Sun Joe SPX3200 Electric Pressure Washer Review

Is there any situation where you wouldn’t need a pressure washerIf only water could be used to clean electronics then cleaning the interior of your home would be easy. As for super-cleaning the outside of your home and your vehicles, pressure washers are definitely the must-have tools to make quick work out of otherwise long hours of manual scrubbing and wiping down under the scorching sun.

Snow Joe Sun Joe SPX3200 Electric Pressure Washer Review

The electric pressure washer we’re taking a look at in this article is the Sun Joe SPX3200. Sun Joe has become a household name for their high-quality outdoor cleaning machines, and the SPX3200 is just one of several beloved models that have raked in numerous positive reviews. Let’s take a close look at the SPX3200 and see what makes it such a great pressure washer.

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The amount of force delivered from a pressure washer’s wand is measured in pounds-per-square-inch (PSI). Gallons per minute (GPM) refers to how much water is used every 60 seconds in providing the maximum amount of force from a pressure washer. The SPX3200 has a maximum PSI rating of 2,030 PSI while using only 1.76 GPM of water. Compared to a traditional garden hose (40 to 60 PSI at 25 GPM), you’ll be able to deliver much force while consuming less than 10% of its water consumption.

Snow Joe Sun Joe SPX3200 Electric Pressure Washer

Pressure Select Technology

Just because the SPX3200 can deliver up to 2,030 PSI doesn’t mean that cleaning every surface requires that much force. The unit comes equipped with Pressure Select Technology that lets you choose how much power to deliver with each blast of pressurized water. You have two choices: a low 1,450 PSI for everyday dirt and a high 2,030 PSI for tackling the toughest cleaning tasks.

5 Quick-Connect Nozzles

To help with pressure distribution, so you don’t crack the windows of your home and car, you can attach one of several quick-connect nozzles to the end of your wand. The SPX3200 comes with four different spreads – 0°, 15°, 25°, and 40°. The last nozzle tip is used for blasting soap onto any surface for deeper cleaning.

Snow Joe Sun Joe SPX3200

Soap Tank

To make use out of the soap nozzle, you’ll need to fill up the soap tank that comes built-in to the unit. The Sun Joe SPX3200 features a single 27-fluid-ounce soap tank. Fill the tank up with your favorite car/outdoor furniture/glass-cleaning windows detergent. Apply a thick layer of the suds on any surface and get to town.

Total Stop System

One way a pressure washer can help reduce energy costs is with the use of the Total Stop System. The TSS automatically shuts the pump as soon as you release the wand’s trigger. This prevents electricity from surging through the motor, and it extends the life of the motor exponentially. This is definitely a feature you want, and many of Sun Joe’s pressure washers come with the TSS.

Sun Joe SPX3200

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360° Glide Wheels

Most pressure washer models you find on the market are standing/upright models. They are easy to transport and glide across all sorts of terrain. The SPX3200 is unique since it can function while standing up or laying down. The easy-glide wheels can rotate 360°, improving portability as it lets the unit move with the user. However, some users have found that the wheels don’t do well at keeping the unit balanced, unfortunately tipping over with the slightest tug.

Length of Hose and Power Cord

The length of the pressure hose and power cord combined can help you determine how far away you can work from the nearest electrical outlet. The SPX3200 comes with a 20-foot pressure hose and a super-long 35-foot power cord. This gives you roughly a 55-foot radius of movement, but you can improve this with the help of an outdoor-safe extension cord (sold separately).

Sun Joe SPX3200 Electric Pressure Washer

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Sun Joe SPX3200: Final Remarks

What really sets the Sun Joe SPX3200 apart from the rest of the herd is its ability to roll with you wherever you go with the help of its 360° easy-glide wheels. Of course, there are problems with balance, especially on uneven surfaces. However, for the most part, you’ll be happy that the wheels are there since you don’t need to retrieve the unit when you want to move.

The tremendous 2,030 PSI and water-saving 1.76 GPM have really changed the way we look at pressure washers. Best yet, the Sun Joe SPX3200 Electric Pressure Washer gives you the option to select how much pressure you want to blast out of the wand: low 1,450 PSI or high 2,030 PSI. This is definitely worth the investment, and you’ll have a great time using this pressure washer whenever you get the opportunity.

Snow Joe Sun Joe SPX3200 Pressure Washer

Pressure Washer | Bestseller

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