Karcher G2200 Pressure Washer Review

If you need a power washer for routine at-home jobs like cleaning your patio, car or deck, the Karcher G2200 Performance Series Pressure Washer can meet your needs. As a light-duty pressure washer, the Karcher G2200 has an output of 2,200 pounds per square inch at a rate of 2.0 gallons per minute. For maintenance-free operation, it uses an axial cam pump made from an anti-corrosive material.

Karcher G2200 Performance Series Gas Power Pressure Washer Review

The pressure washer also has a 159-cubic centimeter gas-powered engine that is designed to give you no-fuss start up and efficient performance. Plus, it comes with four professional-grade nozzles that you can store on board and 8-inch tires that you will never have to inflate.

When you’re done using the pressure washer, the handle folds, so you can easily store it in your garage or tool shed.

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Gas-Powered Engine

Gas-powered pressure washers have a few advantages over electric ones in terms of power, durability and portability. Although it’s designed for around-the-house jobs, the Karcher G2200 Performance Series Pressure Washer has a decent-sized engine of 159 cubic centimeters.

It also an axial cam pump, which is an intermediate-level pump that’s more efficient than the wobble-plate pumps found in lower quality power washers. When making their pumps, Karcher builds them with a synthetic polymer that is reinforced with glass fiber to prevent corrosion, so this is a power washer that will last a long time.

Karcher G2200 Performance Series Gas Power Pressure Washer Test

2,200 PSI

With this size of an engine, the pressure washer can reach a maximum output of 2,200 PSI at a 2.0-GPM flow rate. These measurements mean that the power washer is adept at handling small and large light-duty tasks and has about 30 times the flow rate and pressure of a standard garden hose.

Therefore, you can clean your vehicles, freshen up your home’s siding, remove build-up from your decks, spray away dirt from your outdoor furniture and take care of many other residential jobs.

Four Quick-Connect Nozzles

Karcher includes four nozzles that quickly lock into place and can be stored on the pressure washer when they aren’t in use. You can utilize the zero-degree nozzle to blast away stains on patio seating or remove dried mud from vehicles. The 15-degree nozzle is great for getting dirt, grease and grime off wood and metal.

For large surfaces like windows and boats, the 40-degree nozzle can quickly rinse and clean them. There is also a 65-degree nozzle that you can use in conjunction with the siphon hose when you want to add detergent to the pressurized water.

As you roll the pressure washer from task to task, the sturdy tubeless wheels will never lose air. After you are ready to call it a day, simply fold the handle down and put the pressure washer away.

Karcher G2200 Power Pressure

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Karcher G2200: A Reliable Gas-Powered Pressure Washer

Like many people, you consider your tools to be a long-term investment. The Karcher G2200 is built to last thanks to its anti-corrosive axial cam pump and efficient engine.

It also puts out enough pressure at a fast rate to clean your car, boat, RV and ATV as well as your lawn furniture, patio, deck and windows. You even get the benefit of four nozzles to maximize the pressure washer’s cleaning capabilities.

The folding handle is a convenient feature that you do not get with some pressure washers. The Karcher G2200 Performance Series Pressure Washer is a dependable gas-powered pressure washer that comes in handy during spring cleaning and all year.

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