Tacklife PCD05B 20V MAX 3/8″ Cordless Drill Review

Tacklife is a popular Chinese company that manufacturers high-quality power tools. Although they’re known for making great tools, their main focus is on providing budget-friendly alternatives for DIY hobbyists and even professional users. Some of their best-performing tools come from their line of cordless drills and drivers.

Tacklife Cordless Drill

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The Tacklife PCD05B is a cordless drill kit that includes a large number of accessories for tackling almost every type of job. This cordless drill has collected numerous positive reviews from customers and industry experts. Let’s take a look at what features the PCD05B comes with and what makes it a great cost-efficient option.


The first thing to take into account is the driver’s two-speed motor which has a maximum torque of up to 265 inch-pounds. This device has 19+1 clutch positions, so depending on what material the screw is, there’s virtually no risk of overdriving and stripping the screw. This means that even when working with soft, delicate screws, you have full control over how to gently work the screw into woods or metals. This makes the tool especially useful when working with ornate screws and holders.

The two transmission speeds limit how fast the chuck rotates and drives in screws. The first gear limits the speed to up to 350 RPM while the second gear can reach speeds of up to 1,300 RPM. Once again, this feature is for preventing damage to delicate screws and surface materials.

Tacklife Cordless Drill

Battery Power

This cordless driver draws power from a single 2.0 amp rechargeable Li-Ion battery. It takes an empty battery one hour to reach maximum capacity, and it can power the cordless driver for up to 45 minutes of consecutive use.


The best part about a power driver kit is that it comes with a wide assortment of accessories and bits. The Tacklife PCD05B kit comes with a belt clip which can be installed on the base below the handle. This lets the driver dangle off of your belt or pants, freeing up your hands for climbing up ladders.

In addition, this kit comes with nine drill bits, 32 driver bits, and both an extended bar and a handy flexible drill shaft for working in cramped places where the compact (7.5 x 8.65 x 3.35 inches) drill just can’t reach. There are also built-in LED lights for illuminating surfaces in dark areas.

Ergonomic Design

This lightweight cordless driver (5.8 pounds with battery) has a soft grip which gives a pleasant feeling when holding and using the tool. The compact design is also a plus, allowing users to get to work in tight spaces.

Tacklife Cordless Drill

Tacklife PCD05B: Bottom Line

The Tacklife PCD05B is definitely a noteworthy cordless driver for use at home or in professional settings. There are a ton of features that offer extreme versatility when working, such as the two-speed motor and adjustable torque settings.

What makes this item interesting is its capability in working with soft, delicate materials without causing damage, provided that the user has calibrated the motor and torque appropriately. As a cordless option, the battery life isn’t that impressive, but it can still finish plenty of tasks before needing to be recharged.

One common problem that customers experience is the issues with the driver and drill bits. First of all, they aren’t too durable, and some people even had the bits break on them within the first weeks of use. This is a problem since the chuck on the Tacklife PCD05B can only use Tacklife-made bits.

All in all, if you’re looking for a cost-efficient power tool for getting both home and work construction tasks done, then the Tacklife PCD05B could be a viable option.

Tacklife Cordless Drill

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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