Low-Flow Pressure Washers Guide

Every year businesses accumulate an astonishing amount of dust, dirt, and grime within the interior and on the exteriors of their facilities. Parking lots and sidewalks can be buries by leaves, mud, and other debris that detract from the professional appearance. Road salt, oil, grease and other substances from vehicle traffic can also tarnish a business’ exterior; while interiors face a wide variety of food , grease, and other residues on flooring, machinery, equipment, and more. To ensure proper maintenance of any business, pressure washers are the answer.

Low-Flow Pressure Washers Pairing Cleaning Power with Water Efficiency

The power of pressure washers is a result of the pressure level, temperature level, and flow rate. The higher each of these features is, the more powerful the pressure is. However, there are some disadvantages to the most powerful pressure washers. High pressure levels and flow rates can damage delicate surfaces like vehicle exteriors. Additionally, units with high flow rates can waste water.

When it comes to water efficiency, low moisture, low-flow pressure washers are best. They use as little as 0.5 GPM (Gallons per Minute) compared to the 2-7 GPM used by traditional pressure washers. This may not seem like a lot, but in a 10-hour period a traditional pressure washers will use up to 3000 gallons, while a low-flow unit will only use 300 gallons. This greatly reduces costs or fines associated with water usage and proper drainage.

Low-flow pressure washers are ideal for users who face more delicate applications as well. For example, auto detailers will greatly benefit from the use of such machines, as there is minimal risk of damaging vehicle surfaces.

Many low-flow pressure washers still maintain sufficient power for a variety of applications due to their use of high hot water and steam temperatures and moderate pressure levels. However, for commercial and industrial users requiring more power, reputable suppliers will offer a wide variety of flow rates, pressure levels, and temperature levels to match the right features to any application.

If you are in the market for pressure washers but are unsure of what type of machine is right for you, consider going to a reputable supplier offering a variety of machines, options, and features. This will allow you to find the right pressure washing equipment to meet your needs, while weighing the pros and cons of the many features available with pressure washers today.

Low-Flow Pressure Washers

Clean With Commercial Pressure Washers

When it comes to cleaning projects in commercial areas, pressure washers are one of the few cleaning methods that are really up to the task. Most conventional cleaning methods involve scrubbing and scraping, which are time-consuming and often ineffective on tough stains. Pressure washers offer a number of different advantages to most conventional cleaning methods.

Blasting the Dirt Away
Pressure washers employ high pressure levels and a high water flow rates to remove dirt and stains from a myriad surfaces. This provides an easy and effective way to clean commercial areas For example, building exteriors and parking lots can be thoroughly cleaned using pressure washers. The combination of pressure and flowing water quickly removes even ground-in deposits.

But, pressure washers offer much more than that for commercial cleaning projects. Cold water units can handle the majority of light commercial applications; however, it’s common knowledge that there are different kinds of deposits, which require different cleaning methods. To remove heavy hardened deposits of grime or grease need more than just high pressure levels. In such cases, hot water or steam pressure washers are ideal, especially if degreasing is involved.

Restaurants and commercial kitchens are prime examples of areas that need this kind of cleaning capabilities. In these cases, pressure washers that have wet steam abilities are often required, as they provide the utmost in cleaning abilities.

Low Flow Steam Power Washing Equipment

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What Do You Need?
When looking into the right kind of pressure washers for your commercial area, you first need to determine whether you need- cold, hot or wet steam capabilities. If your projects deal with debris that requires all three kinds of pressure washers, it makes sense to invest in a tri-mode machine that will offer all three pressure washing abilities in one machine.

Another thing you will need to consider is the pressure level and flow rates. While high pressure levels may blast off tough stains, they could damage certain surfaces. Similarly, very high water flow rates can also damage certain surfaces and can raise issues with water wastage. For more sensitive surfaces, opt for pressure washers with low pressure levels and flow rates.

When looking for pressure washers for commercial areas, durability should also be an important factor. Not only should these machines be able to tackle tough cleaning jobs, they should also last for a long time. Investing in cheaper machines will definitely cost you more in the long run. Instead, it makes sense to invest in high-quality products that use the best materials to make their components.

Last but definitely not the least, investing in pressure washers is a green cleaning chemicals alternative that reduces the need for harmful chemicals and cleaning products.

Flow Rate is Key When Choosing A Pressure Washer

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