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We know it can be confusing and frustrating to choose a suitable pressure washer because there are so many different brands and models out there in the market. We have done extensive research and we’re here to provide you with honest and unbiased pressure washer tips and information.

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Pressure washers are mechanical sprayers, which use high-pressure water to remove mold, mud, dust, dirt and grime from objects and surfaces, which include houses, concrete road surfaces, and in vehicles.

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The washers have high pressures hoses; trigger gun switches and motors, which drive the water pump. The washers can easily ease your cleaning work at home. They are available in several sizes, which you need to choose from depending on the type of task that you want it to perform to you.

The washers on the hand are very durable. The materials that they are made from grants them high quality therefore you can use them for a very long time without technical problems.

Steel is the common material that makes these washers. Equally, they have pneumatic tires, which make it easy for you to maneuver the washers around. The engines of the washers are very reliable, this means that the performance its self can be of great advantage to you.

In addition to this, the washers come into very many different forms; there are those that use diesel, gasoline, gas and electricity. You can select the one that is very favorable to you for either your commercial or residential use.

On the other hand, the washers come into very different types; there are those that you can mount on the wall if you have a very small space in your house. There are also those that are very convenient to large apartments.

Your selection must coincide with the place or surface that you want to clean. There are some pressure washers, which you can combine with nozzles; this allows your detergent to mix with water when you are cleaning. On the other hand, there are two different types of injectors in the market.

For instance, there are the high- pressure injectors, which introduce the chemical before your water enters into the pump. There are also the low-pressure injectors, which introduce the chemicals after your water leaves the pumps. It is however necessary that you use an injector that is related to the kind of detergent that you have.

It is very easy to use the washers provided you follow the instructions carefully. They do not emit any exhaust. They are available in very affordable prices therefore; you can easily get one for your house.

It is very economical for you to use this washer as it does not use a lot of water. On the other hand, it very fast in performing its operations, this means that you can easily clean very big surfaces for a very short time.

The washers can easily clean the areas that are not accessible if you opt to use the hand brushes. This affected by the high pressure. On the other hand, they are of different colors and designs that you can choose. The accessories for these washers are also readily available. If you want tog make your work easier, and then you need to have one of the washers in your house.

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Basic Functions of a Pressure Washer

Spraying off dirt, grime, and other particles from surfaces and objects is made easier with a pressure washer. So if you’re keen on getting one, pressure washer reviews from for example, lists the AR North America AR383 1,900 PSI 1.5 GPM 11 Amp Electric Pressure Washer as one of the most favored models. Employing the use of high pressure water, it guarantees professional cleaning that will not be achieved by using sponge and water.

Pressure washers overpower the common garden hose by at least 15 times in water pressure. This will allow you to easily perform pressure cleaning on things like cars, lawn furniture, sidewalks and sidings.

Because the water is highly pressurized, and ejected through a small nozzle, you end up using LESS water to clean! Up to 70-80% LESS water than a regular garden hose. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Another benefit you can enjoy with a pressure washer is its ability to make vehicle cleaning fast and easy. The adjustable tips will provide spray angles that will make cleaning even the most difficult nook and crannies easier. Most models also have axial-piston pumps, which provide pressure for forceful power cleaning. This makes these kinds of pressure washers suited for other endeavors such as driveway and mower cleaning.

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Electric Pressure Washer Vs. Gas Pressure Washer

Electric pressure washers can deter people from cleaning with its limited reach. To avoid this, most models feature 20-foot hoses and 30-foot power cords that will make outdoor cleaning convenient, without much need for extension cords.

If you need a pressure washer that doesn’t run on electricity, then gas powered washers will be a good choice. Gas powered washers exert more pressure when cleaning, which can allow users save more water than when using electric-powered washers. You have to exercise caution when cleaning though, as the water spray from a gas pressure washer may easily damage and splinter wooden furnishings and frail surrounding objects.

Though more efficient with cleaning than their electric-powered counterparts, you should not consider gas-powered models to solely be the best pressure washer. Pressure washers reviews always say that gas powered models are often heavier than electric powered ones. Manufacturers even provide trolleys to come along with them. This enables mobility for outdoor cleaning activities.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric and Gas Pressure Washers

As discussed earlier, electric-powered washers would need to be near a socket for it to function. Long electric cords and hoses make up for this disadvantage though.

They are also lighter, which makes them easier to lug around. Gas-powered models on the other hand, provide stronger cleaning power. But as they run on gas, exhaust fumes are emitted by the machine. It is then ideal to have them used outdoors, maybe for cleaning the fences and gutters surrounding your house.

Pressure Washers: 3 Vital Figures To Know

When reading up on pressure washer reviews, it is helpful to know the following things like the PSI, GPM and CU. This knowledge will not only ensure that you buy the best pressure washer for your needs but for you to get the best bang for your buck.

Pressure washers are rated using two measures: pressure (measured by pounds per square inch, or PSI) and flow rate (indicated by gallons per minute, or GPM). Another factor to consider in measuring pressure level is the cleaning units (CU), which is the actual power of the pressure washer, and is calculated by multiplying GPM and PSI. The pressure washer you need to buy should have a pressure level that suits your needs.

Look for 1,200 to 1,350 PSI for car or patio-furniture washing and 1,500 to 2,200 PSI for decks. Pressure washers with 2,200 to 3,000 PSI will be suitable for washing the cement patios and siding on your house. If you intend to clean concrete or strip paint, you’ll need the full power of a 3,000 to 4,000 PSI pressure washer.

Hot Water Pressure Washers and Indoor Cleaning – Things to Consider

It’s true that hot water pressure washers have a number of uses in outdoor commercial and industrial cleaning jobs. From removing graffiti to getting rid of certain kinds of sediment build-up, hot water power washers are ideal for removing dirt efficiently, in a way, that doesn’t harm the environment and is faster than most conventional cleaning methods.

It’s generally believed that indoor cleaning applications are relatively easier to tackle than outdoor ones. However, that doesn’t mean, indoor cleaning jobs don’t have their own unique needs and challenges. Before investing in any steam pressure washers, it’s important to know more about the challenges of indoor cleaning jobs.

The Ventilation Issue
Fuel-powered hot water pressure washers may be convenient and efficient for outdoor cleaning tasks. But they might prove to be an inconvenience when brought indoors. One of the main problems with fuel-powered units is that they release exhaust fumes during cleaning. If the area to be cleaned has little or no ventilation, these machines simply can’t be used. For these areas, it’s best to use electrically-powered units, as they release no exhaust at all.

Another point to consider is the noise factor. Indoor cleaning jobs in places like hospitals, schools, hotels and nursing homes demand a reduced noise level. A loud power washer can be pretty disruptive and it is usually the fuel-powered units that are noisier.

In contrast, electrical units are relatively quiet and can be used to clean hospitals, nursing homes, and hotels in a silently efficient manner. It’s clear that indoor cleaning jobs have their own unique needs. Browsing through the different hot water pressure washers available from Daimer® will give you an idea of which unit will suit your indoor cleaning needs best.

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Cleaning With Cold Water Pressure Washers

When it comes to pressure washers, heavy duty cleaning power is generally associated with hot water or wet steam pressure washers. These machines use the added advantage of heat to dissolve very tough stains and deposits allowing for faster removal, particularly for industrial cleaning projects. But what about cleaning jobs that don’t require such high-level cleaning powerIn those cases, it’s best to opt for pressure washers that use cold water for cleaning.

Is Cold Water Enough?
It is important to remember that a lot of cleaning power resides in the pressure levels and the flow rates of pressure washers. In many applications, cold water machines offer adequate pressure levels and flow rates for removing deposits and dirt.

In commercial and industrial areas, where different surfaces are subject to a range of difficult stains and deposits, hot water and steam are necessary to remove this kind of dirt and grease completely. But in areas where the cleaning jobs aren’t as tough, ordinary pressure washers that rely on cold water are often more than enough to get the job done.

Cold water pressure washers come in a range of pressure levels and flow rates. You can opt for machines that have pressure levels as low as 1500 psi and flow rates as low as 3 GPM. This kind of configuration is best for light cleaning jobs in residential or commercial locations.

For a more powerful cold-water cleaning machine, pressure washers with pressure levels of 5000 psi and a flow rate of 5 GPM can be used. The most powerful pressure washers offer you an incredible pressure rate of 7000psi. Combined with a flow rate of 8 GPM, these machines are powerful cleaning machines that can tackle a range of stubborn stains.

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Other Benefits of Cold Water
There are a number of other benefits of opting for pressure washers that use only cold water. Price is one major factor. While hot water and wet steam pressure washers are robust cleaning machines, they can also be very expensive.

A big reason for this is the heating coils that these machines are equipped with. Pressure washers that use cold water don’t require heating coils at all and as a result, are a lot less expensive.

For added convenience, these machines are also available in gasoline-powered models so that they can be used in areas where electrical outlets might not be readily available.

Pressure washers that use cold water are the ideal tool for cleaning things like the exteriors of buildings and can even tackle things like paint and graffiti. They are also great for cleaning driveways and pavements.

For cleaning jobs that don’t require sanitizing, cold water pressure washers provide a good cleaning option. They are also ideal for cleaning projects that don’t involve high-level degreasing and don’t deal with very tough and stubborn industrial stains and deposits.

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Pressure Washer | Recommended

Last update on 2023-09-01 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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