Karcher K1800 Pressure Washer Review


Homeowners across the globe are familiar with the troubles of maintaining a clean yard and deck. Without the right cleaning tools, you’ll have to spend hours under the scorching sun working a less-than-effective garden hose just to make a small dent in the overall mess. Instead of punishing yourself (or your kids) with an impossible [...]

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Karcher K5 Premium Electric Pressure Washer Review


There are millions of reasons why any homeowner should own a pressure washer. The most prominent of which is that it makes outdoor cleaning a breeze. For cleaning decks, walkways, and vehicles, an electric pressure washer is the most reliable tool to use since it uses hardly any water while still delivering an impressive amount [...]

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Karcher K2 vs K3 Pressure Washer


Without an electric power washer, the best you can hope when cleaning your driveways, paved walkways, and vehicles is spending hours and hours under the hot, punishing sun. Admittedly, a garden hose can speed up the cleaning process, but it’s not exactly an efficient way of doing so. First of all, there’s hardly any pressure [...]

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Karcher K3 Follow-Me Pressure Washer Review


One great thing about the Karcher K3 Follow-Me Pressure Washer is that the durable front casters make it so that all sorts of weather and damage can be withstood. This certainly helps from you having to worry about it going out of order (like other products would). Also, the fact that the wheels are oversized [...]

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Sun Joe SPX3000 vs Karcher K2000


The harsh elements of nature can really go Mike Tyson on the exterior of your home. In doing so, the paint of your home is prone to chipping, the pathways filled with dirt and grime, and your yards cluttered with fallen leaves and debris. A good pressure washer is key to keeping your home’s exterior, [...]

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Karcher K1700 vs K1800 vs K1900 vs K2000


Intense home cleaning projects mean you need the right tools for the job. Electric power washers provide professional-level cleaning and can take on even the toughest jobs. Electric power washers have come a long way since they were introduced to the market, and today’s models are more portable and coinvent than ever before. Homeowners everywhere [...]

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