AmazonBasics Electric Vehicle Charger Review

If you’re living in this century (which you probably are?) then you may have already invested in an electric car. It’s time we get rid of gas-guzzling machines that are detrimental to the environment and switch to an environmentally friendlier mode of transport. Electric cars are that solution, but you can’t get anywhere unless you keep its battery charged.

The biggest issue anyone has about electric vehicles is their charging times. You could potentially end up charging for half a day and still not reach capacity. Unless, of course, you get your very own level 2 charging station at home.

For those of us looking for a charging station to use at home, you may want to consider the AmazonBasics EV Level 2 Charging Station – a versatile charging station that’s built to last. But what exactly makes this AmazonBasics charging station so greatKeep reading to find out!

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Quick-Charge Capability

One of the worst things about owning an electric vehicle waiting forever for the battery to reach capacity. Every trip to any destination must be planned at least a day, so spontaneity has to take a back seat.

With the AmazonBasics EV Level 2 Charging Station, impulsiveness can take the wheel as it can fill a car battery up to 6 times quicker than traditional wall outlet chargers. This EV charging station uses 240V, 32-amp power to charge a battery quicker than you could ever imagine. For every hour of continuous charging, your vehicle will run for 25 miles farther (depending on the make and model.


Weatherproof for Outdoor Installation

When it comes to EV charging stations, they’re not exactly known for being rugged or weatherproof. Well, all of that has changed with this AmazonBasics Level 2 Charger – the casing is made of heavy-duty polycarbonate that is engineered to bumps, bruises, and whatever the elements of nature have to offer.

The AmazonBasics casing is rated IK10 against impacts and NEMA-4 against water and dust. Feel free to install this charging station outdoors where it’ll have more room to move around your car.

Award-Winning Design

The AmazonBasics charging station may look like an ordinary charger, but the simplicity was the key to winning the Red Dot Award for innovative design and concept. The dimensions of this level 2 charging station are smaller than that of a sheet of paper. Without much forethought, users can install this anywhere they’d like without it taking too much space.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the charging station is as sleek as they come. If maintaining a specific appearance in and around your home is important to you, then you’ll appreciate the glossy white finish that goes well with any color scheme you have going on.

Ingenious Cable and Connector

Where several EV chargers come short, the AmazonBasics Level 2 Charging Station has in spades. Because the charging station can be installed anywhere you desire, you can set it up. Charging doesn’t require parking your car at awkward angles on your driveway.

This charging station comes with a flexible 25-foot cable that conforms to the positioning of your car and not vice versa. But the real saving grace is the angled connector; not only does it eliminate the need to twist your wrist while plugging it in, but it also stays well-away from the body of your car.

The connector also comes with a cap that prevents dust and other harmful substances from getting inside. To keep the super-long cable out of harm’s way, this charging station kit comes with wall mounts where the cord can wrap around safely.

Quick and Easy Installation

This AmazonBasics charging station comes equipped with a NEMA 6-50 plug made to run from a 50-amp circuit. Although 14-50s aren’t going anywhere, the wave of the future seems to be 6-50s, which is an incredibly good thing due to their simple and cost-efficient installation.

If your garage or an outdoor section of your home does not have a 50-amp circuit, then you may need to hire a professional electrician to do the dangerous work. But essentially, a NEMA 6-50 plug requires fewer, thinner cables that make it extremely easier to install.

No Smartphone App Necessary

In this day and age, it seems like everything is connected to your home’s Wi-Fi. From refrigerators to even vacuum cleaners, owners need to have an internet connection to get the most out of their home appliances.

This is not the case with the AmazonBasics Level 2 Charging Station, and this, we must say, is a breath of fresh air. There aren’t any downloadable apps to help you monitor your car’s charging status from afar. Instead, a built-in indicator on the box shows you whether the unit is on standby or currently charging a vehicle. No more annoying status alert notifications on your smart device!

Cheaper than most!

Apart from knowing all the benefits of the AmazonBasics Level 2 Charging Station, perhaps the icing on the cake is its low price tag. Compared to other comparable models that provide the same quick-charging abilities and space-saving design, you could end up saving several hundreds of dollars on this product.

In this charging station’s case, you shouldn’t associate inexpensiveness with low quality. AmazonBasics is Amazon’s private label. The company can cut costs by eliminating expensive packaging and marketing, and those savings are then given to the customer.

AmazonBasics knows what their customers want, and many of their products are offered at discounted prices without discounted quality.


With the AmazonBasics EV Level 2 Charging Station, you don’t just get quick-charging (6 times faster than regular wall outlet charging), but you also get a user-friendly, eye-pleasing station that hardly takes up any space. The award-winning AmazonBasics charging station is a definite “must-have” for those of you who need to cut down charging times and increase mobility.

Owning this product may require you to call a professional electrician to add a 240V outlet to your garage or any outdoor spot on your property, but it’s definitely worth the cost!


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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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