Ryobi P884 One+ Combination Power Tool Set Review

For DIY enthusiasts, hobbyist, carpenters, and homeowners on the hunt for their first-ever power tool set, generally, you’ll want a kit that provides more value than purchasing the tools individually. However, in most cases, buying a toolkit isn’t always the cheaper option, and you’ll most likely end up looking at several of the tools with a puzzled expression. Most combo power toolkits come with a driver-drill, circular saw, reciprocating saw, and an LED flashlight.

Ryobi Combination Power Tool Set

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The Ryobi P884 Power Tool Set features a comprehensive selection of power tools with a very competitive price tag. The kit will provide you a drill-driver, impact driver, circular saw, multi-tool, flashlight, and reciprocating saw. It also comes with two compact Li-Ion batteries, a charger, and a heavy-duty carry case to house the power tools. But is it really worth itLet’s find out.

P208 Drill

This 3 ½-pound cordless driver-drill offers a staggering 4,200 inch-pounds of torque, which is much more than you’ll need for finishing your home projects. The two-transmission motor allows slow speeds of up to 440 RPM for setting screws or driving bolts, and the second gear spins at up to 1,600 RPM for drilling into wood or metal.

Ryobi Cordless Impact Driver

P230 Impact Driver

This cordless impact driver delivers a moderate 1,600 inch-pounds of torque. It’s the perfect power driver for sinking even the largest screws or tightening the biggest bolts in your home. Changing bits is extremely easy; you don’t need any external tools to release the chuck, but instead, you just push the bit in and it releases automatically.

Ryobi Cordless Impact Driver

P506 Circular Saw

This circular saw features a 5 ½-inch blade which can cut 1 9/6-inches deep. The blade bevels up to 45° and cuts 1 1/8-inches deep at this angle. It’s a lightweight (5 ½ pounds) handheld tool which hardly strains your arm as you work. The blade is covered by a retractable plastic handle so there’s virtually no risk of self-harm while operating this tool.

The motor can spin the saw blade up to 4,700 RPM. It also features a handy laser guide for giving straight line estimates. However, you need your own straight-edge for 100% precise cuts since the guide is more of a “suggestion” rather than a “guide.”

Ryobi P507

P514 Reciprocating Saw

For beginner woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts, the reciprocating saw is most likely going to collect the most dust. It’s primarily a demolition tool, something that newbies should avoid. It can also be great for cutting PVC pipes, tree branches, and sawing nails that aren’t flush.

This saw comes with two blades: one for use on wood, and another for metal. You’ll need to purchase additional saws since these tend to dull or snap rather easily.

Ryobi Combination Power Tool Set

P246 Job Plus Base and P570 Multi-Tool Head

This multi-tool (a.k.a. oscillating tool) is an extremely handy tool to have for any workshop. Oscillating tools are different from the previous tools in the way the blade moves from side to side. Depending on the attachment, this could be perfect for cutting out square notches from wood pieces. This tool features a rubber grip which improves the operator grip and stabilizes vibrations. This tool can deliver up to 20,000 OPM (oscillations per minute).

Ryobi Combination Power Tool Set

P704 Work Light

There’s nothing much to talk about this light except for that it shines a bright light in dark places. It also features a 180° swivel mechanism which allows the unit to shine lights where you need it. A single charge can give up to 2 ½ hours of light.

Bottom Line

The tools you get in the Ryobi P884 Power Tool Set aren’t going to withstand the rigorous tasks of a professional construction worker, but they are more than able to tackle whatever home project you have going on. The tools are compact, lightweight, and well-balanced. This combo kit is definitely something that homeowners and amateur woodworkers can find value in.

Ryobi Combination Power Tool Set

RYOBI P884 18-Volt ONE+ Lithium-Ion Combo Kit...
  • Includes 2 - 18-volt lithium batteries, usable on any machine in the one+ product line; includes 18-volt...
  • Drill has 2 speed settings (0-440 or 0-1600 rpm), variable with a spring-loaded trigger; reciprocating saw...
  • Tool weights: drill, 2. 7 lbs. ; circular saw, 4. 7 lbs. ; impact driver, 2. 65 lbs. ; reciprocating saw, 4. 1...

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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