Festool 575267 HEPA Dust Extractor Review

Nothing’s more annoying than having to sweep up your workshop after a hard day of labor. What’s even worse is when operating your power tools just to have sawdust or cement dust go flying in the air and land in your hair, making you look 50 years older. One of the more reliable tools to get rid of dust and other tiny pieces of debris is a dust extractor – a portable tool that hooks up directly to power tools to suction up dust as it’s created.

Festool HEPA Dust Extractor

In this article, we want to take a close look at the 575267 Dust Extractor produced by the German company Festool. This unit has garnered a healthy number of positive reviews all over the internet and seeing as how this dust extractor was engineered by Festool, this is no surprise. Let’s check out what makes the 57267 such a popular choice among handymen and women.

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HEPA Filters

The first thing we notice is that the 57267 comes with HEPA filters. If you don’t know, HEPA filters are the most advanced type of filter out there. They grasp onto 99.99% of particles 0.03 microns or larger. Sawdust, wood chips, wood shavings, and cement dust cannot pierce through HEPA filters at all.

Festool HEPA Dust Extractor

Container Capacity

The second thing we noticed is that this tool is rather small. When it comes to dust management, compactness isn’t always a good thing. The 57267 has a 3.9-gallon container that we found fills up pretty quickly. This means having to head to the compost heap or garbage bin to empty the contents much too frequently for our liking. If you do heavy-duty construction or woodworking projects, then spending time emptying the container can add up to too much wasted time.

Suction Power

This tool delivers up to 130 CFM of suction power and 96 inches of static water lift for picking up small to moderate pieces of debris. It’s not the most powerful dust extractor available, but most jobs, even heavier-duty ones, won’t require more than 130 CFM to pick up both wet and dry pieces of waste.

Festool HEPA Dust Extractor

Variable Power

Unlike so many other dust extractors out there, this tool has a functioning power variable dial. Turing this dial lets you adjust how much power the motor will generate. For more demanding jobs, crank it up to max power (130 CFM) to pick up any and every piece of dust, chip, and shaving of wood and dried cement.

Noise Production

Modern dust extractors are naturally quiet, but this Festool unit takes it a step further. Most of the time, you’ll find dust extractors generating around 90 decibels of noise, but the 57267, on HIGH mode, only produces about 72 decibels. However, you really won’t get a chance to enjoy the quietness of this tool or any dust extractor for that matter simply because the sound of your power tools will drown out any other sounds in the vicinity or fill any lack of sound in the vicinity. We’re just keeping it real…


A dust extractor must be able to maneuver around the job site despite being tied down by its power cord. The first thing to consider when checking the maneuverability of a dust extractor is by checking its overall weight. The 57267 has a dry weight of only 19 pounds, making it one of the lightest dust extractors available. The second thing is to see how well the wheels are constructed. This tool has two large rear wheels made of plastic and two small caster wheels in the front. We found that the wheels help the tool glide seamlessly across smooth surfaces when both pushed and tugged.

Festool HEPA Dust Extractor

Self-Cleaning Filter

The self-cleaning filter is a nice feature that extends the lifespan of each filter. When the machine detects a clog in the filter, it shoots a high-pressure burst of air at the filter to eliminate whatever waste is preventing a drop in suction power, send it to the bin, and clean air outside of the tool. Since these are HEPA filters, there’s virtually no risk of any trapped dust getting shot back into the air of your room.

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In our humble opinion, the Festool 57267 is one of the best-performing portable dust extractors out there. Of course, coming from Festool, there was hardly any reason to doubt the unit, to begin with.

The only issue we have is working in extremely dirty environments, frequently having to empty the contents of the 3.9-gallon container can be a bit annoying, so we recommend using this tool for minor construction/renovation jobs. If you need a larger container, there are several great dust extractors on the market from Festool and other manufacturers.

Festool HEPA Dust Extractor

Festool 575267 CT MIDI HEPA Dust Extractor
  • Constantly high suction because of the compact high performance turbine
  • Smooth suction hose and optimized sys-dock with cord holder and t-lock function for conveniently connecting...
  • Economical because of the optimal use of the available volume with a self clean filter bag in the container

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