WEN 6033 Woodworking Router Review

Having a great woodworking router in the workshop or garage is a great joy for any artist or woodwork hobbyist. You can easily and safely handle tasks such as inlay pattern work, stopped dados, and mortising. With the right router, router bits, and jig, only your imagination can limit the number of things you can do with wood pieces.

WEN 6033 15-Amp Variable Speed Plunge Woodworking Router Kit Review

Any crafter will love the WEN 6033 router. It may not have a long history, but it has wide popularity among many crafters. Imagine what you can do with a powerful and versatile woodworking router kit in your hand. See those exquisitely finished v-grooves, chamfers, dados, and rabbets. You can do all these with your WEN router, as it has a proven capability to make intricate exterior and interior patterns on workpieces.

With its variable speed motor, you get more than enough torque to make your masterpiece, and the versatility you enjoy is unrivaled. Whether you are planning to cut basic shapes or more complex ones, this kit is quite flexible and comes with a big collection of accessories for different applications.

WEN 6033 15-Amp Variable Speed Plunge Woodworking Router Kit

Features of WEN 6033 Router

Mighty, Variable-Speed 15-Amp Motor with Soft Start Feature

The 15-amp motor provides massive horsepower to enable you to tackle even the most challenging routing tasks. With a speed range of 8000 to 23000 RPM and a variable-speed dial, you can easily set the required speed for the task ahead.

The soft start feature of the motor ensures that the motor produces less torque when started so that you can handle it easily and safely. This feature is valuable to both beginners and seasoned woodworkers. Even when the unit is set to start at the highest speed level, it will start off smoothly and then transition slowly to its top speeds.

WEN 6033 Woodworking Router Kit

Variable speed control

Most routers come with variable speed control, which is helpful if you use the same router for different bit sizes. You have total control over the speed at which the bit rotates. Small bits require high speeds to cut cleanly while large bits have to be dialed down to lower speeds to be used safely.

Quick plunge depth adjustment for enhanced safety

The winder handle of the router is accompanied by a shaft lock that assists in preventing accidental starting (mostly happens when changing bits). Together with the variable speed feature, the switch lock-out of the shaft lock helps to enhance the user’s safety. The WEN 6033 Router is, therefore, safe to use for new users.

WEN 6033 Review

Use either as a plunge or fixed router

Plunge routers are great when working on top of a board such as for applications such as dados, fluting, mortices, rebates and grooves, insets, etc. These routers follow up and down movement on the base to allow you to manually plunge the cutting bit into the material.

Fixed base routers are locked at a fixed location, and the cutting bit cannot plunge from top to bottom. But you can manually set the cutting depth on a fixed router so that it provides a greater degree of accuracy than what can be achieved with a plunge router.

The WEN 6033 Router gives you the best of both worlds. It has a spring-loaded base with a lock-down knob. This knob facilitates the quick turning of the router from plunge to fixed mode and back. You, therefore, get super-precise cuts whether the router is mounted on a table or otherwise.

WEN 6033 Variable Speed Plunge Woodworking Router

High-grade routing smoothness

The router’s handle allows for excellent control over the device. You can easily reach the plunge release lever while maintaining a firm grip on the router. When the machine is on, the great combination of control and precise cutting results in smooth motions.

The 7-stop turrets allow the user to set repeatable cut depths. These multiple height turrets work together with the macro and micro-adjustment dials to maximize cutting precision. You will find that some projects will not need multiple passes to achieve the desired cut.
The guide fence included in the package lets you rout perfectly straight lines, which greatly helps in creating dadoes and grooves along your workpiece.

This woodworking router is becoming increasingly popular among woodworkers. It helps to create high-quality shapes and patterns on workpieces to give them appealing finishes. It is designed to work seamlessly as a plunge as well as a fixed router, thus providing you the best of both worlds.

WEN 6033

WEN 6033: Final words

The soft start motor design helps to prevent damage to your workpiece and also elongates the unit’s lifespan. The router comes with many accessories including a dust collection duct, hard-shelled carrying case, bit-changing wrench, straight-edge guide fence and a profile guide for cutting edges of curvy pieces. You can turn any carving idea into reality using the WEN 6033 router.

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