TACKLIFE PID01A Hammer Drill Review

Hammer drills are handy tools which offer greater force for drilling bits into solid materials. Imagine somebody hitting the back-end of the tool while the chuck drills into whatever material or surface you are working on. This is what makes it feel like a handheld jackhammer.

TACKLIFE Hammer Drill

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Tacklife makes high-quality handheld power tools for the budget-oriented users out there. Their line of power tools, including hammer drills, is known to be cost-efficient, as well as extremely useful in the field or at your workshop. The PID01A hammer drill by the company exceeds expectations, mainly because of the low price tag. Keep reading to find out whether this hammer drill can help you with your professional work or home projects.

Lightweight Design

This handheld power tool by Tacklife only weighs 4.3 pounds and is 10.2 inches long from front to end. The length of the unit is not a problem at all. Although it might seem long, it can actually fit into cramped spaces reasonably well. The lightweight design of this power tool makes it effortless when holding it at awkward angles or tight spots.

TACKLIFE Hammer Drill

Powerful Motor

The 6.0 amp motor is what keeps the device running powerfully at a consistent speed. The pure copper motor creates up to 30% extra power when drilling or chipping steel, concrete, as well as other dense materials. The only problem is that after only brief periods of use, you might think that the hammer drill starts to overheat in your hand. This is not a big problem; just leave it alone for 5 minutes before resuming work.

Variable Speed Control

The speed knob lets users control how quickly they want the unit to spin. The variable speed trigger is easy to control, drilling at up to 2,800 RPM, so you shouldn’t have difficulties working with both delicate and tough materials. There is also a lock button which enables users to select the appropriate speed keeping it spinning at a constant rate. With this, your trigger finger won’t get tired of having to balance between the trigger pull and the drilling speed.

TACKLIFE Hammer Drill

Dual Hammer and Impact Modes

If you thought this unit couldn’t get any better, it gets better. The PID01A model by Tacklife features dual-action hammer and impact functions with just a single press of a switch. Whatever task you are tackling, this compact handheld power tool can be a valuable piece of equipment.

Additional Accessories

For more heavy-duty action, you’ll be glad that this unit comes with a 360° side handle for getting the job done with both hands. There is also a quick-release depth gauge for drilling at the appropriate depth in materials.

TACKLIFE Hammer Drill

Corded-Electric Power Tool

Nowadays, we like to see cordless power tools for added convenience and portability. We would have liked to see the same cordless option with the PID01A, but instead, we are stuck with a cord that can sometimes get in the way of our work. This isn’t entirely a deal breaker since going cordless means having to wait for batteries to recharge, while corded power tools just need a nearby outlet to function. This is up to the user to determine whether cordless or corded electric power tools serve them better.

TACKLIFE PID01A: Bottom Line

This hammer drill model by Tacklife is a relatively inexpensive power tool to help DIY hobbyists and professional workers with drilling and chipping whatever materials they work with. This handheld tool is lightweight so you won’t feel tired nor cramps in your arm while you get to work.

The variable speed control is helpful for adjusting how much torque you want to apply. Overall, it is a reasonable purchase for certain tasks, either in your hobby shop or at professional work sites.

TACKLIFE Hammer Drill

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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