Best Double Sided Tape for Cars

Like the majority of vehicle owners, you want to make sure your car is kept in the best shape possible, from vehicle repairs to cosmetic issues. So what happens when you notice a rubber seal coming loose on the exterior when you’re on a trip? Or maybe you don’t have the funds for a professional repair right now? The answer is double-sided tape. Below, we’ll discuss the factors you need to take into consideration when choosing a tape that is best suited to your vehicle.

Best Double Sided Tape for Cars

How Important is Adhesion?
Adhesion is effectively what dictates the strength of a tape. The best adherents work on a molecular level, giving you nothing but the best in reliability when attaching to a surface. The stronger the bond between tape and surface, the more heavy-duty jobs your tape will be able to undertake.

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Does Temperature Range Matter?
You can purchase tapes that are effective anywhere from -40 to +100 degrees Celsius. This means your tape will be effective under most weather conditions and environmental circumstances, perfect for whatever job you need it for.

Is Sizing Important?
It goes without saying that if the tape you purchase is too small for the job you’re completing, your repairs will be ineffective. The best practice is to buy overly large tape and then trim it down to the required size to suit you. The same can be said of the length required from your tape.

Best Double Sided Tape for Cars

Should You Pay Attention To Mounting Weight?
Different tape comes in a variety of different mounting weights, some even over 50 pounds. It is so important to get this right as if your tape does not meet your mounting weight requirements, your repairs will have been for nothing.
The Importance of Shock Resistance
For use in your vehicle, your tape should be able to deal with the high level of shock and vibration that a car experiences throughout its daily use. Fail to consider this, and you will find that you are replacing your tape more often than not.
The Importance of Tensile Strength
For your tape to withstand the pressures necessary, it must have high tensile strength. The best option would always be to go with the maximum you can, but this can of course be adjusted to your preference.
Is The Tape Effective on Rough Surfaces?
The best double-sided tapes that you can use on your car should be able to deal with the rough surfaces you may require of them. Most of these tapes perform better on smooth surfaces such as drywall and painted surfaces so make sure to do your research before purchase.
Weatherproof Tapes
It may seem obvious, but making sure your tape is weatherproof is essential. Using a tape that isn’t will render any external repair jobs useless. Even then, make sure the area you are affixing the tape is cleaned thoroughly first to get the best results.
Does Tape Colouring Matter?
Realistically the colour of the tape is purely cosmetic. Using a tape the same colour as your car exterior would result in the smoothest looking finish, whereas a transparent tape would be best for interior use. That being said, if you choose wisely any colour tape will complete the job effectively.
Finally, it is worth noting that all tapes used should be able to be set within minutes and removal should not leave any lasting damage to the surface of your vehicle.
What Are The Benefits of Using Double-Sided Tape?
Below we will discuss some of the advantages of using double-sided mounting tape instead of other methods of repair on your vehicle.

Best Double Sided Tape for Cars

  • Screws and nails – Double-sided tape is the perfect replacement for screws when it comes to holding your vehicle licence plate. Doing away with small screws means less hassle and time used when fitting and less chance of causing damage to your property.
  • Holding Strength – Double-sided tape has the potential for a much stronger hold than regular tape. So whether it’s for sticking down the external parts of a vehicle or something as simple as mounting a dash-cam on your dashboard, double-sided tape is a better choice.
  • Sealant ability – Double-sided tape is incredibly adhesive, meaning it is incredibly effective at creating the best possible seal to keep out all manner of dust and dirt and making your repair work last even longer.

There are several different types of double-sided tape available to you on the market and as shown above, there is no one size fits all product. The type of tape you buy and the material it is made of will very much determine the kind of work you can do with it.

  • Tissue tape is the most commonly used. It is light, versatile, easy to remove and can be easily applied to uneven surfaces. Tissue tape is best used where only a light bond is needed between tape and surface and is affordable too.
  • Acrylic is superior to tissue tape in most ways and is far more effective at heavy bonding. Best used when a bond is needed to be almost permanent, creating a tight seal with this tape will save you from having to repeatedly carry out the same repairs especially as it is highly weather resistant.
  • Polyethylene tape is preferred within the automotive industry due to the thick cushion it provides when applied properly. Shock absorbent and with good insulation properties, this tape is probably your best choice to use for most jobs.
  • Plate mounting tapes are primarily used in the printing industry, making them ideal for the more heavy-duty jobs you have in mind.

Finally, when applying double-sided tape to any surface, ensure the surface itself is thoroughly cleaned and dried before used to get the best, smoothest finish from your work.

Best Double Sided Tape for Cars

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