Vacmaster 8 Gallon HEPA Vac VK811PH Review

Dust management at the job site is one of the most annoying things that absolutely needs to be done. Nobody likes having to pick up after themselves or others, but a clean work environment is a safe work environment. Especially when it comes to construction jobs where cement dust does not only pose a health risk but can also ruin your hard work.

Finding the right dust extractor can be a challenging job, considering the high number of dust extractors out there. So what about the VK811PH from VacmasterCould this be the right dust extractor for your line of workLet’s find out.

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Awesome Suction Power

When it comes to vacuums and dust extractors, suction power is everything. After all, you’ll want your vacuum to pick up every piece of dust and debris without leaving anything behind.

The VK811PH comes with a hefty 12-amp motor that generates up to 125 CFM through its 2-1/2-inch suction port with a water lift of 106 inches, making it one of the most powerful budget-friendly dust extractors available today.

Handles Wet and Dry Debris

Construction sites are in dire need of dust management systems that can handle all sorts of debris, from wet to dry, from tiny to large. The VK118PH can handle almost any sized debris you’ll face at the job site and can even pick up wet cement to give your work a clean, flawless finish.

Massive 8-Gallon Tank

While at the job site, everything is set to a specific time. Deadlines cannot be pushed back, and any delay can cause lateness in completing a task. In our experience, vacuums with smaller dust compartments fill much too quickly and require time to empty out the contents.

However, with an 8-gallon tank like in the VK811PH, you can cut the number of times you need to do this, saving precious minutes and increasing work productivity.

4-Stage Filtration System (Including HEPA)

Picking up dust and chips is only half the battle. Every vacuum cleaner can lift dust from the ground, but not every unit is equipped with the proper filtration system to retain debris and prevent it from going airborne.

The VK811PH, however, has more than just one filter, but it comes with a 4-stage filtration system which includes a HEPA cartridge, microfiber filter, a fine dust bag, and a filter for the exhaust – all of which are compliant with HEPA standards (at least 99.9% retention of 0.3-micron debris).

Portable and Maneuverable

One thing we found rather astounding about the VK811PH is that the 8-gallon unit, fully assembled, weighs less than 20 pounds! Combine that with the four caster wheels (two large rear wheels and two spinning front wheels) and you get a vacuum dust extractor that’s super portable and easy to maneuver across paved and tiled surfaces.

Includes a Ton of Accessories

Unlike so many other dust extractors on the market, the VK811PH comes with a comprehensive kit that includes every type of accessory required for cleanup in any situation.

Apart from the unit itself and the HEPA-grade filters and collection bag, this kit comes with two steel wands, and elbow wand (also made of steel), and adapter for power tools, a combo floor nozzle, and an adapter for the accessories. Oh yeah, if you’re a horse enthusiast, the VK811PH kit also includes a horsehair round brush to keep your horse’s fur squeaky-clean.

Quiet Operation

Something that was quite a shock to us and numerous other customers was the quiet operation of the VK811PH. While running, the 12-amp motor emits only 81 decibels which, in truth, isn’t the quietest dust vacuum out there, but it’s easily drown out by the loud noises coming from your power tools.

Be sure to wear earmuffs or headphones while operating this and any other tool you have at the workshop.

10-foot Crush-Proof Hose

At the job site, accidents can happen that can harm you and your power tools. The hose of a dust extractor is extremely prone to damage by becoming the landing pad of falling debris. We’re happy to report that the VK811PH comes with a durable, crush-proof hose that won’t break or snap in any way.

The plastic port that connects to the unit, however, can experience cracking if stored in places without enough moisture. What saddens us about this hose is that it’s not anti-static so dust and thin wood shavings might get stuck in the inner lining of the hose.

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Overall, we feel that the VK811PH from Vacmaster is an excellent dust management system that will benefit anybody in woodworking or constructions. Its suction power (125 CFM at 106 inches of water lift) is more than enough to pick up every stray piece of dust and wet cement in the vicinity.

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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