Sun Joe SPX2598 Electric Pressure Washer Review

When it comes to cleaning and getting rid of dirt outside of the house, there’s no better alternative than using a pressure washer. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with a bunch of different pressure outputs, so it can be hard to choose the right one. Well, if you’re in the market for one of those bad boys, you’re in luck, as the Sun Joe SPX2598 Pressure Washer makes it a natural choice.

Sun Joe SPX2598 2000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

The first thing you’ll notice about the SPX2598 Pressure Washer by Sun Joe is it’s appealing outer skin. Composed out of high-quality injection molded plastic, the bright green front cover is complemented by the classy black hued back cover, making it easy to see the pressure washer wherever you store it. There won’t be those “where did I put it” moments with this electric washer. As far as dimensions go, it’s rather compact, standing at 25.6 inches high, 12.6 inches wide and taking up 10.6 inches of depth. But don’t get fooled by the looks of this pressure washer. It packs a rather powerful punch that will leave you in awe.

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Powerful Pressure

Hiding within the attractive two-tone plastic casing of the Sun Joe SPX2598 Pressure Washer you’ll find a powerful axial electric motor capable of generating 1650 PSI of usable cleaning power, making it a real powerhouse. The hefty 13 Amp motor pushes out water or any other cleaning medium you decide to feed it through the variable angle nozzle at 1.8 GPM. As a result of the SPX2598 wipes any stubborn dirt and grime it stumbles upon like an eraser.

With the eco-friendly electric motor powering this unit, you can say goodbye to the days of smelly gases, dust, noise and maintenance headaches of gas-powered washers, as there is no need for support whatsoever and you get a clean and no fuss work environment.

Sun Joe SPX2598 Electric Pressure Washer


The angle adjustment of the nozzle ranges from 0 to 45 degrees, making it super easy to switch from laser precision jet spray to a full angle fan spray. With just a simple twist of the nozzle, you can tailor the powerful jet for cleaning those hard to reach spots or combating larger areas in one go.

This electric pressure washer won’t let you down when it comes to usability either. On the lower portion of the front panel, you’ll find an easy to reach garden hose adapter, making it a breeze to feed the washer with fresh water.

Safety Features

The axial powerhouse needs electric juice to compress water or any other cleaning substrate to 2000 PSI, so for that reason, the Sun Joe SPX2598 incorporates a 35 ft power cord. The engineers at Sun Joe know that this pressure washer will probably get wet during use, so they cleverly opted to use a GFCI protected cord, making sure you have no electrical issues.

Once pressurized, the water or cleaning substrate makes its way onto the dirty areas through a 20 ft high-pressure hose, made out of high-quality rubber. Making it easy to get to those high up areas is the job of the 33-inch extension wand.

Sun Joe SPX2598

Total Stop System

The engineers behind the Sun Joe SPX2598 Electric Pressure Washer thought about everything when they designed this pressure washer. That’s evident in one of the key features of this pressure washer, called the Total Stop System. The curiously named system is a clever bit of engineering. It detects whether the trigger is pressed or not, and based on that; it chooses whether to feed the motor power.

The way it works is simple. When the system detects that the trigger isn’t pressed, it’ll send a signal to the electronic brain of the SPX2598, which will then stop the pump. What you get out of all this is an extended pump life, meaning a lesser chance of failure, and more importantly saving you some cash on your electrical bill.

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Sun Joe SPX2598: Conclusion

Once we sum up all the features of the compact Sun Joe SPX2598 1650 PSI Pressure Washer, we conclude that this pressure washer is one handy unit, capable of tackling any dirty, oily, grimy areas. The eco-friendly electric motor will surely live up to the expectations of most users looking for a pressure washer within the Sun Joe SPX2598’s price range, as well as leaving you pleased with the cleanliness it offers.

Looking at the Total Stop System, there’s no doubt that you’ll save some bucks at the end of the month, as well as give the pump a couple more chances to leave you satisfied with its hard work.

Sun Joe SPX2598 2000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer Review

Pressure Washer | Bestseller

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