Karcher K1700 vs K1800 vs K1900 vs K2000

Intense home cleaning projects mean you need the right tools for the job. Electric power washers provide professional-level cleaning and can take on even the toughest jobs. Electric power washers have come a long way since they were introduced to the market, and today’s models are more portable and coinvent than ever before. Homeowners everywhere are discovering the benefits of owning a personal power washer.

Karcher K1700 vs K1800 vs K1900 vs K2000: Electric Pressure Washer Comparison

Karcher is a trusted brand that offers a wide variety of convenient home and garden cleaning products. Their goal is to provide everyone with innovative products that result in a healthy and improved home. Their series of electric pressure washers are incredibly similar in some ways, but also have notable differences that consumers should be aware of before deciding which is best. Here, we’ll compare the Karcher K1700, K1800, K1900, and K2000 models to see how they truly stack up.

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Pressure & Power

The pressure and power of an electric power washer indicates how well it can accomplish your household tasks. All of these models have a TruPressure Certified PSI, which ensures that you’ll always receive the pressure promised. As indicated by their names, these models all have differing PSIs. The Karcher K2000 is the most powerful overall and has the most impressive amount of cleaning power.

Karcher K1700 vs K1800 vs K1900 vs K2000: Electric Pressure Washer Comparison

There are other slight differences when it comes to the pressure and cleaning power of these models. The K1700 and K1800 boast 1.2 gallons per minute of pressure. These two models also have a universal motor. In comparison, the Karcher K1900 and K2000 have a slightly more impressive 1.3 gallons per minute of pressure and are powered instead by an induction motor.

While all of these appliances are plenty powerful, there is one that is clearly more impressive in this area than the rest. The K2000 model has a PSI of 2000 and 1.3 gallons per minute of pressure, all of which is due to the presence of a high-powered induction motor. It’s for these many reasons that the K2000 model is superior in this category.

Karcher K1700 Electric Pressure Washer


Included attachments are extra features that help provide your home with a more thorough overall clean. The K1700 and K1800 models include a Plastic, Bayonet, and QC Spray Wands, which are sufficient in many ways. With that said, the K1900 and K2000 include Steel, M22, and QC Spray wands. The steel attachments are slightly more durable and sturdier than the plastic models, making these the more desirable attachments.

Nozzles are also great ways to customize your clean. Once again, there is a disparity between the nozzles included with these electric pressure washers. The K1700 and K1800 include a Turbo Nozzle that provides maximum cleaning power, a 15° Nozzle for all-purpose use, and a Detergent Nozzle that effectively distributes cleaning detergent. The K1900 and K2000 models include all of these same nozzles while also including an additional 40° Nozzle, allowing you more versatility and cleaning options.

While these differences are minimal, it is important to note that the K1800 and K1900 are also compatible with other industry-standard pressure washer accessories. The K2000 takes it a step further by also connecting with standard M22 hose connections and A3/4-inch connections. It’s for this reason that the K2000 has a slight edge over the other models, as it gives you more options when it comes to cleaning your home.

Karcher K1800 Electric Pressure Washer Comparison

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Detergent Tank Capacity

The tank capacity of your electric pressure washer is incredibly important, as a larger tank allows you to clean for longer periods of time without having to pause to refill. The K1700 and K1800 have a detergent tank with a half-gallon capacity. The K1900 model, however, has nearly twice the capacity by offering a 1-gallon detergent tank for added convenience.

The K2000 has a truly unique feature when it comes to the design and capacity of its detergent tanks. It instead features dual half-gallon detergent tanks that operate independently. While in use, users can simply switch which tank is in use via a convenient selector knob. This allows you to utilize different detergents without having to stop and change the tank during use, a thoughtful design feature that frequent users will surely appreciate.

The difference in detergent tank capacity is an important feature to consider when deciding which electric pressure washer is the best pick. The K1900 model has a more impressive tank capacity that is sufficient for the casual user. More frequent users who want to use more than one type of detergent during use, however, will greatly benefit from the K2000’s dual tank feature.

Karcher K1900 Electric Pressure Washer Comparison

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User-Friendly Design

When it comes to design, all of these models have features that align with the Karcher brand’s trademark convenience and style. All of these models include durable textured wheels, which makes portability a breeze. Similarly, an on/off foot switch makes these devices virtually hands free and incredibly easy to start and stop when in use. An included handle also makes them highly portable, but it is important to note that the K1800, K1900, and K2000 feature a folding handle for easier storage, while the K1700 does not.

Hose storage is another important component when it comes to comparing these power washers. The K1700, K1800, and K1900 models have an included storage bin which holds the hose as well as additional accessories and the device’s power cord. The K2000, however, includes a convenient pressurized hose reel that neatly and easily stores the 25-foot long hose after use. This model still includes a bin for accessory and power cord storage. It’s for this reason that the Karcher K2000 has a superior design that sets it apart from its competitors.

Karcher K2000 Electric Pressure Washer Comparison

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Karcher Model Comparison: Conclusion

Owning a personal electric pressure washer will change the way you maintain your home. All of the devices from Karcher are well designed and ready to take on your tough household chores. With that said, there are slight differences that separate the K1700, K1800, K1900, and K2000 models from one another.

Overall, there are drastic differences between the Karcher K1700 and K1800 models and K1900 and K2000 models. With that said, the K2000 model also has a few more convenient features than the K1900 model, including a dual detergent tank and pressurized hose reel. With virtually the same price point as the K1900 model, it’s easy to determine that the K2000 is the superior model that will give consumers the most for their money.

Karcher K1700 vs K2000: Electric Pressure Washer Comparison

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