Best Cordless Impact Drivers in 2020


Back in the days of yore, impact drivers were used exclusively by professional mechanics and builders for contract jobs, but today we find them becoming a crucial part of a DIY-hobbyist’s collection of power tools. The thing that makes impact drivers so great is their ability to deliver rapid bursts of high torque for driving [...]

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DEWALT DCF885C1 vs DCF787C1 Impact Driver


Impact drivers used to be specialist tools used by industry workers for completing a wide range of construction jobs. Their high-torque performance is what made them a rarity among hobbyist DIY-ers and power tool retailers. Nowadays, impact drivers have become an essential tool for every construction worker of any expertise. DEWALT DCF885C1 It’s no surprise [...]

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DEWALT DCF885C1 vs DCF887B Impact Driver


An impact driver is a tool which delivers a tremendous amount of torque and speed, making it the go-to tool for driving screws and fasteners with super-efficiency. Unlike the common electric drill, impact drivers utilize hex shaft bits due to their supreme reliability and reduced likelihood of slippage when tackling tough materials like hardwood or [...]

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