Ryobi P506 vs SKIL 5280-01 Circular Saws


Circular saws are the portable option for making cross and rip cuts on your boards. We should also remember that these saws aren’t just made for slicing through soft and hardwoods, but they work extremely well cutting through denser materials such as masonry and ceramic tiles. You can make similar cuts using a table saw, [...]

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Ryobi P506 vs P507 Cordless Circular Saws


One of the most popular power tools is the circular saw. Its versatility for cutting almost every type of material possible is what makes the circular saw such a great tool to have. With the right blade, you can use a circular saw to cut through wood, metal, ceramic tiles, and even masonry. Even though [...]

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Ryobi Circular Saw Comparison


The circular saw is made to cut boards of lumber to size. There are various circular saw models which use different blade sizes; the most common sizes being 6 ½ inches and 8 ¼ inches, but manufacturers also produce smaller-sized 5 ½-inch blades for light-duty tasks. Among the numerous advantages of the hand-held circular saw [...]

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