Bosch VAC090S 9-Gallon Dust Extractor Review


Managing dust and other debris is a tough job. The worst is when it goes airborne and blocks your vision or gets inside your lungs, which is infinitely worse. Though some power tools come with built-in dust management systems, they’re not always reliable, and sometimes the best solution would be to invest in an external [...]

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Festool 574930 CT 26 E HEPA Dust Extractor Review


Woodworking and construction projects are messy work. Not only do sawdust and cement dust create a slipping hazard, but if inhaled, they could potentially prevent you from ever breathing normally ever again. The problem is that there is no deficiency of minuscule particles in woodshops and construction sites. The best thing you could do, apart [...]

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Festool 574930 vs. 575267 HEPA Dust Extractors


Shop vacs are great, and all but they’re not exactly portable, nor are they suitable for picking up wet debris. For both wet and dry pickup, you’ll need a dust extractor, a vacuum-like tool that can connect to your power tools to suction up particle waste as they’re produced. Dust extractors are the best solution [...]

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FEIN vs. Festool HEPA Dust Extractors


Dust extractors are handy tools for keeping the workplace of woodworkers clean. It’s important to maintain cleanliness in an environment where sawdust and wood debris can be a fire hazard and be potentially harmful to your health. Some woodworkers opt to use traditional vacuum cleaners to pick up leftover chips or dust on the floor, [...]

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Best HEPA Dust Extractor in 2020


If you’ve ever been near power tools or woodworking machinery, you should know how much sawdust they produce. One of the most effective tools to get rid of wood debris and sawdust is a dust extractor. Dust extractors use high volume air traveling at low velocity. These tools are designed to pick up huge amounts [...]

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