Little Giant vs. Gorilla vs. Werner Ladders

Today, three ladder brands go above and beyond. These ladder brands are Little Giant, Gorilla, and Werner Ladders. By reading through this guide, you are going to learn all about what these brands have to offer, and which one offers what you are looking for.

What Does Little Giant Offer?

Little Giant is one of the most well-known and renowned ladder brands on the market. Both of those qualities are for good reason: the ladders that Little Giant offers are truly exceptional.

Right before we dive into what Little Giant offers, though, it is important to mention one thing: the ladders that Little Giant offers are, more often than not, rather expensive. The reason they are expensive is that they offer a level of durability that many other ladders don’t offer. Due to this durability, you can use a ladder from Little Giant for many years, without dealing with any problems or issues.

Just about every ladder that Little Giant offers is designed to be versatile and extremely reliable. Most of the ladders that they offer come with features that allow you to adjust their height, as well as their angle. Because of this, you can use the ladders that Little Giant offers for a multitude of purposes.

In the end, if you need a very reliable and extremely versatile ladder, then you can’t go wrong with a purchase from Little Giant. But, just remember, these are expensive ladders, and if you aren’t willing to spend a fair chunk of change, then they may not be the best brand to purchase from.

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What Does Gorilla Offer?

Gorilla is very well-known and quite well-respected. Many people acknowledge that the ladders they manufacture often lack the overall quality of other, more respected, ladder brands. But, that’s okay, because the ladders that Gorilla sells offer a couple of unique attributes and qualities you won’t find on other ladders.

Right away, the most notable quality that Gorilla ladders offer is their affordability. You will find that most of the ladders Gorilla offers are very affordable. Most of this affordability comes down to the fact that the ladders they offer are made in China while possessing a design that bears many similarities to the ladders that Little Giant offers. Even though they are manufactured overseas, though, there usually aren’t that many differences, overall, so the experience is quite similar.

Beyond the similarities that Gorilla offers, relative to other ladders, most of Gorilla’s ladders are quite light. For the people who don’t use a ladder that often, this won’t be a big deal. But, if you need to use a ladder regularly, then this lack of heft and weight will make a significant difference, allowing you to move the ladder around with tremendous ease.

At the end of the day, if you are looking for an affordable, reliable, versatile, and mobile ladder, then just about anything from Gorilla will be more than sufficient for your needs!

What Does Werner Ladders Offer?

Even though Werner Ladders is, upon first glance, very similar to the other ladder brands that we’ve already looked at, their ladders do possess a couple of notable differences. These differences transform the overall experience. Depending on how you feel about these differences, Werner Ladders may be the ladder brand to purchase from.

Many of the ladders that Werner Ladders offers are a little on the expensive side. Some are not, but many of them are. But, there is a reason for this high cost, and that’s the fact that Werner Ladders designs its ladders to be strong, durable, and reliable. That intention is seen and felt every step of the way, meaning that you will be able to use a ladder from Werner Ladders for many years, without any significant problems or issues.

Beyond that, Werner Ladders offers a plethora of different ladders. Many of these ladders are similar to those that you can find elsewhere, but you still have a wide range of choices. Being able to choose from so many ladders makes it very easy to find a ladder that offers exactly what you need. And, due to the standards that Werner Ladders possesses, the ladder you purchase will likely last for a long time.

In the end, if you need a ladder that will last for many, many years, always providing a great experience, then Werner Ladders is one of the best ladder brands to buy from!

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  1. I have user my 2 Gorilla latter’s for years. They are great I sided 3 houses, changed 2 house roofs, Ran thousands of feet of computer cable, painted 3 houses , trimmed trees, and always felt safe on my gorilla latters. They were less expensive then little Giant latters. Little Giant does have move features witch are great but my friend brought his little giant over for a job and it did not seem as stable as my old latters but had nice wheels, the adjustable lever legs and other idea’s that seem nice but it seems like the new latters are not as robust as older models.


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