Bosch RH328VC Rotary Hammer Review

If you do not show up with heavy artillery equipment, the chances are high that you will find concrete is an unforgiving building material that you will eventually lose the battle to. If you are looking for the ins and outs of the Bosch RH328VC SDS Rotary Hammer, you should be reading this review for an overview of the features it brings you.

Bosch Rotary Hammer

Bosch RH328VC SDS Rotary Hammer Features in a Nutshell

– Unmatched Power to Weight Ratio.
– Vibration Control.
– Multi-Function Selector.
– Integral Clutch.
– Variable Speed 3-Finger Trigger.

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SDS Feature

In contrast to power drills, a rotary hammer makes use of an SDS (special drilling system) chuck to hold onto the drill without the risk of dropping it while drilling holes in hard materials.

Overall Features

This unit from Bosch offers you an excellent combination of impact energy, power, drilling speed and great comfort. The unit has vibration control offering you superior performance as well as excellent power to weight ratio, which is great for fast drilling and chiseling applications.

This hammer brings into your hands three powerful modes of operation; the rotary hammer, the hammer only and rotation only, as well as an included clutch that adds to the versatility of this tool. Advertised as the power tool for homeowners and DIYers, does this Bosch unit live up to the hype?

Bosch Rotary Hammer


This Bosch tool offers the casual user and DIYers reliable performance. In fact, it’s more comfortable compared to other rotary hammer products on the market due to its included vibration control system. Even after extensive use, this tool will not induce fatigue.

While the RH328VC generates some noise like other rotary hammers, it’s not as loud, but you’ll still need to wear ear protection if your project involves drilling several holes. Also, it also produces some noise when it comes to tile chipping.


The side handle and depth gauge rod are easier to work with as well as position. The tool offers you the capability to set the chuck in various spots so you can comfortably direct its chipping blade from the most convenient location. This Bosch model is designed for hammering and drilling, but it also allows for chipping applications.

It is best used for light tile chipping. Fortunately, chipping concrete will not damage the hammer. Regardless of your application, this rotary hammer will satisfy your needs. At just 12.5 inches and 7.7 lbs, the hammer is not heavy, while its 8-amp motor offers you 4,000 blows a minute, ideal for some construction use.

Bosch Rotary Hammer


The long cord on the unit is a nice touch that will not impede movement or even necessitate using an extension cord. Another major plus is the tool’s ergonomic design that gives you power-weight ratio for optimal balance between power and weight. Plus, the unit’s impact energy level is sufficient enough for handling a majority of DIY tasks, with vibration control allowing you to work in a more effective manner.

The multi-function selector is easy to work with and switch modes, and the torque from the rotary hammer will not react as much as that of other hammers on the market. The best thing about the unit is that it offers you bit starting that is currently one of the most accurate, offering better control.

Bosch RH328VC Rotary Hammer: Conclusion

Bosch is renowned for producing top-quality tools, including rotary hammers, and this particular model has all the features a DIYer would want. It offers you the right mix of comfort, power, and intuitive controls. If you are really into doing DIY projects and need a reliable tool, the Bosch RH328VC SDS Rotary Hammer is an option you can count on.

BOSCH 1-1/8-Inch SDS Rotary Hammer RH328VC with...
  • Professional rotary hammer design - features 2.4 Ft.-Lbs. of impact energy, with Vibration Control and three...
  • Active Vibration Control in the (1) hammer mechanism and the (2) grip area - provides maximum user comfort
  • Features an integral clutch, which disengages the torque transmission if the bit gets into a bind-up...

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