Sun Joe SPX4001 Electric Pressure Washer Review

Looking for a pressure washer that is powerful and easy to maneuverWant something with more than one cleaning optionWould you like to tackle many types of jobs from light to heavy dutyDo you need a pressure washer with a long hose as wellLook no further than this Sun Joe SPX4001 2030 PSI Electric Pressure Washer.

Sun Joe SPX4001 Electric Pressure Washer Review

In this review, an overview of the pressure washer’s features, specifications, and power will provide you with better insight. This review will help you decide that this electric pressure washer is the right one for you.

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Technical Specifications

Pressure washers are known as the ultimate dirt fighter. With this unit from Sun Joe, you can tackle anything at home, including outdoor and auto cleaning jobs. It includes a 20-foot hose which makes cleaning projects a breeze.

Sun Joe SPX4001 Electric Pressure Washer

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The pressure washer has a 35-foot power cord, which is great for those extended area jobs. The unit is easy to store and clean as well. It is filled with power, performance, and a significant amount of versatility. Furthermore, the Sun Joe SPX4001 comes with a 2-year warranty.

The pressure washer contains a 5- quick connect, which controls the power of the water, which ranges from gentle to intense jet. There are two cleaning options: “Low,” which is for daily dirt, and “High,” which is for the tough jobs.

Sun Joe SPX4001


With all the bells and whistles that this pressure washer has, the performance is stellar as well. It takes away every single piece of dirt and grime. The Sun Joe SPX4001 pressure washer provides professional results while saving time, energy, and money. There is also a safety lock switch which turns the pressure washer off when it is not being used.


The electric pressure washer comes with an extension pole that homeowners love. You can reach gutters and places ordinary washers could not reach. There is also an extension hose that helps you get the job done and with more ease. The detergent tank is enormous and can hold up to 54.1 ounces of fluid. Most jobs or projects would not need any more than that for their cleaning. If you have a larger home, you may have to refill it once more.

Sun Joe SPX4001 Pressure Washer

Sun Joe SPX4000 vs SPX4001: Electric Pressure Washer Comparison

With all these features, it looks like this is the one for anyone in the market for a great and powerful pressure washer.


The Sun Joe SPX4001 comes with onboard storage, in case, you need it. There are an upper handle frame and a hose reel. This pressure washer from Sun Joe is versatile, powerful, and it gets the job done.

Sun Joe SPX4001

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Sun Joe SPX4001: Conclusion

You do not have to be certified to use it. Its very lightweight and any adult can use it and handle it well. The hose provides more length to get to larger and farther spaces. This Sun Joe SPX4001 electric pressure washer is money, energy, and time saver that you will love once you unpack it!

Sun Joe SPX4001 Electric Pressure Washer

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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