Few things are as useful around the home and shop as the jigsaw. It is your hacksaw, the fine woodworking tool and a rough-cutting construction saw rolled into a single unit. The unit helps you make curved, straight and beveled cuts and does jobs that may be difficult to accomplish using your hand, like cutting square holes in any panel.

Tacklife PJS02A 6.7-Amp Laser Jig Saw Review

If you are on the market for a well-designed, sturdy corded jigsaw, then one of the best options is the Tacklife PJS02A Laser Jig Saw.

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Fortunately, this unit is a very versatile saw that offers you impressive performance and useful features that you would expect to see in models that are higher priced.


The PJS02A boasts a powerful 6.7 Amp motor that is capable of offering you no-load speeds ranging from 800 to 3,000 Revolutions per Minute. The power is enhanced further by a 4-position orbital cut control that lets you select the right setting depending on what you are working on.

Setting 0 is for cutting through plywood and wood, 1 for making small curves that are suitable for cutting aluminum, hardwood and low carbon steel, 2 is for curve cutting processing for rapidly cutting low carbon steel and aluminum, and the third speed is suitable for fast cutting plywood and wood.

Tacklife PJS02A 6.7-Amp Laser Jig Saw

Built-In Laser Guide

To enhance the accuracy and precision of your cuts, this power tool from Tacklife has a built-in laser guide that ensures you achieve perfectly straight cuts – as long as you are paying attention! The laser on the cordless machine is particularly steady.

The wear-resistant aluminum base offers you a stable support that will not deform easily, while the soft no-slip rubberized handle provides you better grip control for less fatigue and even better precision control.

The included LED light allows you to see what you are working on for accurate cuts.

Variable Speed Control

The jigsaw is also versatile, thanks to the ability to change speeds. Switch to gears 1 to 4 for cutting your plastic materials, 2 to 3 for steel plates, 3 to 4 for stainless steel applications, 3 to 6 for cutting your aluminum and 5 to 6 for wood pieces.

The unit is capable of doing straight cutting, curve cutting and diagonal cutting applications depending on your requirements. You can also work on materials like gypsum board, wood, plastic, and metal comfortably.

Tacklife PJS02A

Keyless Blade Change System

With efficiency and speed in mind, the PJS02A features a keyless blade change system, allowing to swap blades whenever you need to replace one quickly. The on-tool storage compartment allows you to have your replacement blades nearby instead of having to dig into your tool belt for one.

The 9.8-foot power cord enables you to work in a big area without limitation or depending on extension cords.

Tacklife PJS02A: Conclusion

Priced at mid-range, the Tacklife PJS02A Laser Jig Saw is simply one of the best and most powerful tools available. The saw features a best-in-class motor with enough versatility and speed for tackling any material you’ll be working on.

The unit is designed to be precise and durable, with the bonus of the laser guide to ensure that you achieve an immaculate cut every time. Simply, this is one of the best jigsaws on the market today.

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