DEWALT DCF899HB Brushless Impact Wrench Review


There are several challenges of working under the hood of your car. First, you have to deal with seized nuts that just won’t budge no matter how hard you twist your wrench. And second, you run the risk of bashing your knuckles against hard objects every time you attempt to turn a seized nut. You [...]

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DEWALT DW745 Table Saw Review


According to many, a table saw is the heart of any woodshop. It does anything a circular saw, and miter saw can do and offers a ton of support for handling large pieces of lumber. Table saws can be portable, allowing you to take them from place to place while still providing ample power for [...]

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DEWALT DW716XPS Compound Miter Saw Review


Miter saws are one of the most convenient types of saws available. They make producing repeatable cuts a cinch by eliminating the need to readjust the saw head, angle, and fence after every cut. A compound miter saw takes it to the next level by allowing users to make repeated compound cuts (mitered and beveled [...]

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DEWALT DW734 Benchtop Planer Review


A planer or thickensser is an essential tool in prepping your own lumber. Anybody who has ever purchased from a retailer will know that lumber is extremely expensive despite literally growing on (or from) trees. With a planer, you can dimension old, rough wood into usable pieces to create beautiful pieces of art. Think of [...]

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DEWALT DWP611 vs. Bosch 1617EVSPK Router


A router is arguably one of the most essential woodworking tools you could have in your workshop. Most projects will call for the utilization of a router in one way or another – whether you’re rounding the top of a table or creating intricate grooves on furniture backs or doors, a router is the only [...]

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DEWALT DCK240C2 vs DCK280C2 vs DCK290L2


There’s no better way to begin a hobby as a DIY construction worker or furniture maker than by investing in a power tool combo pack. And there’re no better tools to start with than a power drill, and impact driver clipped to your belt. Not only do you get multiple tools to work with just [...]

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DEWALT DCF885C1 vs DCF787C1 Impact Driver


Impact drivers used to be specialist tools used by industry workers for completing a wide range of construction jobs. Their high-torque performance is what made them a rarity among hobbyist DIY-ers and power tool retailers. Nowadays, impact drivers have become an essential tool for every construction worker of any expertise. DEWALT DCF885C1 It’s no surprise [...]

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Bosch vs DeWalt: Laser Distance Measurers


A laser tape measure, also known as a laser distance measurer, is a handheld device that can measure distance with the help of accurate lasers. Professional contractors and serious hobbyist home-renovators could find a laser distance measurer to be a handier tool to have on hand than a traditional tape measure. The laser technology provides [...]

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DEWALT DCD777C2 Compact Drill Driver Review


One of the most valuable power tools you can have at home or at the job site is an impact driver. Woodworkers, mechanics, and even DIY-hobbyists can find value with an impact driver in their toolkits. Of the companies that produce impact drivers, one of the most well-known manufacturers is DEWALT. This American company is [...]

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DEWALT vs Bosch: Portable Planer Comparison


Wood planers are super-handy tools to have in the workshop. Without a planer, adjusting the thickness of a board would require you to either sand it by hand, use a handheld power sander, or bring your material to a table sander – all three of which are rather unreliable in producing identical results on multiple [...]

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