Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer Review

Do you feel like you’re fighting a constant battle with your grueling outdoor cleaning choresWhen it comes to taking on the challenge of stubborn home and outdoor filth, grime and stains, only a tough machine will do the trick. Here is your answer: The Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer.

Sun Joe SPX3001 2030 PSI Electric Pressure Washer Review

This dirt-busting, power-packing machine will make it a cinch for you to take on these tasks and render your garden and patio areas, as well as your motor vehicles and garden machinery, spotless and gleaming.

Pressure Washer | Bestseller

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Strength and power performance

The Sun Joe SPX3001 boasts an 1800-Watt motor with 14.5-amp, which is more than enough supercharged power to generate water pressure of up to 2030 PSI (pounds per square inch) and 1.76 GPM (gallons per minute) of water flow. That’s enough muscle to blast away the most obstinate dirt.

How to measure the strength of the pressure
When choosing a pressure washer, remember it’s not only the amount of pressure (PSI) which gives it the strength, but also the amount of water flow (GPM) created, and how much work that does to affect cleaning power. If you multiply the amount of pressure and water flow together, you get a more realistic idea of how strong the flushing power will be.

Sun Joe SPX3001 2030 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Essential features

The Sun Joe SPX3001 will arrive at your door fully assembled apart from two screws provided which attach the wand base plate and wand holder. A quick squizz through the manual and away you go!

This unit is kitted with rear wheels and a 34-inch extension spray wand which makes it easy to move around and to access small, tight spaces like the underside of decks and cars and behind grills.

The extra large 40.6 fl oz mounted detergent tank cuts down the number of times you would need to run backwards and forwards to refill it.

Sun Joe’s five quick connect spray tips (0, 15, 25, and 40 Degrees and Soap) enable you to adjust the spray size from light to heavy duty to suit different jobs. These and the quick connect hoseheads make it simple to get going. Also included is a tool for cleansing the spray needles.

Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer Review

A hose reel is affixed to the body, creating a simple storage solution for the 20-foot quality high-pressure hose, which is durable and less likely to kink as some hoses do.

Also included is a 35-foot power cord, an adaptor for your garden hose and a trigger known as TSS (Total Stop System), which means that when the trigger is not switched on, it automatically shuts off the pump saving energy and prolonging the pump’s life. Plus there’s no irritating noise every time you take a break.

Overall the Sun Joe SPX3001 is certainly great value-for-money and will pay for itself over and over again. Plus it’s environmentally friendly. Unlike gas-driven and even other electric pressure washers, the engine is very quiet and doesn’t emit much loud noise. It uses cold water, and there are no gas fumes, nor pollution.

This remarkably efficient machine is *CSA approved and comes with a 2-year warranty.

Sun Joe SPX3001 Pressure Washer

Driveways, garages and sidewalks

This pressure washer will remove the toughest and most obstinate gunk effortlessly and effectively, such as road tar and rust stains, sticky tree sap from paved or concrete driveways and grease and oil off garage floors.

Additionally, for the undercarriage of your motor vehicles or for barbecues the grease-cutting power of the All Purpose Heavy Duty Sun Joe Cleaner and Degreaser is recommended.

Safe on metal surfaces and biodegradable, this detergent also revitalizes and rejuvenates wooden decks, brick walls, driveways and your heavy gardening equipment e.g. lawnmowers.

Motor vehicles etc.

For best results when washing cars, motorbikes, SUV’s and ATV’s the Sun Joe high-powered, touch-free Snow Foam Cannon which weighs a mere 34 oz, will coat your vehicle with a thick foamy layer, easily mixing soap and water to remove dust, bird splats on windows and the most tenacious muck.

You can also adjust your soap to stream ratio and the width of your spray from a thin to a wide angle.

Works like a charm on boats, trailers and sidings and, for top-notch results when using the foam cannon, use the Sun Joe Premium Car Wash detergent that comes with a pleasant pineapple scent, which is entirely safe for wax sealant.

Sun Joe SPX3001 2030 PSI

More complementary products

There is a vast array of Sun Joe products which are compatible with the SPX3001 pressure washer series. Here are some of the more popular ones:

All the Sun Joe detergents are biodegradable. However, it is advised you consult your pressure washer’s manual for specific instructions regarding the dispensing and use of detergent, which may require a soap nozzle or a soap sprayer attachment.

For example the Turbo Head Spray Nozzle is also simple to connect and has a powerful rotating spray that washes up to 40% faster than a standard nozzle. Super for concrete, brick and vinyl surfaces.

The gutter cleaning attachment or 5.5 ft aluminum extension spray wand will make it a whiz to dislodge mess in difficult-to-reach areas.

The All-Purpose House and Deck Concentrate are user-friendly on wood, brick etc. and is non-toxic and bleach-free. Can also be used with a brush or mop for small areas or those quick jobs in and around the house.

For an extra long reach, add the 25-ft high-pressure heavy-duty extension hose.

The durable Deck and Patio Cleaning Attachment has a 10 in surface and multi-purpose brush that loosens debris, and the Rotary Wash Brush is Perfect for deep-cleaning where necessary.

Sun Joe SPX3001 Pressure Washer Review

Other functions

White picket fences accumulate moldy grass stains at their base and sticky dust becomes engrained on top surfaces. They are quite a grind to scrub (as is also the case with other ornamental fence designs) until you attack them with the Sun Joe pressure washer.

Likewise, mildew and moss gather on patios and in the corners of decks, and slippery algae in and around ornamental ponds and swimming pools. Whisk them away with a turbo burst of pressure.

Satisfied customer comments and reviews

With comments like “Worth every penny,” “Simply Amazing!”, “The Best Power Washer ever!” and “So far, I give it 5 out of 5 stars!” you can’t go wrong with this model.

A happy customer had this to say: “Best pressure washer on the market for the money. The different nozzle heads have been a great plus as we’ve only had the machine a week and have already washed the deck, got all the gunk off of the driveway and have washed both cars. If this machine can do all of that and not skip a beat, then why pay more money for a much more expensive gas option.”

And another says, “The nozzles easily snap on and off and are small enough to allow you to keep all of them in your pockets so that you can change them without having to get off the ladder. This machine is powerful enough that I stood on a ladder, no higher than 7 feet, and I was able to clean the 3rd floor.”

Sun Joe SPX3001

Security and maintenance tips

First and foremost you need to pay special attention to your electricity supply as you are utilizing an electric appliance with water. It is essential to check there is an RCE (residual-current device) protection, which in the event of a problem will immediately cut off the power supply.

It is important to wear protective goggles for your eyes and protective shoes to safeguard your feet against the effects of water pressure.

Electric pressure washers require little maintenance, unlike any gas-powered devices, which need far more. However, it’s very important to maintain the pump, especially when the appliance is stored for the winter. In this case, it’s advisable to use a pump guard, which would basically be an anti-freeze with lubricants to safeguard the seals. This will make a big difference in washer performance and longevity.

Sun Joe Electric Pressure Washer Review

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High-quality innovation at a reasonable price

Sun Joe are specialist developers in the field of outdoor tools and equipment to keep your home beautiful all year long through snow or sunshine.

If you are looking for high quality yet reasonably priced tools, look no further. Snow Joe and Sun Joe have an extensive product range including manual, cordless, and electric implements. Gear up and equip yourself with state-of-the-art apparatus to simplify your household and outdoor chores smoothly and effortlessly.

The Sun Joe SPX3001 is on the high end of performance for electric pressure washers. It is versatile and operates reliably, consistently and flawlessly and is backed by excellent customer service should you have any problems or queries.

*For more than 80 years, CSA International (formerly the Canadian Standards Association) has been developing standards and testing and certifying products to meet standards. A product bearing the CSA mark tells users it has been tested under a formal process and that it meets the safety and/or performance requirements of applicable standards.

Pressure Washer | Bestseller

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