Jointer vs Planer: What’s the Difference?


One of the most commonly asked questions by people looking to get in the furniture-building game is what the differences are between jointers and planers. This is understandable since they both are used in preparing boards by cutting away bits of the board at a time. In this article, we’re going to discuss in depth [...]

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What Does a Bench Top Jointer Do?


So you’re thinking of becoming a carpenter. Good for you, the world needs more people who know how to use their hands to create beautiful wood-based art. Take some time to ask the pros which woodworking tools are the most necessary to have, and a jointer probably won’t be high on the list. However, if [...]

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What Does a Wood Planer Do?


Anybody with experience in woodworking, either as their profession or as a hobby, will know how frustrating it is to purchase boards of custom thicknesses from a local supplier. A classic technique to getting the thickness you want is to employ the use of a table saw to shave some of the thickness off of [...]

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