Metabo GE710 Compact 6.4-Amp Die Grinder Review

A die grinder can be your best friend when grinding away rust and welds. However, die grinders can be used for much more than that, including drilling holes into thick pieces of metal, making surfaces flush, and the list goes on. Metabo is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality power tools that leave their competitors in the dust.

Metabo GE710 Compact 13000 to 34000 Rpm 6.4-Amp Die Grinder Review

One of the most popular die grinders produced by this German-based company is the GE710 Compact Die Grinder. Similar to the Plus version, its variable speed dial and high RPM speed are what set this unit apart from others. Let’s see what the Metabo GE710 Compact has to offer.

Die Grinder Speed

Usually, compact versions of these units usually sacrifice speed and power to decrease overall bulkiness. This is hardly the case with the GE710 Compact; it has a speed range of between 13,000 and 34,000 RPM. The variable speed dial is located near the bottom of the unit, and the unit’s speed can be configured while the device is running.

The speed dial gives users more control over the bits and attachments placed in the die grinder’s chuck. Generally, grinding discs need to spin at slower speeds to prevent burning, and grinding bits work better at higher speeds. This feature makes this die grinder much more versatile than simple on-off grinders.

Metabo GE710 Compact 13000 to 34000 Rpm 6.4-Amp Die Grinder

The best thing about this model is that it doesn’t overheat as quickly as the Metabo GE 710 Plus model. Heat dissipates much quicker with this model, significantly reducing time lost while waiting for the unit to cool down. You’ll still need gloves to prevent experiencing discomfort in your hands due to the slow-creeping heat that finds its way from the chuck to the main body of the die grinder.

Noise Production

Running this die grinder at its maximum speed will produce noise levels of around 93 decibels. This is rather loud considering the small build of the GE710 Compact. Users will definitely need to use earplugs to prevent hearing damage.

Metabo GE710 Die Grinder

Compact Design

The GE710 Compact doesn’t come with an extended shaft or rubber grip. Instead, the chuck is located right at the end of the body. The length from chuck to end is only 10-inches long, and the die grinder weighs in at roughly 4.5 pounds. This is significantly shorter and lighter than the original Plus model.

Some users might miss the extended shaft which lets users hold the unit with both hands for more control, but this fits comfortably in one hand. Not to mention it works much better than the original sized version in terms of speed, performance, and heat dissipation.

Metabo GE710 Compact Die Grinder

Metabo GE710: Bottom Line

The GE710 Compact Die Grinder offers much more value compared to the # Plus model. The main distinguishing factors are its smaller size and weight, increased maximum speed, and heat dissipation ability that reduces downtime.

This is definitely for more serious and experienced users, so DIY-ers might need to find another model with less power and speed. The GE710 Compact might experience a rare hiccup from time to time, even when working on wooden surfaces, but you just need to restart the unit to resume work.

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