We’ve talked extensively about electric pressure washers and how they benefit home and car owners in keeping their assets squeaky clean. One of the main benefits of using a gas-powered pressure washer is that you can basically clean any surface on earth without being tied down by annoying power cords and extension cords. Of course, the cost of gasoline is a bit pricier compared to electricity, but you also get the superior power that gas engines provide.

Simpson Cleaning MSH3125-S vs PS3228-S vs MS60763-S: Gas Pressure Washer Comparison

Simpson Cleaning MSH3125-S

In this article, we’re going to take a look at three great gas pressure washers from Simpson Cleaning. Not much needs to be said about Simpson Cleaning expect that they’re one of the leading companies of outdoor power tools, and looking at these three pressure washers we’re inclined to agree. One thing you can expect to get from these three models is the supreme power that you won’t find in electric models. Without further ado, let’s jump right into our comparison.

Engine Power

When it comes to gas-powered pressure washers, one of the main things you want to consider is who manufactured the engine. There are several companies that make engines specifically built for pressure washers. The MSH3125-2 comes with the Honda 6.0 HP 187 cc 4-stroke GC190.

The PS3228-S features the Honda 5.5 HP 196 cc 4-stroke GX2000. Like any Honda engine, this one is super-quiet, easy to maintain, and can start with just a single tug of the recoil cord.

Simpson Cleaning PS3228-S vs MS60763-S vs MSH3125-S: Gas Pressure Washer Comparison

Simpson Cleaning PS3228-S

The MS60763-S is different from the other two models in the sense that it doesn’t come with a Honda engine but rather an engine made by Kohler. It packs the 6.5 HP 196 cc 4-stroke RH265 which has been known to be a late starter, requiring several tugs. However, it’s a durable engine that should last you many years with very little maintenance.

Conclusion: We’re not saying that Kohler is a bad brand, but we and many other people out there consider Honda to be the king of kings when it comes to making reliable engines for gas-powered machines. In this sense, we feel that the MSH3125-S or the PS3228-S would be the safer bet to get for durability and worry-free use out of your pressure washer.

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Now we’re taking a look at how much-pressurized force these machines can provide and how much water they consume. The MSH3125-S delivers an astounding 3,200 PSI at only 2.5 GPM of water. This is something you definitely won’t find from an electric pressure washer. The extraordinary power means better cleaning from a distance and even much more cleaning power when tackling caked-on messes.

Simpson Cleaning MS60763-S vs MSH3125-S vs PS3228-S: Gas Pressure Washer Comparison

Simpson Cleaning MS60763-S

The PS3228-S takes it up a notch and produces up to 3,300 PSI at 2.5 GPM. The extra 100 PSI of force won’t really make much of a difference in the long run, but it’s good to know that the engine works a little bit more efficiently at providing additional force while using up the same quantity of water as the MSH3125-S.

The lowest of the bunch, the MS60763-S delivers “only” up to 3,100 PSI at 2.5 GPM. Like the previous model, a 100-PSI difference shouldn’t make any difference, but it just shows that the Kohler engine is just a tad bit less effective than the two Hondas.

Conclusion: There shouldn’t be a tremendous amount of difference between 3,100 PSI and 3,300 PSI (do not try to test how powerful it is on your body). However, you can feel just a little bit more ease of mind that you’ll be able to blast tough stains away with more PSI. The general rule is that greater PSI translates into more efficient cleaning. Therefore, the MSH3125-S is the model to go with in this regard.

Simpson Cleaning MSH3125-S vs PS3228-S vs MS60763-S

Simpson Cleaning MSH3125-S

Quick-Connect Nozzle Tips

MSH3125-S, PS3228-S, and MS60763-S
Imagine blasting 3,300 PSI of pressurized water at your home’s or vehicle’s windows. It’s not a pretty thought and could potentially lead to injury. How many pressure washer models overcome the problem of damaging your property instead of cleaning it with high pressure is with the inclusion of quick-connect nozzle tips. Each of these Simpson Cleaning models in this article come with five different tips: 0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, and a soap nozzle. The angles show how far spread the blast of water is, ranging from pencil-like precision with glass-shattering force and a wide-spread fan with gentle pressure. The soap nozzle is used exclusively for applying suds on any surface to tackle the most stubborn stains.


We mentioned at the beginning of the article that gas-powered pressure washers are more portable compared to electric models since they don’t tie you down with cords. However, you need to pay attention to how mobile the unit is to ensure that it is indeed able to travel with you. The MSH125-S weighs only 72 pounds, comes with two large 10-inch pneumatic tires, and an easy-to-reach handle that lets you glide the unit on any terrain.

Simpson Cleaning PS3228-S vs MS60763-S vs MSH3125-S

Simpson Cleaning PS3228-S

Like the MSH125-S, this is a beefy unit that sits atop two 10-inch pneumatic wheels. The weight of the unit, fully assembled, is around 83 pounds. The handle is easy to hold so you can drag the unit to and from various worksites.

The MS60763-S is considerably more portable than the previous models. First of all, it weighs only around 67 pounds fully assembled, comes with two heavy-duty 12-inch never-go-flat wheels, and has a similar handle that makes the unit easy to cart to wherever it’s needed.

Simpson Cleaning MS60763-S vs MSH3125-S vs PS3228-S

Simpson Cleaning MS60763-S

Conclusion: Although portability isn’t exactly a deal-maker or –breaker, it’s definitely something that you want to keep in mind, especially since you’re getting an ultra-portable gas-powered machine. Of the three models here, we feel that you get the best amount and ease of movement with the “small” MS60763-S. It’s tiny body encased in a heavy-duty frame sitting atop two huge foot-long wheelsYou won’t get any more portable than that.

Simpson Cleaning MSH3125-S vs PS3228-S vs MS60763-S: Gas Pressure Washer Comparison

25-foot Morflex Hose

MSH3125-S, PS3228-S, and MS60763-S
One amazing feature that Simpson Cleaning has included in all three of these models is the 25-foot Morflex Hose. It is a ¼-inch x 25-foot long hose that is non-marring, won’t tangle up on you, and is immune to abrasion and tearing. You can tug on the pressure hose without worrying about snapping it. We wish that there were a handle hose reel included in each of these units so cleaning up after cleaning up could be a breeze.

Simpson Cleaning PS3228-S vs MS60763-S vs MSH3125-S: Gas Pressure Washer Comparison

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Simpson Cleaning Models: Verdict

There are some rather significant differences between each of these models. First of all, the Simpson Cleaning MSH3125-S and PS3228-S come with reliable, heavy-duty Honda-made motors, whereas the MS60763-S comes with a lesser-known Kohler engine. In terms of power, the MSH3125-S provides the most amount of pressurized force, though the differences are minuscule and hardly worth noting.

When looking at the overall portability and maneuverability of these gas-powered pressure washers, nothing beats the PS3228-S’s lightweight, “compact” design that rests on top of two large 12-inch wheels. However, if we had to crown one of these models as the king of Simpson Cleaning’s line of pressure washers, without a second thought, we’d say that the large MSH3125-S is the way to go, simply because the Honda engine has the greatest output.

Simpson Cleaning MS60763-S vs MSH3125-S vs PS3228-S: Gas Pressure Washer Comparison

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