Sun Joe SPX3000 vs SPX1000 Electric Pressure Washer

Dirt, grime, and dust settle deep into the texture of objects if left for too long. This can cause garden tiles, house walls or outside appliances to look worn out and lifeless over time. The longer they are left in such condition, the bigger the cleaning job becomes.

Sun Joe SPX3000 vs SPX1000: Electric Pressure Washer Comparison

Sun Joe SPX3000

Thankfully, there is an easy solution: pressure washers. They use pressure to shoot jets of water that dislodges and washes away dirt and dust from any objects. The result is a shiny and clean-looking surface, and the good news is that this only takes minutes, rather the hours and days of manual rubbing.

Two models stand out with their quality features and durability: the Sun Joe’s SPX3000 and SPX1000 pressure washer. But how can we differentiate between themHow are they different?

Let’s take a look.

Sun Joe SPX1000 vs SPX3000: Electric Pressure Washer Comparison

Sun Joe SPX1000

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Overview of the models

This model is ideal for thorough cleaning jobs like washing the outside walls of your house, garden tiles, or wooden and concrete patios. It is easy and straightforward to use. Just plug it in, and unleash powerful pressure to loosen and wash away the pesky years-old dirt. Electric-powered pressure washers such as this one hold a significant advantage over gas-powered pressure washers as you don’t need to struggle to turn them on. Just plug it in and press the button, and you are good to go.

This is the upgraded version of the SPX1000. It boasts enough power to deep-clean concrete patches, roofs, garden tiles, outside walls, driveways, lawn equipment, etc. A comfortable handle and two large wheels help owners carry the machine around with ease. The extra-long hose and stick ensure that you can clean without obstruction and without having to remain slouched for too long, making cleaning as easy and pleasant as a walk in the park.

Sun Joe SPX3000 vs SPX1000

Sun Joe SPX3000

Sun Joe SPX3000 vs SPX3001: Electric Pressure Washer Comparison

Power and Performance

What you would want to see from an electric pressure washer is a consistent and powerful water jet hitting the targeted surface. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing dirt accumulated for many years getting dislodged and washed away. Equipped with a 1400W motor, this machine delivers 1450 Psi of cleaning power and 1.45 gallon per minute (GPM) maximum flow.

And let me tell you, this is more than enough to go once or twice over a very dirty area to achieve the ‘shiny new’ look.

As an upgraded version of the Sun Joe SPX1000, this models packs a stronger punch and, as a result, is the preferred option for bigger jobs. Equipped with a 1800W motor, the machine can deliver up to 2030 PSI of water pressure and 1.76 gallons per minute water flow. The latter varies with the different nozzles you can use, and this can affect the time it takes to complete a cleaning job.

Verdict: Both machines are powerful enough to tackle and eliminate years of accumulated dirt and grime. The SPX3000 is the more powerful of the two with a 1800W motor that can produce up to 2030 PSI of water pressure. The SPX1000 doesn’t fall too far behind with a 1400W motor, capable of producing 1450 PSI of water pressure.

Sun Joe SPX1000 vs SPX3000

Sun Joe SPX1000

Versatility and hose length

One of the best things about this pressure washer is the length of its hose – 25 feet – which coupled with its small size makes it highly mobile and easy to use. This allows you to easily clean your driveway or car with no need for moving the pressure washer around.

For increased versatility, it is equipped with additional accessories. The 5.5-foot aluminum extension spray wand, for example, allows you to spray high walls or the bottoms of roofs without having to use a ladder. You can also use a Rotatory Wash Brush kit for washing cars, and a 34-ounce Foamer Cannon for cleaning super-tough spots.

This Sun Joe 3000 model is equipped with two 0.9-liter removable tanks that can carry and store two different types of detergent. This significantly increases the chance that the pressure washer will remove any dirt on the first go.

Sun Joe SPX3000

Sun Joe SPX3000

A 20-foot high-pressure hose also gives you room to work. The machine comes with very handy accessories like a 34-inch extension wand – further increasing your reach – a garden hose adapter, 10-inch deck and patio attachment and a Rotary Wash Brush kit for cars.

Verdict: Get your scissors out and start cutting out paper medals, because these two models deserve them. They come with a number of tools and attachments which give you the freedom to pressure wash everything at home. The SPX3000 offers the possibility of using and storing two types of detergents, but the SPX1000 has a longer hose – by five feet.

Sun Joe SPX1000

Sun Joe SPX1000

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Sun Joe SPX3000 vs SPX1000: Conclusion

Pressure washers can save you days and hours of hard labor when it comes to cleaning the mess that has accumulated for many years. These machines push jets of water deep into the texture of objects, dislodging dirt, dust, grime, and mold and washing it away. The result is ‘renewed’ surfaces. And what’s better than that?

Sun Joe SPX3000 vs SPX1000: Electric Pressure Washer Comparison

We have determined in this review that Sun Joe’s SPX1000 and SPX3000 are ideal and affordable choices. Both are powerful, versatile and easy to use, making them invaluable allies in the home battle against time and the elements.

The Sun Joe SPX3000 pressure washer is arguably the better choice as it is more powerful, but the Sun Joe SPX1000 pressure washer has a longer hose. Ultimately, the decision will come down to how fast you want the job done. Nonetheless, both models are the perfect solutions for keeping your home bright and shiny.

Sun Joe SPX1000 vs SPX3000: Electric Pressure Washer Comparison

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