Tacklife PCD04B 20V MAX Cordless Drill Review

Tacklife is a company from China that produces and distributes high-quality power tools. Even though they’re mostly known for manufacturing some of the best tools out there, they focus heavily on making their power tools extremely affordable for every type of construction worker or DIYer. Their most popular line of products must be the cordless driver/drill-line.

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The Tacklife PCD04B is a cordless driver set which has 43 accessories for taking on virtually any type of task at hand. This cordless driver has received positive reviews from both customers and experts in the construction industry. Let’s dive in and see what makes the PCD04B a great solution for so many people.


One of the first things we notice is the driver’s two-speed motor which offers a maximum torque of up to 310 inch-pounds. This power tool features 16+1 clutch positions for working with both delicate and tough screws.

Due to the adjustability of the torque, there is basically no risk of stripping or damaging the screw in any way, given that the user has appropriately configured the torque clutch setting. Users are extremely glad that they have full control over how fast the screws can be driven in. There is no problem driving them into any sort of softwood or even concrete, and it can really save some ornate-looking screws and holders from unnecessary damage.

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The motor with two-speed transmission limits how the unit spins for driving in screws. The first gear spins at a maximum of 450 RPM while the second gear takes it up a notch and delivers up to 1,600 RPM. Depending on what material you’re working with, you’ll be thankful that the two-gear options are there to assist you.

Battery Power

The Tacklife PCD04B uses a single 2.0 amp rechargeable Li-Ion battery. It takes a maximum of one hour to charge a battery from 0% to 100%, and the battery can power this cordless driver for up to 45 minutes. Located on the base of the unit is a battery-life indicator which reminds users how much juice is left in the tank. When it reaches red, you know it’s time to recharge.

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One of the best things about this kit is that it comes available with 43 accessory bits. The Tacklife PCD04B kit comes with 9 drill bits (3 for wood and 6 for metal), as well as 32 driver bits. Similar to the PCD05B model by Tacklife, this kit also comes with an extended bar and a flexible hex shaft for getting work done in tight, hard-to-access spaces. In addition, this product comes with built-in LED lights found near the nose-end of the drill for shining bright lights into dark spaces.

This unit also comes with a belt clip to keep the cordless driver on you at all times. This frees up your hands so you can handle measurements and climb ladders without having to carry the drill in your hand.

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Ergonomic Design

This lightweight cordless driver (3.64 pounds without battery) has a nice, soft grip which offers extreme comfort when holding and drilling. The compact design (8.86 x 9.1 x 3.35 inches) is also an added bonus since it can fit into tight spaces with ease. The hex shaft and extended bar are great additions for working in spaces where your hand and tool don’t fit.

Tacklife PCD04B: Bottom Line

Looking at the Tacklife PCD04B drill driver, there’s no reason to doubt its powerful performance. The kit comes with several drill and driver bits for a number of applications, and users have full control over how quickly or slowly they want the unit to drive in screws. At its fastest setting, it can perform admirably on hard concrete, and its slow setting can save your screws and surface material from damage due to its adjustable torque.

Overall, this is a great wallet-friendly cordless power tool for both professional workers and DIY enthusiasts.

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