Open Closet Ideas for Small Spaces

CLOSETS! We can never get enough of them. Call it a result of a consumer-driven economy. The need for closets is fueled by the constant urge to buy something at 70% off. Humans are humans after ll. Hence, the need for closets to store stuff we need…or don’t need. Fortunately, there are now ways and means to properly organize our stuff in order to maximize whatever little space there is, especially since space never seems to be big enough these days.

Open Closets
Open closets leave a lot of possibilities when it comes to organization. It is, maybe, for this reason that it is slowly becoming a design trend these days. Methods of organization really depend on one’s own personality and lifestyle. There are infinite ways on how one can organize anything from the smallest of items to the thickest of coats and beddings. With the many systems out in the market now, there is simply no excuse for anyone to not get organized.

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Modern Open Closet Ideas
People love their clothes. Sometimes, it comes to a point where they form an actual bond with them. In an attempt to maintain them, a practical tool that can be used is a clothes rack. There are, however, options to a clothes rack which can be just as practical. There are many nicely designed storage boxes and cube systems that come in different shapes and sizes that are now available. Old suitcases and trunks can also bet turned into useful storage spaces. Floating shelves on walls also look good in a bedroom and they also can be used as an organizing tool.

Ikea is the go-to store when it comes to open storage ideas. You can check the wide variety of storage ideas that they have to see if anything will fit your lifestyle.

Get A Clothing Rack
While other options to a clothes rack are available, nothing of course still beats a clothes rack. Freestanding clothes racks are very practical organizational tools to have. Clothing racks lessen the need for folding. They also give easy access to your clothes, especially when you have a lot that is often placed in one big pile.
Clothing racks also leave you with no choice except to keep your clothes organized since all items on the rack are left exposed for everyone to see. This, of course, will force you to keep everything neat and tidy.

Use Modular Shelvings
Another reason why one needs to get organized is because individuals like keeping their homes as eye pleasers. Modular systems are readily available and they can be combined to meet your storage needs. Modular systems adapt to your needs, which make them pretty good practical organizational tools.
They also are quite nicely designed so they add to the style and design of one’s home.

Purge Your Closet
Shakespeare got it right when he said that parting is such sweet sorrow. Sad to say that even with such a platonic relationship with our clothes, parting with them hurts. Sad as it may seem, it must be done. Before starting on your organization journey, try sorting your clothes out to check out those that are worth keeping. You would be surprised to find clothes which your probably haven’t even used for ages. There may those that are already out of fashion. And then, there are those which (OUCH!) probably won’t fit you anymore.
Lessening the amount of clothes that y have will make organizing easier for you. Consider this as a reset that can free up storage space which you may badly need, just in case you decide to go again on that big shopping spree.

Other Open Closet Layout Ideas
When you take a look at architectural magazines, you will often see pictures of living spaces with concealed closets. These, after all, are considered standards in homes that can easily blend in the home’s overall design.
The need for closets can never be overlooked. Even guests in your home will need closets because there will always be a need for storage.
Closets shouldn’t always be limited to traditional, concealed designs. There are many open storage options to choose form these days that will easily blend in and even add a touch of color to a home’s interior. Below are just some of the options that you can choose from.

Whole Closet Systems
Whole closet systems, while being a kind of open closet, can actually provide a good way of keeping your things organized. Organizers in different shapes and sizes canbe added to the system so your thins can be stored without being an eye sore in your living space.
Stackable or freestanding closet drawers are a good addition to whole closet systems. They come in different sizes and can be a great way to store folded items like shirts and towels. Hanging racks can also be placed in these systems for pieces such as jackets and coats.
In small homes where space is limited, shoe racks may also be included in whole closet systems. Again, this is good way of keeping your belongings confined in one space and organized.

Open Closet Finishes

People sometimes hesitate to use open closets because of their concern for aesthetics. These, however, come in different designs and finishes to easily match the theme of your home’s interior.
Natural Wood and Wood Laminates
For homes with country-style themes, closet systems with a natural wood or wood laminate finish can add a touch of warmth to your home’s interior.

If you are searching for a system that will fit a limited budget, wire finishes are a good option to consider. They are priced quite reasonably and are sturdy enough to keep most of your items. They also come in neutral colors so they can easily blends in your home.
Metal and Painted Rolling Clothes Rack
Metal racks also provide food storage options. They are quite sturdy and their sizes are adjustable. They come in either a black, white or metal finish.

How To Organize Clothes Without A Closet
Closet systems are ideal for homes with space. But for homes where space poses a problem, you will be surprised that things like furniture, for example, can be a good option to closets. Other than that, garment racks, wall shelves, and decorative shoe storage, may be added to your home without taking up much space.

Portable Closets
Other opt to use portable closets, especially if they live in rented spaces. Portable spaces are lightweight and they can be easily transported in case you’ll have the need to move out. They come in a variety of designs to choose from as well.

Clothing Rack
Clothing Rack
Modern Open Closet
Modern Open Closet
Open Closet
Open Closet
Whole Closet System
Whole Closet System

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