Tacklife Laser Measure S40 Review

Laser measures are similar to laser levelers, except they are not used exclusively as a guide for leveling objects. Basically, a laser measure is a ruler which uses a laser beam to show the distance of one object. With a laser measuring tool, just whip it out, point it at a surface, and it will show you how far your position is from that surface.

Tacklife Advanced Laser Measure 131 Ft Digital Laser Distance Meter Review

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Tacklife is a great company that makes high-end tools for the construction industry but focuses on making them more affordable than their competition. The laser measurer we are going to take a look at now – the Tacklife Laser Measure S40 – received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Let’s see what makes this laser pointer/ruler a great addition to your toolbox.

Tacklife Advanced Laser Measure 131 Ft Digital Laser Distance Meter


For any laser guidance tool, precision is everything. We want the convenience of pointing and shooting devices opposed to the hassle of manually measuring distances, so we need to be sure that this laser measurer can measure accurately. It’s surprising that this budget-friendly device does indeed live up to what the company promises.

From a distance of up to a whopping 131 feet, you will be able to measure the distance between yourself and far-away surfaces with a single push of a button. This device is so accurate that it can show readings of up to 1/16 inches. This device can measure distances in both imperial and metric systems, so both Americans and the rest of the world can enjoy accurate measurements.

However, from greater distances, you can expect the unit to show ½-inch deviations from the true distance. This may not seem like much, but it can mean a lot of extra costs to detach and reattach tiles and other objects. This tool is great for getting a close approximation in areas where a traditional tape measure has difficulty reaching, but it is absolutely not a complete substitute.

Tacklife Laser Distance Meter

Multiple Measuring Capabilities

One neat feature is the “real-time” measurements. A pulse mode button turns makes this laser measurer shoot out a constant beam of light, and it then relays the changes of distance when the device is constantly moving. This is great if you’re trying to find a spot from a certain distance instead of having to walk, shoot, and repeat.

It doesn’t just measure distance, but this Tacklife laser measurer can also calculate area, length, volume, Pythagorean tri-points, as well as add and subtract. Depending on what calculations you need, this handheld device can do it for you.

Tacklife Advanced Laser Measure


A handheld device that is only 6.7 x 3.6 x 1.5 inches and weighs only 5.6 ounces needs to be sturdy. Devices this small and light are usually prone to damage when falling from heights, so that is why it comes with a wrist strap. You don’t want the unit to accidentally fall and shatter when working on a home project or at the job site, so make sure it’s securely attached to your wrist at all times. It also comes with a belt-clip if you don’t feel like carrying it in your hand.

This unit is IP54-rated water and dust resistant so it will continue to operate when exposed to water splashes and dust attacks in dirty buildings. In addition, it is covered in a hard, rubber casing which provides grip as well as extra strength against moderate-level drops.

Tacklife Advanced Laser Measure  Review

Tacklife Laser Measure S40: Bottom Line

The Tacklife Laser Measure S40 works great, especially when considering the low price tag that comes with it. Although it does have minor deviations in measuring distance, it’s mainly used for getting an almost accurate estimation of distance in areas where a tape measure cannot get into.

The calculating and distance-reading modes are great features, and they absolutely come in handy when at the job site. This unit exceeds all expectations of a low-cost laser guide.

Tacklife Advanced Laser Measure 131 Ft Digital Laser Distance Meter Review

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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