Miter Saws

When you think miter saws, you might be thinking of clunky saws that weigh over a hundred pounds. Cordless miter saws exist, and they weigh considerably less than traditional static models, granted their battery packs may run out of juice rather quickly. The great thing is that the best cordless miter saws come with an option to plug into a wall outlet, giving you unlimited, timeless power.

Reciprocating Saw

Although this type of saw is generally limited to cutting vertically, it’s still an impressive piece to have in your collection. The power of the recip saw motors allows it to cut through wood, bricks, and drywall. You can configure your saw to make short or long cuts depending on what materials you’re slicing.


Blowers aren’t just for yard work. Imagine spending hours at the worksite, generating wood dust and chips. If the site has a shop vac, perfect. If not, then you’ll need a blower to get rid of all particles that can get stuck in tile grout, in corners of the room, and so on. Cordless blowers allow you to venture through the entire project area without needing to have running electricity in the building.

Circular Saw

Of course, the one tool that many people think of when it comes to construction is the reliable circular saw. Cordless models aren’t just extremely portable, but they also provide just as much power as you could get from a corded model. With this tool on hand, you can cut lumber down to size without needing to employ heavy machinery.

Best Cordless Tools for Contractors

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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