Best Wood Planers in 2020


Wood planers, also known as thickness planers, are handy tools for shaving down materials to the proper size needed for construction furniture. With a wood planer in your shop, you can ensure that both sides of your material are completely parallel to each other. Both professional craftsmen and simple DIY-hobbyists can find value in having [...]

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DEWALT DW734 Benchtop Planer Review


A planer or thickensser is an essential tool in prepping your own lumber. Anybody who has ever purchased from a retailer will know that lumber is extremely expensive despite literally growing on (or from) trees. With a planer, you can dimension old, rough wood into usable pieces to create beautiful pieces of art. Think of [...]

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DEWALT DW735X vs DW735 vs DW734 Planers


Both new and experienced woodworkers can find value in bench-top planers. A planer can be used to reduce the thickness and smooth rough surfaces or natural flaws in your stock to produce high-quality pieces of furniture. If you find yourself spending tremendous amounts of money to replace expensive boards, then think of a tabletop planer [...]

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