PORTER-CABLE PCE605K Oscillating Multi-Tool Review

The PORTER-CABLE PCE605K Oscillating Multi-Tool is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you will ever use.

There are two devices that do the same thing in this kit. It was designed to cut, grinds, and shape small things that you cannot reach with much larger tools, and the device comes as one kit that you may carry to each new job site.

Ensure that you have had a look at these tools before you go to your next site because they offer all the options required for most handyman work.

PORTER-CABLE Oscillating Multi-Tool

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The Motor

The 3-amp motor in this device will give you just enough power to get by, and you will find that you may use the tools at varying speeds because the motor will help you adjust as you need.

You are free to sand and grind as much as you like, and you will notice that the motor is hidden where you cannot see it. A 7-amp motor is featured on the larger of the two devices, and it will help you do much tougher jobs that require a bit more grit from your toolbox.

Tool-Free Changes

You do not need any tools at all to change around the attachments that you are using on the device because it was made to be as simple as possible. You may need to go from a grinding tool to a cutting tool, and it only takes seconds to get that done. You may do much more work in a day because you do not waste time changing attachments.

PORTER-CABLE Oscillating Multi-Tool

The Cutting Guide

The cutting guide on this device is fantastic because it provides you with a way to measure how far you are going. You need this tool when you are doing precision work, and you will find that many of the jobs you do are improved because you choose to use the cutting measurement tool. The depth gauge tells you exactly what you need to know, and you will take the guessing out of your jobs.

The Cast Metal Case

The cast metal case is the toughest thing you will find in the industry, and it will hold up to quite a lot of punishment when you are working every day. Your company relies on these tools to last for ages, and the Porter-Cable multi-tool does just that.

High Speed For Precision Cutting

The motor will drive up to 11,000 RPM to ensure that you have enough power to complete the job, and you will find it much easier to cut when you are using a tool that is so quick. You will save quite a lot of time on each job, and you will get much smoother edges because of the speed of the device.

PORTER-CABLE Oscillating Multi-Tool

Easy Cleaning

You may clean up this oscillating tool quickly after you have used it, and you will find that the device does not get clogged up with sawdust and gunk like other devices do. You may immerse most of the tools inside the case to clean them, and the motor is protected by a shell that prevents dust from breaking the moving parts.


You may sand with this device for hours at a number of settings because there is more than one grade of sandpaper attachment. You may need coarse paper to get the job started, or you may need to use fine paper because you are polishing. Each attachment ensures you may do a professional job.

Tiny Cutting Tools

You may cut much more with this tool when you have the tiny wheels that move at high speeds. The same tools may be used to polish metal, brush metal, or to cut larger items. This is a good device for someone who does not wish to carry around a large saw that is difficult to handle.

The Controller Handle

You may use the controller handle on the larger device to ensure that you may have control while you are working. That extra bit of control makes your life easier, and it helps you smooth over any edges you like.

PORTER-CABLE Oscillating Multi-Tool

PORTER-CABLE PCE605K: Conclusion

The PORTER-CABLE PCE605K 3-Amp Corded Oscillating Multi-Tool is the only way for you to do small jobs around the house when you do not want to invest in expensive tools and accessories.

You will save quite a lot of money using this device, and you may switch between the larger and smaller devices when needed. The device has a large set of attachments that you may utilize today if you are cutting, grinding, or sanding anything that is around your home or job site.

PORTER-CABLE PCE605K 3-Amp Corded Oscillating...
  • 3-Amp Motor delivers power to complete applications fast
  • Tool-free system blade change allows quick changes and adjustments for specific applications without wrenches...
  • Depth and cutting guide helps complete plunge and cutting tasks faster and with more control

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Last update on 2023-03-05 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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