Ryobi Circular Saw Comparison

Ryobi Limited is a Japanese power tool manufacturer known for producing high-quality, innovative, and affordable tools for both professionals and do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Since its establishment in 1943, Ryobi has become a household name in the power tool industry, offering a wide range of products, including circular saws, drills, sanders, and more. The brand’s commitment to research and development has helped it maintain a strong reputation for delivering reliable and user-friendly tools that cater to various needs and budgets.

Ryobi P504G

Ryobi p504G

A circular saw is a versatile power tool used for cutting various materials, such as wood, plastic, and metal. It is an essential tool for any woodworking or construction project. Choosing the right circular saw is crucial for achieving precise and efficient cuts, as well as ensuring the safety and comfort of the user. Factors like power source, blade size, cutting capacity, weight, and additional features all play a role in determining the best circular saw for your specific needs. Investing time in researching and comparing different models will ultimately save you time, effort, and money in the long run.

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This article aims to provide a comprehensive comparison of popular Ryobi circular saw models, making it easier for you to find the perfect tool for your needs. By examining the critical factors mentioned earlier, such as power source, blade size, cutting capacity, and more, we will present a detailed analysis of each model. We will also provide recommendations for various user profiles, such as budget-conscious buyers, professionals, and DIY enthusiasts. Armed with this information, you will be better equipped to make an informed decision when purchasing a Ryobi circular saw.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at three of their best-selling circular saws: the Ryobi P504G, the P505, and the P506 One+ Circular Saw.

Ryobi One P505

Ryobi One+ P505

Factors to Consider When Comparing Circular Saws

Power source: corded vs. cordless

  1. Corded: Corded circular saws offer continuous power, making them suitable for heavy-duty tasks and extended periods of use. They tend to be more powerful than cordless models but require access to a power outlet, which may limit mobility.
  2. Cordless: Cordless circular saws provide greater freedom of movement and are ideal for job sites without easy access to power outlets. They are powered by rechargeable batteries, but may have a limited runtime depending on battery capacity. Cordless saws are often less powerful than corded ones, but advancements in battery technology have significantly improved their performance.

Blade size and type

  1. Blade size: Circular saws come with various blade sizes, usually ranging from 4-1/2 inches to 7-1/4 inches. Larger blades can cut through thicker materials, while smaller blades are more suitable for precise and intricate cuts.
  2. Blade type: The type of blade you use depends on the material you’re cutting. There are specialized blades for wood, metal, plastic, and masonry. Ensure the saw you choose is compatible with the blades you need for your projects.

Cutting capacity

  1. Depth of cut: The maximum depth of cut determines how thick a material the saw can handle. This varies based on the blade size and the saw’s design. Cutting capacity should be considered in both 90° (straight) and 45° (angled) cuts.
  2. Bevel capacity: Bevel capacity refers to the maximum angle at which the saw can cut. Some models offer a greater bevel capacity, allowing for more versatile angled cuts.

Weight and ergonomics

  1. Weight: The weight of the circular saw affects its ease of use and maneuverability. Heavier models can cause fatigue during extended use, while lighter models may be easier to handle.
  2. Ergonomics: Comfortable and well-designed handles, as well as easy-to-reach controls, contribute to a more enjoyable and efficient user experience. Look for models with ergonomic features that suit your preferences.

Additional features (laser guide, electric brake, dust collection)

  1. Laser guide: A laser guide projects a line onto the material being cut, helping to improve accuracy and precision.
  2. Electric brake: An electric brake stops the blade quickly after the trigger is released, enhancing safety and reducing the risk of accidents.
  3. Dust collection: Efficient dust collection systems minimize the amount of sawdust and debris generated during cutting, leading to a cleaner workspace and better visibility.

Price and value for money

  1. Price range: Circular saws are available at various price points. Determine your budget and consider the features you require before making a decision.
  2. Value for money: A higher price doesn’t always guarantee better performance or quality. Carefully assess the features and capabilities of each model to ensure you are getting the best value for your investment.

Ryobi P504G vs P505 vs P506 One+ Circular Saws

Specification Overlap

If you’ve used one, you’ve virtually used all three. Ryobi’s P504G, P505, and P506 are essentially the same unit with minor variances between each model. In terms of speed and cutting depths, these three portable circular saws perform similarly. There are slight differences in terms of design, but in the end, the aesthetics of the circular saw are a low priority. We would have loved to see more significant differences between the three models, but unfortunately, we don’t.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that these products are a bad choice, but it does mean that the value you get from purchasing any of these models at varying price tags means you’re getting similar value.

Motor and Speed

In terms of performance, again, there’s not much difference between the three Ryobi models. They all feature an 18V DC/AC motor powered by any of the company’s 18V Li-Ion batteries. On all three units, the circular blade can reach maximum speeds of 4,700 RPM. This isn’t the quickest blade speed available on the market, but it works sufficiently in producing neat cuts.

Ryobi P506

Ryobi P506 One+

5 ½-inch Blades and 50° Bevel

Normally, portable circular saws come with saw blades between 6 ½ and 8 ¼ inches in diameter, but Ryobi opted to install smaller 5 ½-inch ones on these three models. Smaller blade size doesn’t necessarily translate to weaker or shallower cuts, but in this case, it means increased difficulty in finding replacement blades. Most customers either have to shop at several hardware stores to find a blade size that fits these power tools, or they have to purchase them online. Each of these units features onboard compartments where the blade wrench is stored, allowing for easy blade switches without fumbling for tools.

The 5 ½-inch blade can be positioned between 90° and 50° angles. At their most acute angle, the three Ryobi cordless circular saws can produce cuts of up to 1 9/16 inches. This is definitely on the shallow side, but it’s a reasonable depth considering the small blade.

User-Friendly Design

The overall build of all three Ryobi circular saw models are pretty great. They’re designed with soft rubber on the main handle, as well as the upper and lower blade covers. Operators will have no trouble maintaining a tight grip on the handle, reducing slippage and the risk of deviation.

Similar to almost every circular saw on the market, the blades on the Ryobi p504G Circular Saw, P505, and P506 are designed for right-handed users with the blade found on the left. The position of the blade offers a 4-inch measuring scale on the right-hand side of the circular saws and a 1-inch width on the left-hand side.

In terms of weight, these cordless circular saws are worthy of the title “lightweight.” The P504G, P505, and P506 weigh 5.75 pounds, 4.91 pounds, and 5.0 pounds, respectively. Despite their lightweight class, these models are extremely easy to control, and the 5 ½-inch blades cut perfectly through pieces of lumber with little to no hiccups.

Laser Guide

The most significant difference between the Ryobi P506 One+ Circular Saw and the other models is its laser guide. The P504G and Ryobi One+ P505 Circular Saw don’t come with a laser guide, so don’t expect any built-in systems to assist with straight cuts.

Customers have praised the P506’s red laser for offering guidance in assisting with straight cuts. However, it’s never a good idea to rely solely on a laser guide when making straight edge cuts, so we advise you to start with the time-tested method of measuring twice before cutting.

Battery and Charger

Unfortunately, to reduce the retail prices of these three products, Ryobi doesn’t include batteries and chargers. If you used cordless Ryobi products in the past, then you’re in luck since these circular saw batteries can be charged in the same charging dock as their other battery-powered power tools. These three circular saws also utilize the same type of One+ Family batteries, so you’ll also be able to swap batteries between tools when needed.

Ryobi P504G

Ryobi p504G

Ryobi P504G One+ 18 V Lithium Ion Cordless 5 1/2...
  • EASY BLADE REPLACEMENT: An onboard wrench makes it simple for you to swap your blades out. Easy-to-follow...
  • FINE-TUNING: Adjust your bevel up to 50 degrees and your depth from 0 - 1 9/16 inches with conveniently...
  • ERGONOMIC GRIP with a rubber overmold makes it easy to control this tool, even in slippery conditions

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Normally, a One+ battery takes up to an hour to reach full capacity from 0%. If the battery is used solely to power any of these power tools, users can expect up to 30 minutes of use from a single charge. This, however, means that you’ll need to purchase multiple One+ 18V Li-Ion batteries to reduce downtime.

Ryobi One P505

Ryobi One+ P505

Ryobi One P505 18V Lithium Ion Cordless 5 1/2"...
  • GRIPZONE OVERMOLD: The handles of this power tool are lined with a rubber mold. This increases friction...
  • TRANSPARENT LOWER GUARD: The polyurethane blade guard is clear, so you can get maximum visibility on your work...
  • ADJUSTABLE BEVEL: You can adjust the foot of this cordless circular saw up to 50 degrees to cut at a variety...

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Ryobi Circular Saw Comparison: Bottom Line

We found it quite odd that the differences between each of these units were extremely minuscule. Sure, Ryobi added several tweaks here and there, but these are all essentially the same product given three different model names. The main difference between the three is the P506’s laser guide. Other than this, you’ll get the same value from each of these products that come with different price tags.

You shouldn’t expect to get much use of these circular saws at professional job sites, but for DIY work and home projects, there’s little doubt that these Ryobi saws can deliver.

Ryobi P506

Ryobi P506 One+

Ryobi P506 One+ Lithium Ion 18V 5 1/2 Inch 4,700...
  • EASY GRIP: Rubber overmold makes it easy for you to grip and control this tool, even in slippery conditions
  • LASER GUIDE: The tool generates a red line on the work surface in front of the saw upon the tool’s...
  • ADJUSTMENT: Easy-access knobs let you adjust your depth up to 1 9/16 inches and your beveling angle from 0 to...

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Our Pick No. 1
SKIL 15 Amp 7-1/4 Inch Circular Saw with Single...
  • Powerful 15-amp motor delivers 5 300-RPM for greater speed and faster cuts
  • 7-1 4-inch carbide-tipped blade included. Spindle lock for easy blade changes.
  • 51° bevel capacity with a positive stop at 45° for a wide variety of cuts
Our Pick No. 2
Skil 5080-01 13-Amp 7-1/4" Circular Saw, Red
  • 13 Amp motor for more power and performance than the SKIL 5380
  • 15% weight reduction vs. SKIL 5380, reduces user fatigue
  • 51-Degree bevel with positive stops for great cut capacity
Our Pick No. 3
Makita 5007Mg Magnesium 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw
  • Magnesium components create a lightweight saw (10.6 pounds) that is well balanced and jobsite tough
  • Powerful 15.0 AMP motor delivers 5,800 RPM for proven performance and jobsite durability
  • Two built in L.E.D lights illuminate the line of cut for increased accuracy

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