Cleaning Dust Extractors

Festool 574930 CT 26 E HEPA Dust Extractor Review

Woodworking and construction projects are messy work. Not only do sawdust and cement dust create a slipping hazard, but if inhaled, they could potentially prevent you from ever breathing normally ever again. The problem is that there is no deficiency of minuscule particles in woodshops and construction sites. The best thing you could do, apart from wearing the proper PPE, is to have a dust extractor on hand.

Festool 574930 CT 26 HEPA Dust Extractor Review (1)

Dust extractors are sort of like shop vacs, but they’re super-portable and can move around the job site easily. Festool has been one of the more popular dust extractor manufacturers, and it’s not hard to see why – German engineering and extreme attention to detail make all of their dust extractor models worthy of light- and heavy-duty dust control. The 574930 CT 26 from Festool has been praised heavily by woodworkers and construction workers alike, so let’s see if this tool really is deserving of all the applause it receives.

Suction Power

The CT 26 is equipped with a 10-amp motor that produces up to 137 CFM with a 97-inch water lift. Compared to other dust extractors, this isn’t the most powerful motor and suction power available, but it works well in picking up all sorts of debris. It also has a variable speed function which lets you adjust how much suction power the unit generates.

Festool 574930 CT 26 E HEPA Dust Extractor Review

Storage Capacity

The most annoying thing about cleanup has to be emptying the storage container, where all the dust and debris reside. What’s worse is when the dust extractor comes with a tiny dust compartment, meaning you’ll have to empty it frequently before resuming cleanup. The CT 26 comes with a 6.9-gallon compartment which is better-suited for smaller workshops. If your power tools produce a ton of debris, then the 6.9-gallon storage may feel a bit inadequate.

Wet and Dry Applications

This dust extractor can be used to pick up both wet and dry substances. This means it can be a great addition for woodshops and professional construction sites. The anti-static hose can be attached directly to woodworking power tools to suction up dust before it has a chance to go airborne, and by detaching the hose, you can use it to pick up wet cement and other moist debris.

Festool 574930 CT 26 E HEPA Dust Extractor

Auto-Shutoff for Safe Use

Moisture is not a power tool’s friend. Even the smallest droplet of water can wreak havoc on electrical components, which we why we’re glad that the CT 26 comes with an internal sensor that detects how much moisture is stored in the dust compartment. When moisture levels get too high, the motor will automatically shut off, indicating that it’s time to empty the bin.

HEPA-Grade Filtration

The CT 26 comes with a filter bag and a HEPA-grade filter with a 99.97% efficiency of capturing particles as small as 0.3 microns. HEPA filters are the best when it comes to preventing sawdust and cement dust from going airborne, reducing the risk of inhaling toxic substances and suffering from impaired vision.

Maximum Maneuverability and Portability

Many portable dust extractor models have maneuverability problems. Even though they’re lightweight and compact, their wheels can get clogged with dust, inhibiting its ability to glide across smooth surfaces. This problem does not exist in the CT 26 with its large wheels and two front casters. If you want to keep the unit stationary, simply tap on the foot brake to prevent the wheels from turning.

Festool 574930 Dust Extractor

Onboard Storage Compartment

When it comes time to put the CT 26 away, you don’t need to worry about where to store the hose. This dust extractor has an onboard garage where the hose and other accessories fit for maximum organization. This is also a helpful feature to have for worry-free transport. You’ll never forget the hose, additional HEPA filters and filter bags ever again.

Bluetooth Control

Even though this is a separate feature, it’s something that you should consider. You can purchase a Bluetooth module to control the CT 26 from a distance. Starting and shutting off the tool can be done with a push of a button. The module increases the convenience of the CT 26 and doesn’t improve the tool’s performance in any way, but it’s still a neat feature to have.


Overall, we think that the 574930 CT 26 from Festool is a great dust extractor. The most notable things about this tool are its compliance to HEPA standards and the Bluetooth module. The suction power and storage capacity make the tool better designed for lighter-duty sites where dust and debris are not produced in huge quantities. However, for the DIY-er, the CT 26 is a pretty awesome tool to have.

Festool 574930 Review

Cleaning Dust Extractors

Festool 575267 HEPA Dust Extractor Review

Nothing’s more annoying than having to sweep up your workshop after a hard day of labor. What’s even worse is when operating your power tools just to have sawdust or cement dust go flying in the air and land in your hair, making you look 50 years older. One of the more reliable tools to get rid of dust and other tiny pieces of debris is a dust extractor – a portable tool that hooks up directly to power tools to suction up dust as it’s created.

Festool 575267 CT MIDI HEPA Dust Extractor

In this article, we want to take a close look at the 575267 Dust Extractor produced by the German company Festool. This unit has garnered a healthy number of positive reviews all over the internet and seeing as how this dust extractor was engineered by Festool, this is no surprise. Let’s check out what makes the 57267 such a popular choice among handymen and women.

HEPA Filters

The first thing we notice is that the 57267 comes with HEPA filters. If you don’t know, HEPA filters are the most advanced type of filter out there. They grasp onto 99.99% of particles 0.03 microns or larger. Sawdust, wood chips, wood shavings, and cement dust cannot pierce through HEPA filters at all.

Festool 575267 CT MIDI HEPA Dust Extractor Review

Container Capacity

The second thing we noticed is that this tool is rather small. When it comes to dust management, compactness isn’t always a good thing. The 57267 has a 3.9-gallon container that we found fills up pretty quickly. This means having to head to the compost heap or garbage bin to empty out the contents much too frequently for our liking. If you do heavy-duty construction or woodworking projects, then spending time emptying out the container can add up to too much wasted time.

Suction Power

This tool delivers up to 130 CFM of suction power and 96 inches of static water lift for picking up small to moderate pieces of debris. It’s not the most powerful dust extractor available, but most jobs, even heavier-duty ones, won’t require more than 130 CFM to pick up both wet and dry pieces of waste.

Festool 575267

Variable Power

Unlike so many other dust extractors out there, this tool has a functioning power variable dial. Turing this dial lets you adjust how much power the motor will generate. For more demanding jobs, crank it up to max power (130 CFM) to pick up any and every piece of dust, chip, and shaving of wood and dried cement.

Noise Production

Modern dust extractors are naturally quiet, but this Festool unit takes it a step further. Most of the time, you’ll find dust extractors generating around 90 decibels of noise, but the 57267, on HIGH mode, only produces about 72 decibels. However, you really won’t get a chance to enjoy the quietness of this tool or any dust extractor for that matter simply because the sound of your power tools will drown out any other sounds in the vicinity or fill any lack of sound in the vicinity. We’re just keeping it real…


It’s important that a dust extractor is able to maneuver around the job site despite being tied down by its power cord. The first thing to consider when checking the maneuverability of a dust extractor is by checking its overall weight. The 57267 has a dry weight of only 19 pounds, making it one of the lightest dust extractors available. The second thing is to see how well the wheels are constructed. This tool has two large rear wheels made of plastic and two small caster wheels in the front. We found that the wheels help the tool glide seamlessly across smooth surfaces when both pushed and tugged.

Festool 575267 Review

Self-Cleaning Filter

The self-cleaning filter is a nice feature that extends the lifespan of each filter. When the machine detects a clog in the filter, it shoots a high-pressure burst of air at the filter to eliminate whatever waste is preventing a drop is suction power, send it to the bin and clean air outside of the tool. Since these are HEPA filters, there’s virtually no risk of any trapped dust getting shot back into the air of your room.


In our humble opinion, the Festool 57267 is one of the best-performing portable dust extractors out there. Of course, coming from Festool, there was hardly any reason to doubt the unit, to begin with. The only issue we have is working in extremely dirty environments, frequently having to empty out the contents of the 3.9-gallon container can be a bit annoying, so we recommend using this tool for minor construction/renovation jobs. If you need a larger container, there are several great dust extractors on the market from Festool and other manufacturers.

Review of the Festool 575267 CT MIDI HEPA Dust Extractor

Cleaning Dust Extractors

Festool 574930 vs. 575267 HEPA Dust Extractors

Shop vacs are great, and all but they’re not exactly portable, nor are they suitable for picking up wet debris. For both wet and dry pickup, you’ll need a dust extractor, a vacuum-like tool that can connect to your power tools to suction up particle waste as they’re produced. Dust extractors are the best solution for dust management if you work at different job sites regularly.

Festool 574930 vs. 575267

Festool 574930

Festool has been one of the most popular producers of power tools in terms of quality, design, and usage. In this article, we’re going to compare two of the company’s most highly rated dust extractor models – the 574930 CT26 and the 575267 CT MIDI. Even though both of these are fantastic dust extractors, we’d like to find which of them would be the better option to invest in.

Suction Power

574930 CT 26
The first thing we need to consider is the suction power of the dust extractor. Larger motors offer more suction power, thus better dust and chip cleanup. The CT 26 comes with a 10-amp motor that generates 137 CFM of air volume with a 96-inch water lift.

575267 CT MIDI
The CT MIDI also features a 10-amp motor but has a slightly lower suction power rating of 130 CFM with 96-inch water lift. It still provides enough power to suck up dust and chips from your power tools before they go airborne.

Conclusion: The 7-CFM difference, as you can probably tell, is insignificant. They both can be connected to the same types of tools for picking up the same types of debris. They’re also both capable of picking up wet and dry substances so they can be great additions for woodshops and construction sites.

Festool 575267 vs. 574930

Festool 575267

Container Capacity

574930 CT 26
If you work professionally, then the concept of time can be quite sensitive. After all, you’re chasing a deadline and every second count. A small container means having to empty the dust extractor frequently, especially if you’re using routers, power sanders, and reciprocating saws. The CT 26 comes with a 6.9-gallon container which is far from being the largest on the market, but it’s still quite a lot of space to store debris.

575267 CT MIDI
This unit comes with a considerably smaller container. It can hold a maximum of 3.9 gallons of debris. We found that the container fills rather quickly regardless, and we had to dump the contents too frequently for our liking.

Conclusion: In our opinion, bigger is better. Thus, the CT 26’s large 6.9-gallon capacity is preferable to the CT MIDI’s 3.9-gallon bin. However, if you’re a weekend woodworking hobbyist who just needs something to pick up small quantities of dust, the CT MIDI would suit you fine without overkill.

Tool Weight and Maneuverability

574930 CT 26
Dust extractors, unlike shop vacs, roll around on wheels and can be taken to different job sites when needed. That’s why it’s important for them to be lightweight and have durable wheels for easy movement. The CT 26’s dry weight is 28.7 pounds, and it sits atop two front casters and two large rear wheels. This design really helps the unit glide effortlessly on almost any surface with a tug of the connected tool.

575267 CT MIDI
The CT MIDI has a dry weight of only 19.8 pounds and also features front casters and rear wheels, but they are considerably smaller in diameter compared to the CT 26’s. We’ve tried this tool out and found that even without large wheels, the tool can still move across almost all types of surfaces without any problems.

Festool 574930

Festool 574930

Conclusion: Both of these dust extractors can be considered lightweight, portable, and easy to maneuver. It’s important to know if you plan on working at large job sites or have your tools spaced far away from each other since the last thing you need is a dust extractor weighing you down.

Onboard Storage

574930 CT 26
Cleanup after cleanup is something that every professional is trained to do. The best tools are those that have onboard storage compartments to store all of the accessories to eliminate the risk of losing them. The CT 26 comes with a compartment to store the 11-1/2-foot-long anti-static hose so it never tangles or breaks. There’s also an onboard place to wrap the power cord behind the unit.

575267 CT MIDI
Like the CT 26, the CT MIDI has an onboard storage space for its 11-1/2-foot-long anti-static hose. It doesn’t come with a place for the power cord, though. Not a big deal since you can just place the cord in with the hose on top of the unit.

Conclusion: These two tools are identical in how they can store their long anti-static hoses. The power cord wrap is missing in the CT MIDI, but it is in no way a deal-breaker. Storing this unit when not in use is convenient, and you don’t need to worry about losing any of its accessories.

Festool 575267

Festool 575267

T-LOC Sys-Dock

574930 CT 26
Festool Systainers (sold separately) are storage bins that can be placed on top of certain Festool Dust Extractor models. The CT 26 has a T-LOC system which can lock multiple Systainers on top of the onboard hose garage for increased storage. This will come in handy at the worksite where you need to have multiple power tools on you at all times.

575267 CT MIDI
The CT MIDI doesn’t come with a T-LOC Sys-Dock. This unit is mainly designed for use in your home workshop or small job sites so if this tool fits your needs; you may not even need Systainers to begin with.

Conclusion: The T-LOC Sys-Dock system does nothing to enhance the performance of the tool, but it’s a neat feature if you’re a pro construction worker and need a place to store your power tools.

Festool 574930 HEPA Dust Extractor

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There are clear discrepancies between the Festool 574930 CT 26 E HEPA Dust Extractor and the Festool 575267 CT MIDI HEPA Dust Extractor. First and foremost is the debris storage capacity in which the CT 26 has almost twice as much space as the CT MIDI. This is a clear indicator that the CT 26 is designed for use in professional worksites where sawdust and cement dust are produced in large quantities. Additional features in the CT 26 such as the designated space for the power cord and T-LOC Sys-Dock will help the most serious construction workers keep the unit organized and reduce the risk of breakage.

Festool 575267 HEPA Dust Extractor

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Cleaning Dust Extractors

FEIN vs. Festool HEPA Dust Extractors

Dust extractors are handy tools for keeping the workplace of woodworkers clean. It’s important to maintain cleanliness in an environment where sawdust and wood debris can be a fire hazard and be potentially harmful to your health. Some woodworkers opt to use traditional vacuum cleaners to pick up leftover chips or dust on the floor, but this can damage the narrow hose and limited motor of the vacuum cleaner.

FEIN Turbo II vs Festool 583492 HEPA Dust Extractor Comparison


Since power tools and woodworking machines produce tremendous amounts of sawdust, we want a tool that can clean up after us without taking too much time (a limitation of vacuum cleaners due to their narrow air flow). This is where dust extractors reign supreme.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at two highly-regarded dust extractors – the FEIN Turbo II and the Festool 583492. Both of these models use HEPA-grade filters to capture at least 99.7% of particles as small as 0.3 µm. Let’s dive right into our comparison of these two dust extractors.

Festool 583492 vs FEIN Turbo II HEPA Dust Extractor Comparison

Festool 583492

CFM and Water Lift

The two measurements used to rate the suction power of a dust extractor is by measuring air flow (cubic-feet-per-minute, CFM) and water lift. The latter refers to how many inches the unit can suck up water before gravity prevents it from going any further. The FEIN delivers up to 151 CFM of air volume and 98.4 inches of static water lift. CFM-wise, this unit performs admirably in keeping airborne particles inside of the hose and delivers them into the tank or bag. The high water lift count means that it can pick up leftover shavings from planers.

Festool 583492
The Festool delivers slightly less suction power – only 137 CFM – and up to 96 inches of water lift. For home woodshops, the CFM and water lift is the proper amount of picking up after power tools, though we wish it could deliver greater power. Basically, anything over 130 CFM will keep tiny particles from dropping back down onto the floor.

Conclusion: Between the FEIN and the Festool, it’s clear that the FEIN delivers greater suction power. However, the average DIY-er’s workshop may not have heavy machinery like planers so 130 CFM may be the ideal suction strength to have. In any case, more is better, and the FEIN wins because it can handle more.

FEIN Turbo II vs Festool 583492


Cord Length and Hose

Professional-grade dust extractors are huge machines that are placed in one spot in a workshop. The user just navigates the flexible hose from tool to tool to ensure proper clean-up. Although these models are lightweight and portable, we consider the length of the power cord and hose to contribute to the overall easy-to-use-ness of the unit. The FEIN has an 18-foot power cord and a 13-foot hose. It should be noted that the hose is not anti-static, meaning that in order to prevent static electricity buildup, the unit should be grounded properly.

Festool 583492
The Festoon, on the other hand, has an amazingly long power cord (32.7 feet), though the hose is shorter than the FEIN (11.5 feet). However, the hose of the Festoon is anti-static to prevent unwanted fires in the hose (rarely occurs, but a risk, nonetheless) and machine.

Conclusion: The super-long length of the cord and hose make the Festoon more portable, but it also allows users to leave the unit in the corner of their workshop while pulling the hose to each and every power tool they have. Although these units and lightweight and compact, it’s still annoying having to drag the unit from place to place to clean up sawdust and wood shavings.

Festool 583492 vs FEIN Turbo II

Festool 583492

Auto-Clean HEPA Filter

HEPA filters can be quite costly to replace. When working in an environment where sawdust roams freely, you may need to purchase replacement HEPA filters frequently to keep up with the never-ending torrent of sawdust produced from your machines. Unfortunately, the FEIN doesn’t have an auto-cleaning feature that extends the life of your HEPA filter.

Festool 583492
Fortunately, the Festoon does. The auto-cleaning feature means that the HEPA filter can be used for longer before purchasing replacements. In addition, maintaining a clean filter produces more consistent suction power for longer. The self-cleaning mechanism isn’t exactly perfect, but it’s better than nothing (especially since the bags the filters are disposable).

Conclusion: It’s clear that the Festoon 583492’s auto-cleaning feature is superior to FEIN’s non-existent one. In addition, neither of these units requires having to replace the filters when they touch the water.



Variable Speed Dial

The reason for changing suction power is to save energy. You don’t want a constant maximum CFM for picking up the smallest pieces of debris that require only around 100 CFM, but unfortunately, that’s what you’re stuck with when you get the FEIN. It delivers a constant 151 CFM all day long, and it produces the same noise output for all tasks.

Festool 583492
As for the Festool, you can spin a dial for selecting how much power you need. For sucking up sawdust, you can get by with a low CFM count, but larger debris needs increased power. The Festool gives you to option to save energy for light-duty tasks or use more energy for more demanding ones.

Festool 583492

Festool 583492

Conclusion: The Festool’s variable speed dial is obviously a great feature to have. Not only does it save energy, but you’re also producing less noise when dealing with light-duty suction jobs.

FEIN Turbo II vs Festool 583492 HEPA Dust Extractor Comparison

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FEIN Turbo II vs Festool 583492: Bottom Line

Even though the FEIN Turbo II is the more powerful model, it isn’t as portable and versatile as the Festool 583492. The long power cord and anti-static hose give users the comfort of placing the unit in one location while navigating the hose from power tool to power tool. The auto-clean feature is also great to have since it extends the life of the HEPA filter and guarantees optimal suction power for every application.

The speed dial is also a nice touch, and users have the freedom to reduce the suction power for picking up sawdust or increase the power for sucking up wood shavings and other debris. Between these two models, the Festool 583492 is obviously the better HEPA dust extractor to have in your workshop.

Festool 583492 vs FEIN Turbo II HEPA Dust Extractor Comparison

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Best HEPA Dust Extractors: Buying Guide and Top 5

Compound Miter Saw Saws

Festool 561287 Sliding Compound Miter Saw Review

Miter saws are one of the most valuable power tools you could have in your workshop. There are various models that you should consider before going to the hardware store and picking one up. They include standard up-and-down miter saws, compound miter saws, dual compound miter saws, and sliding compound miter saws – the latter being the most comprehensive saw, feature-wise. Each of these types differs in beveling angles, swing direction, and sliding necks, though you should consider what you need a miter saw to do beforehand.

Festool 561287 Kapex KS 120 Sliding Compound Miter Saw Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at Festool 561287 Kapex KS 120 Sliding Compound Miter Saw which bevels and has a sliding neck. Though Festool isn’t that well-known for making high-quality saws, this model is definitely one to consider. Let just right into our review.

Accurate Bevel Angles

The control knob lets users adjust the blade’s angle to fractions of a degree (extremely accurate). The rotating knob engages a rack-and-pinion system which moves the head. The blade can bevel in both directions (dual compound) up to 47° each way.

Festool 561287 Kapex KS 120 Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Dual-Laser Guide

Traditional single-laser guides offer a rough estimate of where the right-side of the blade with enters the wooden slab or metal sheet. In this Festool model, the guide emits two straight lines which are separated by the width of the blade, letting you know where the blade will begin the cut and how for wide the produced cut will be.


Oftentimes, experienced woodworkers will make a station dedicated for their miter saw to operate, mainly because the saw is usually too heavy to carry around. With this Festool model, you don’t need to worry about portability – it weighs 47 pounds fully assembled, meaning you can take it from place to place with little trouble. Just be sure to keep the unit mounted correctly before operating it (mounts sold separately).

Festool 561287

Cutting Capacity

This 10-inch sliding compound miter saw can produce as deep as beefier 12-inch models (12inches deep while upright, 8-1/2 inches at 45°, and crown molding cuts as deep as 6-5/8 inches). In addition, the saw can miter up to 50° to the left and 60° to the right.

Variable Speed

The Kapex comes with a variable speed dial that sets the speed of the blade (between 1,400 and 3,400 RPM). It also comes with a quick guide that lets users know how to adjust the speed of the blade depending on what materials they want to cut.

Festool 561287 Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Festool 561287: Bottom Line

The Festool 561287 is arguably one of the most comprehensive sliding compound miter saws available on the market. Users have expressed their disappointment in the motor either dying out after limited use or decreasing in power over time.

Thankfully, this comes with a 3-year limited warranty from the manufacturer so you they will deal with complaints, returns, or replacements. As we mentioned before, Festool isn’t particularly known for high-quality miter saws, and we’re afraid that this tool might prove the company to be much too inexperienced to cram a wide range of features in one model. There are other great sliding compound miter saw models by other famous brands that come with similar price tags.

Festool 561287 Compound Miter Saw

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Joiner Miscellaneous

Festool 574432 Domino Joiner DF 500 Q Set Review

The most serious woodworkers out there probably think that they have or know of every tool used in their art. Unless you know of the purposes and benefits you get from a Festool Domino Joiner, you couldn’t be more wrong. Festool makes two high-quality domino joiners: the DF700Q and the DF500Q. Both work extremely well at what they’re meant to do, but they’re used for different tasks. The Festool 574432 Domino Joiner DF 500 Q is meant for small to medium-duty tasks like cabinetry and small furniture, whereas the Festool DF700 is better-suited for beds, big tables, and doors.

Festool 574432 Domino Joiner DF 500 Q Set Review

The Domino DF500Q is the smaller of the two domino joiners that the German company makes. If you’re unfamiliar with what this device is used for, the concept is similar to a traditional biscuit joiner. It cuts a mortise into a board where workers can place a tenon (domino) to connect two boards together. Let’s dive in and see what you can expect from this Festool domino joiner.

Domino Widths and Depths

First of all, it’s important to register how much tension actually goes into joints and between boards. In general, the larger the domino, the more surface there is to apply glue which provides the strength in keeping boards together. The DF500Q can produce tenons up to 10 mm thick and 30 mm deep.

With tenons this deep, the DF500Q is ideal for light- and medium-duty furniture building. Tenons this size are mainly used for small tables, picture frames, and drawers. If you’re planning on building a large table or door, this tool doesn’t provide enough tenon width and depth to provide proper strength against the tension from joined boards.

Festool 574432 Domino Joiner DF 500 Q Set

Easy Size Configuration

Setting up the correct dimensions for your desired domino size is simple enough to do. First of all, the on/off switch is located on top of the unit, a nearby dial adjusts the width of the dominos, a depth gauge is placed on the left-hand side of the device, a metallic gauge helps in adjusting the angle of the domino, and a height setting on the left-hand side near the metallic front. When adjusting the depth of the domino, it’s important to set it to half the length of the desired domino size.

A neat feature that separates this device from classic biscuit joiners is the built-in stops located on the front-facing metallic panel which is used to measure the length of the board you’re working on, and it aligns the mortises perfectly between boards. This is especially handy when making single tenons for two perpendicular boards.

Festool 574432

Handling the Domino Joiner

The way the DF500Q is designed to lets users carry the tool to the workpiece and punch out mortises. This is incredibly handy when working in cramped workshops or if you need to move from spot to spot. The tool is rather lightweight – weighing in at only 7 pounds – so carrying and storing the tool isn’t a problem.

However, most customers feel comfortable operating the Domino Joiner using a single hand, despite there being a secondary handle located near the front-end of the tool where mortises are cut. After using the device for extended periods and punching out mortises, it can start to cause wrist fatigue. This isn’t a dealbreaker in any way, but it’s definitely something to consider before purchasing.

Festool 574432 Domino Joiner

Vacuum Port

Customers will find a vacuum port on the right-hand side of the Festool DF500Q. This tool, similar to biscuit joiners, absolutely requires the use of a vacuum to remove the leftover chips and sawdust. There is an increased risk of wood particles and pieces of debris being stuck inside the device, and a vacuum connected to the port of this device significantly reduces the risk of jamming. The good thing is that you don’t need to purchase an additional Festool-made vacuum, but instead a regular budget-friendly vacuum will work flawlessly.

Festool 574432 Domino Joiner Review

Festool 574432: Bottom Line

This device is definitely a game changer. You probably didn’t think that the Festool Domino Joiner would be a great investment, but you’d be wrong. There are overlapping features and functions with traditional biscuit joiners, but this device is more of a time-saver that produces perfectly aligned mortises every time.

The one and only drawback of this unit is its hefty price tag, so only serious woodworkers and furniture builders would find value in this or the DF700Q model. However, if you’re in need of a time-saving, ultra-precise domino joiner for small- to medium-scale projects, you won’t find anything better than the Festool 574432 Domino Joiner DF 500 Q.

Festool 574432 Domino Joiner DF 500 Q Set Review

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Saws Track Saw

Festool 575389 Plunge Cut Track Saw Review

If you were under the impression that Festool circular saws were just here for a moment – you are dead wrong. The Festool TS 75 EQ-F-Plus Plunge Cut Track Saw is a revolutionary tool. It shows that it’s made for woodworkers, not just for the carpenters. The saw is designed to offer precision cuts, something that woodworkers have long been yearning for.

Festool 575389 Plunge Cut Track Saw Review

If you are in the construction business or putting up houses, this circular saw will work fine. But if you are a woodworker, you need to look at this saw; it may change what you think about your tool collection. In fact, you might start thinking of getting rid of some of your tools to create space for this saw. This TS 75 model offers you several features.

A Guide Rail System

The unique guide rail system will help you achieve an accurate cut line. When used, you get complete control over your cuts for a perfectly straight finish. The depth of cut you will gain is about 2-1/8 inches at 45 degrees and 2-3/4 inches at 90 degrees. If you need to make bevel cuts, the guide rail will keep this track saw just above the cut line.

The rubber lip on this rail helps press onto the workpiece, preventing splintering. Clamping of the guide rail is unnecessary since it will stay exactly where you want it. If you need to cut larger material pieces, purchase additional connectors to join the rail sections together.

Festool 575389 Plunge Cut Track Saw

The Riving Knife and Plunge

The in-built riving knife offers you extra safety and peace of mind. The riving knife is spring-loaded, meaning it retracts back into the housing as you make plunge cuts. It also keeps the cut’s kerf open so the material will not pinch the blade, leaving you in total control of all operations by reducing chances of kickbacks occurring.

The easy to use depth adjustments allow you to expose only part of the blade necessary for making the cut you want. Plus, the plunge action provides for anywhere placement on a cut line for both straight cuts and cut-outs into a material. The unique part of the plunge action on this unit is that it is not fitted with a rotating lower guard like other circular saws. In its place, the blade pivots via the bottom shoe. This makes it much safer compared to conventional blade guards.

Splinter-Free and Safe Cutting

This 9.7-pound saw can cut depths of up to 2-3/4 inches. The 36-tooth blade has carbide tips and a diameter of 8-1/4 inches and capable of handling speeds ranging 1,350 to 3,550 Revolutions per Minute. Blade changing is easy and more straightforward thanks to the FastFix system.

When engaged, the system simultaneously locks both the arbor and power switch. A replaceable splinter guard offers you splinter-free cutting possible on all sides of the blade, while chip deflectors protect from errant pieces of material.

Festool 575389

Festool 575389: Conclusion

This is quite a sizable investment. However, when you take into consideration the high-quality functionality you’re getting and the capability to make perfect cuts for years, purchasing the Festool TS 75 EQ-F-Plus Plunge Cut Track Saw, is money well spent.

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Cordless Drill Drills & Impact Tools

Festool 574700 Cordless Drill Review

Today, cordless drills feature technological advances that make them whistle like a loaded Mercedes. That is also taking into consideration the Festool 574700 PDC Cordless Drill. Weighing at only 3.9 pounds this is a lightweight tool that feels sturdy and well built to the grasp.

Festool 574700 Cordless Drill Review

The bottom bit may feel heavy at first (with the battery added) but you will come to get used it – and actually appreciate it as it improves balance! The tool is delivered with a Centrotec tool chuck and bit holder, FastFix keyless 12-inch chuck, an additional side-mounted handgrip and an attic Systainer SYS 2. Are you looking to find out more about this drillHere are some key features on it.

Festool 574700 Cordless Drill Features in a Nutshell

– Tremendous range.
Versatile drill.
– Brushless motor.
– Powerful airstream compact batteries.

A Brushless Motor

This Festool cordless drill has a brushless motor. The motor contains permanent magnets inside and electromagnets outside. Instead of brushes, this motor has a computer chip that charges while changing poles of the electromagnets. This helps the drill to run cooler, use less energy while running for a long time on a single charge compared to brushed tools.

Simply, the cordless BL (brushless) motor provides you with a better run time, meaning that you can squeeze in more work between charges. BL motors are also more reliable, more efficient and last longer than brushed motors with an estimated life expectancy running more than 10,000 hours. The motor is also capable of operating with less electromagnetic interference and noise because the internal parts are enclosed.

Festool 574700 Cordless Drill Test

Multiple Gears

The drill has a four-speed gear switch that is conveniently located and recessed at the top of the tool preventing accidental switching of gears. The gearbox is capable of driving up to 3,800 Revolutions per Minute with fast, clean drilling response with the capability of even drilling brickwork once you activate the Axial Impact feature. Using the gear is as simple as dialing in the speed you need and you are ready to go.

Sophisticated Battery Handling

While the basic package does not have a battery included, battery life is one of the areas where this unit shines. At Festool, each individual cell in a battery pack is tested and matched to each other to offer you the same discharge and charge pattern as all cells in a pack, increasing efficiency.

In combination with the brushless motor, less power is used and battery lasts twice as long as that on the average drill. Once you’ve acquired a high-quality battery pack, you need to ensure that it is protected. The 574700 has several ways of ensuring that you do not kill your fine investment. Since completely discharging a lithium-ion pack will permanently destroy it, this drill monitors battery life and shuts down in case of too little current.

Festool 574700 Cordless Drill

Festool 574700: Conclusion

One of the things that’s difficult to measure is just how smooth this drill is. The basic ergonomics of the unit are amazing, as you would expect from any other Festool product – even under more load, this is noticeable. It’s quite a different thing to achieve smooth lines when running high speed tasks like screw driving and drilling.

Apart from ergonomics, getting a smooth experience is often a task leveled on a tool that consistently offers you power to handle a task. The more a drill binds up and releases, the more you are likely to feel it through the arms. The Festool 574700 PDC Cordless Drill simply does a great job of controlling this.

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Compact Drill Drills & Impact Tools

Festool 564274 CXS Compact Drill Driver Set Review

The Festool 564274 CXS Compact Drill is packed with plenty of features you will likely find on professional grade drills – including an adjustable clutch for fine tuning screw driving and speed. You can charge the unit to full strength in only a matter of half an hour; within 20 minutes, the batteries are already reading 80 percent.

Festool 564274 CXS Compact Drill Driver Set With Right Angle Chuck Review

This is something that you should probably know in case you have a day when you need to set in 20 or more screws. The unit is lightweight, at only 8.1 pounds, and is excellent for all your cabinetry or furniture projects. You no longer have to carry a huge drill with you wherever you go when there is such a compact unit that offers you several features on the market.

Festool 564274 CXS Compact Drill Driver Set Features in a Nutshell

– 3 tools in 1.
– Sophisticated electronics that protect the tool.
– Ultra-compact design.
– Extremely long battery life.

A Bit Storage Compartment

Many drills on the market already have on-board bit storage, but this CXS goes a bit further. At the front of the battery slot, you will find two two-inch long slots that are fasted by magnets. The long slot allows you to store your driving and drilling bits. On the inside, the slots are ramped, making it easier for you to remove your bit by sliding it up or down and releasing it from the magnetic pull.

Festool 564274 CXS Compact Drill Driver Set With Right Angle Chuck Test

FastFix Interchangeable Chuck System

This CXS drill features the unique FastFix chuck system that makes it one of the most versatile little units on the markets. You can change one chuck for another just like fitting an air hose using a single hand. The FastFix system on this unit offers you the traditional keyless chuck, a right-angle chuck and a Centrotec chuck.

The keyless chuck is similar to the range found on other drill on the market. The right-angle chuck can be used for working on drilling applications around tight spaces; for example for tune-up or repair work. In addition, you can use the chuck to work in drawers that are already filled with things without emptying them first.

Extra Short Tool

When working on drawer slides attachment projects, every inch counts. The length of this drill is only 6-1/4 inches. You can add a magnetic attachment to the drill if you want to, but this would be unnecessary and only use the bit tip to shorten the drill even further. Since it is short in terms of height and length, this is a massive boon for people working in cramped spaces.

Festool 564274 CXS Compact Drill Driver Set With Right Angle Chuck

A Light Showing the Way

While some people view lights on drill as a bit of a joke, in this Festool tool, they are what will light the way in dark, tight and small spaces that require light. The lighting fixture on this unit is made of LED, which draws only a fraction from the unit’s battery. In addition, the light is bright enough to illuminate even a foot away.

Festool 564274: Conclusion

The Festool 564274 CXS Compact Drill set is a tool that follows the Festool tradition. It is engineered to give its more expensive counterparts on the market some serious competition. The drill is ideal if you will be working on installing knobs or cabinet doors. In addition, it is offering the choice of three drills in a single unit using its unique FastFix chuck system.

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Joiner Miscellaneous

Festool 574447 XL DF 700 Domino Joiner Set Review

Many woodworking craftsmen who have experienced frustration because of the immovable nature of traditional mortisers or the length of time required to complete conventional mortise and tenon joins, will definitely love the Festool 574447 XL DF 700 Domino Joiner set.

Festool 574447 XL DF 700 Domino Joiner Set Review

It significantly increases your efficiency by drastically cutting the amount of time to make mortise and tenon joins without compromising the quality and precision of the finished product.

If you are working with heavier and larger pieces of wood like full-size doors, you will also have the added convenience of taking the tool to the piece you are working on instead of having to carry the material to a stationary traditional tool.

Even though it weighs a bit on the hefty side at slightly over 22 pounds, it is still relatively light and nimble enough for you to take it to where your material is located or even to the job site. The significant weight actually adds to a more stable feel in your hands and keeps the tool firmly in place when in operation.

Festool 574447

It is fast, accurate and super easy to use. With a maximum tenon length of 144mm (5 ½ in), you will have no problem taking on even large-scale joinery projects. Accurately joining massive slabs for doors, gates, tables, beds, or any other large pieces of furniture will be quick and easy.

This tool does not lack for power or speed. No job is too big or intimidating for this mean machine. It doesn’t back down even if you have to cut through hundreds of hardwood all day long.


What makes this tool so special is that you take it to the wood piece and not the other way around. This is critical when you are at a job site or otherwise working in a cramped space. Therefore, no matter the size of your workpiece, you will always be gaining the advantage of making marks and cutting mortises easily.

The unit weighs about 11.4 lbs. While it is ergonomically designed for use with both hands, it is probably as comfortable as can be expected. However, this is not a deal breaker, but probably something you should be considering if you are still on the fence; but this makes all the difference if a workpiece is too big to bring to your machine.


The DF 700 makes mortises of 8, 10, 12, and 14 mm thickness. When you want to create a mortise, you simply choose between two mortise widths. Select an exact fit to tenon for precise alignment or a loose fit to tenon for slight lateral alignment movement; this makes assembly that much easier especially considering the huge number of tenons available. In addition, the domino tenon shape stops rotation preventing some of the alignment and slippage issues you are likely to experience when using biscuits. In fact, mortising action gives you precise and fast results.

Below are some of the prominent features of the Festool 574447 XL DF 700 Domino:

Festool 574447 XLReview

Pivoting Fence

You can take on even more complicated furniture designs as it is equipped with a pivoting fence which allows you to create angled mortises ranging from 0-90 degrees.

Depth Manipulation

Depending on your application, you can quickly adjust mortising depths between 15-70 mm (with 5mm increments) with absolute precision.

Festool 574447 XL Domino Joiner Set Review

Patented Spiral Cutting System

Its spiral cutter uses a proprietary rotating and oscillating cutting action which creates perfect mortises that cannot be easily replicated by other tools in the market.

Festool 574447 XLDomino Joiner

Adjustable Mortise Width

You can easily adjust the width of each mortise for easy alignment when joining panels. Indexing pins and a turn dial will help you achieve perfect alignment every time.

Above mentioned features translate to the following significant benefits:

More work can be done accurately in just a fraction of the time it takes if you were only using traditional mortise and tenon joining methods. This is usually a very tedious and laborious process. The speed and power plus the patented cutting action of the Festool 574447 XL DF 700 Domino allows you to accomplish the same amount of work which otherwise would have taken 20 or 30 times longer using traditional methods.

More precise and accurate performance lets you achieve mortise and tenon joins that fit like a glove. Festool is a highly-regarded brand in the power tool industry. They have left no stone unturned in coming up with a tool that is designed to help you create precise, accurate mortises and perfect joins every single time. No need for guesswork or unnecessary manual computations.

Festool 574447

Versatility to take on any project of various sizes. Even though the Domino XL joiner can be considered as a mechanically complex equipment, it can be easily configured to take on all projects of varying scopes and complexity with the greatest of ease.

Its angle and depth can be adjusted to fit any project’s needs. You can also opt for trim and cross stops together with the set to provide additional flexibility when joining narrow stocks and edges.

No Job Too Big!

This tool is amazingly simple to use, accurate and fast, and offers you a max tenon size of 5-1/2 inches – about 140 mm – in length for handling your large-scale jobs. The expanded range of longer, thicker tenons helps you to precisely and quickly join gates, doors and slabs, or even construct the most durable beds and tables.

Easy to Use

To use this Festool tool, simply plunge the tool into your work and within seconds, you will have a mortise. Fortunately, this tool is strong and perfect where joint strength is critical. Part of this comes from the unit’s thickness as well as penetration and tight fit. The Domino tenon is tight and strong, penetrating deep into your adjoining boards.

Festool 574447 XL DF 700 Domino Joiner

Festool 574447: Conclusion

Slot mortises, hollow chisel mortises and such stationary machines occupy lots of floor space in any shop, and they require lots of setup and maintenance, forcing you to carry your material to the unit. The Festool 574447 Domino XL DF 700 Joiner Set offers you a more elegant solution to challenging large-scale joinery projects. To find out more, continue reading the features on this tool that have users raving.

Serious woodworking craftsmen know that mortise and tenon joins greatly enhance the quality of any furniture. Traditional mortise tools, however, are limited in terms of mobility and the size of the workpieces that they can handle. The accuracy of the final fit also often leaves much to be desired depending on the skill and the experience of the woodworker involved.

Festool 574447 XL DF 700 Domino Joiner Set Review

German-brand Festool, has provided a solution to these limitations by introducing the Festool 574447 XL DF 700 Domino Joiner set. It allows you to create precise and accurate mortise and tenon joins in just a fraction of the time, regardless of how large your material is. It is also designed for greater mobility so that you can take it to the actual workpiece or to the job site itself.

Great attention to detail is incorporated into the design, allowing you to take on even complex designs with the utmost confidence that you will be creating perfect mortise and tenon joins every time.

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The Festool 574447 Domino XL DF 700 Joiner Set comes with a cross stop, trim stop, T Loc Systainer Sys 5, wrench, support bracket, plug-it power cord and a D12 cutter. If you are often tackling large-scale projects, this is the tool for you for things like beds, doors and hefty architectural elements.

The unit is best for individuals who make furniture as a day job and are looking to save lots of time and ensure that they can cut through anything. Overall, the results from the joiner are high quality furniture and more, well worth the pricey tag.