PowerFit vs. Karcher Surface Cleaner

Pressure washers are the best machines you can use for cleaning driveways and patios. However, with the standard gun and wand, you’re not going to be able to efficiently clean any outdoor surfaces. You can widen the spray fan, but you’re simultaneously sacrificing pressure and cleaning power in doing so. Instead, if you’re planning on pressure-cleaning your driveways to eliminate motor oil spills or get rid of slimy, slipper mildew from your porch, you’ll need the help of a surface cleaner.

PowerFit PF31023B vs Karcher 15-Inch: Surface Cleaner Comparison

PowerFit PF31023B

Today, we’re going to take a look at two surface cleaner models from two of the most popular pressure washer manufacturers on the planet: the PF31023B from PowerFit and the 15-inch 8.641 from Karcher. Not only do these surface cleaners come with side brushes for helping scrub away the most stubborn stains, but they also have high-speed jets that help in loosening and rinsing dirt, mildew, and oil spills. Since they can both be attached to many pressure washers of practically any make and model, it’s important to find out which of the two performs better. Let’s jump into our comparison.

Dual Jets

PowerFit PF31023B and Karcher 15-inch 8.641
The jets found on the bottom portion of the surface cleaner are the real magicians of a surface cleaner. They shoot out a continuous flow of high-pressure, high-concentrated streams of water than lift up and blast away whatever dirt and grime are in its path. Both the PowerFit and Karcher feature dual jets that offer five times as much power and speed when cleaning porches, driveways, and sidewalks compared to a pressure hose.


PowerFit PF31023B and Karcher 15-inch 8.641
Other than there being twin jets that spray out a continuous flow of pressurized water, both the PowerFit and Karcher’s jets can spin at speeds of up to 1,500 RPM. With each of their jets spinning at such a high speed, you can see how these attachments are the more appropriate choice for cleaning wide surfaces than just using the standard pressure hose and wand. You shouldn’t need to worry about scratching your surfaces or the jets since there’s enough clearance to compensate for any rocks or bumps in the tool’s clearing path.

Karcher 15-Inch vs PowerFit PF31023B: Surface Cleaner Comparison

Karcher 15-Inch

Cleaning Area

PowerFit PF31023B and Karcher 15-inch 8.641
Most surface cleaners on the market come in the standard 15-inch diameter, and the PowerFit and Karcher are no different. At 15 inches, they offer the same amount of cleaning area as a 25° nozzle from about 2 feet away. They both offer a tremendous amount of surface-cleaning area with every sweep. This size is perfect for making quick work out of cleaning driveways, patios, and even garage doors without causing balancing issues when working both horizontally and vertically.

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PowerFit PF31023B and Karcher 15-inch 8.641
Both of these surface cleaners use ¼-inch quick-connect fittings. This means that they are virtually compatible with every home-grade pressure washer out there. Essentially, you can own a K2 electric pressure washer from Karcher and attach the PF31023B with no problems. This isn’t an uncommon feature in surface cleaners of any brand since pressure washers more often than not come equipped with ¼-inch fittings for connecting any attachment from any manufacturer for a quick plug-and-play experience.

PowerFit PF31023B

PowerFit PF31023B

General Performance

PowerFit PF31023B
Guiding the PowerFit along smooth surfaces is simple, but 50% of the motions you make won’t produce the expected results. We’ve found that the PF31023B doesn’t work as well when pushing the tool away from you than when pulling it back. When pushing it forward, the resulting mixture of dirt and water can’t escape the side brushes.

Karcher 15-inch 8.641
As for the Karcher, there’s absolutely no problem with comfort. Whether you’re pulling the surface cleaner towards yourself or pushing it away, you can expect to see a satisfying, dirt-free path. There are also no problems when swinging the unit side to side, even when cleaning vertical surfaces like garage doors.

Conclusion: If you’ve read the other points of comparison above, then you’ll notice that up until this point the PowerFit and Karcher are identical to the t. However, when it comes to actually using the surface cleaner, there are some pretty significant differences. The Karcher offers way more convenience and comfort than the PowerFit which requires you to pull the surface cleaner to get nice, clean strokes.

Karcher 15-Inch

Karcher 15-Inch

Maximum PSI Ratings

PowerFit PF31023B
The PowerFit surface cleaner can handle a maximum of 3,300 PSI, but we find that anything more than 1,500 PSI can work relatively well. Furthermore, we found no considerable difference when using machines that provide 2,500 PSI and other models that produce greater amounts of force.

Karcher 15-inch 8.641
The Karcher has a maximum PSI rating of 3,200 PSI. The 100-PSI disparity between the two is completely immaterial in the larger picture. Like the PowerFit, we found that 2,500 PSI was the optimal amount of pressure.

Conclusion: It’s important to know the maximum PSI rating that a surface cleaner can use. Set your machine too high and you could end up breaking the dual jets. The good thing is that most home-grade electrical pressure washers don’t exceed the 2,500-PSI mark. Many gas-powered models do, so just be wary of how much power your pressure washing is packing.

PowerFit PF31023B vs Karcher 15-Inch: Surface Cleaner Comparison

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PowerFit vs Karcher: Verdict

It’s clear that there are hardly any differences in specs and features. In fact, when you look at most surface cleaners on the market, they’re most likely going to be a generic 15-inch model with dual jets and speeds of between 1,400 and 1,500 RPM.

However, despite their similarities in specs and appearance, there’s an obvious difference in performance. The Karcher 15-inch 8.641 is more user-friendly and does a better job at cleaning surfaces, both horizontal and vertical. The main issue with the PowerFit PF31023B is that you won’t achieve satisfactory results unless you pull the surface towards you rather than push it away. As for the Karcher, it works in whatever direction you handle it.

Furthermore, we found that the PowerFit, no matter how much pressure you apply (up to 3,300 PSI) will still result in streaky finishes. As for the Karcher, even when using only around 2,200 PSI of pressure will produce a squeaky-clean finish that you can be proud of.

Karcher 15-Inch vs PowerFit PF31023B: Surface Cleaner Comparison

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