Westinghouse WH2200iXLT Portable Generator Review

Standby generators are great and all, but what if you want to take that power with youIf you need electricity for tailgating parties, fishing trips, and family outings in the wild, then a portable inverter generator is the tool for you.

Westinghouse WH2200iXLT

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Westinghouse is a fairly new generator manufacturer that stills has some kinks to undo. However, their WH200iXLT model – a super-quiet, user-friendly inverter generator – is truly something to behold. In this article, we’d like to review the WH200iXLT and give you our two cents on what makes it a reliable generator for the road.

Starting and Running Watts

When shopping for a generator, there are two important figures that you need to find. The first is the starting wattage which indicates how much power the generator can supply to kick-start your appliances to life. The second is the running or continuous wattage which is the cap on how much power the generator can supply to keep your appliances running.

The WH2200iXLT is rated 2,200 starting watts and 1,800 running watts which, if have a standby generator at home, is quite small. However, keep in mind that portable generators indeed have smaller power capacities and are used only to keep your most vital appliances up and running. 2,200 watts is on the lower end of the portable generator wattage spectrum.

Westinghouse WH2200iXLT

Inverter Technology

Traditional generators are good and all, but they don’t supply the kind of clean power you’d need to charge sensitive electronics. Inverter generators, on the other hand, do. We don’t want to get all technical about inverter technology since the only thing you need to know about it is it produces cleaner electricity, it runs more efficiently, and it has an efficient mode to increase the machine’s fuel economy while only providing the necessary amount of power for your plugged-in appliances.


Runtime is a direct indicator of how efficient a generator is. Inverter generators naturally have better fuel economy than standard generators. The runtime is usually measured by how long the machine can run at 25% load. The WH2200iXLT at 25% load (450 watts) is roughly 13 hours on a full, 1.3-gallon tank. When using efficient mode, you can extend the runtime by over 3 hours.

Available Outlets

Like most portable generators, the WH2200iXLT comes with two standard 120V home outlets to plug appliances in directly or to support extension cords. However, what makes this different from standard generators is two 5V USB ports which allows you to charge your electronics by plugging them in directly into the generator.

Low Noise Production

Another great thing about inverter generators is that they produce significantly lower noises than their traditional counterparts. The WH2200iXLT, while running at a quarter-load, generates only 52 decibels – equivalent to conversation tones at a restaurant – from a distance of 10 feet. Place the machine 10 feet away while using an extension cord and you got a handy, whisper-quiet, electricity-producing machine.

Parallel Connection

Suppose you and a couple of friends are heading out to the woods together, but 2,200 surge watts just isn’t enough. This is understandable since more people mean more appliances requiring more power. If a buddy of yours has a WH2200iXLT or any iGen series inverter generator from Westinghouse, you can hook those babies right up with a parallel cord (sold separately) for increased wattage capacity.

Westinghouse WH2200iXLT


The only way you can make use of a portable generator outside of the time is if it’s portable. We’re looking at the weight, design, and durability of the generator when assessing its overall portability. This inverter generator falls into the “portable” category with its lightweight build (43 pounds), easy-to-carry design (suitcase handle), and a solid plastic casing which houses sensitive components. Unfortunately, the WH2200iXLT itself is not water resistant, but Westinghouse sells a special bag for this model which protects it from precipitation (sold separately).

Recoil Starter

One thing we were a bit disappointed about is the lack of an electric starter. Most modern inverter generators can turn on with a turn of a key, eliminating the need for recoil cords, and ensuring that the generator is activated only with proper authorization. However, it’s not a deal-breaker in our opinion, and the WH2200iXLT usually turns on within the first two pulls of the recoil cord.


The WH2200iXLT Portable Inverter Generator by Westinghouse can be a great option if you’re in need of limited, portable power. This model upholds the good name of all inverter generators out there by being whisper-quiet, running efficiently, and supplying good, clean power to your appliances and gadgets. It’s also easy to load and transport so taking it with you on the road is no problem at all.

Westinghouse iGen2200

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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