Jet 723520K JWDS-1632 Drum Sanders Review

While some consider them luxury tools, sanders are critical tools for woodworkers, just like a tape measure or hammer. When dealing with wood, the best sander can be a significant investment in any workplace. The Jet 7235020K JWDS-1632 Drum Sander with Stand is an excellent example of a powerful tool for people who have to deal with lots of wood projects. This drum sander withstand is all you need in your workshop.

Jet 723520K JWDS-1632 Drum Sanders

It is a product from a leading workshop tools manufacturer and has been praised on several occasions as one of the best drum sanders numerous times. A quick look at its features reveals a versatile tool designed to offer you precise performance, durability, and ease of use. For a detailed overview of the sander’s features read on.

Jet 723520K JWDS-1632 Drum Sander Features in a Nutshell

– Sandsmart control continuously monitors the load on the drum motor.
– Parallelism adjust dial.
– Precision-machined and dynamically balanced extruded aluminum drum.

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Wide Working Surface Area

The 723520K is a large drum sander measuring 48 by 40 by 27 inches, giving you enough room to work on pieces as wide as 32 inches, or even on pieces as short as 2.25 inches. The unit’s belt provides you with generous measurements of 16 inches by 21-3/8 inches, which ensures that you can comfortably move wood beneath or above the sanding drum. Plus, you can control the drum’s height using a drum scale that helps bring your project together as required.

Jet 723520K JWDS-1632 Drum Sanders

Enhanced Belt Parallelism

The manufacturer of this drum sander certainly paid attention when creating the steel-reinforced conveyor belt that offers you the best experience while using it. Also, adjusting the conveyor belt is so easy for anyone since you only need to use a dial on the conveyor’s left side. This unit works by pulling in your pieces through the sander rather than pushing them through it. This helps reduce stress on the conveyor belt, increasing durability.


This Jet unit features two motors that help offer you the best possible performance as you work on your projects. One of the motors rotates the unit’s conveyor belt, while the other – an HP TEFC 1.5 HP motor – is responsible for turning the sander.

The two motors ensure that you experience excellent, consistent results in your project. Furthermore, this model utilizes Sandsmart control unique technology that ensures the sander drum is regulated based on the load you place on the unit, enhancing efficiency while ensuring machine quality.

Jet 723520K JWDS-1632 Drum Sanders

Dust Collection

This machine features a 4-inch dust port at the top of the drum lid, and it does a great job of collecting at the source. Since the sanding process involves removing a lot of stocks, you do not want it to hinder your performance. This unit features a dust collection fixed to a hood that mirrors the drum’s look for better dust collection capability for the sake of your health and neatness.

Jet 723520K JWDS-1632: High-Quality Performance

The 723520K model is fitted with a high-quality 1.5 HP motor that works great, irrespective of how tough your project might seem. The unit’s motor is capable of producing up to 1,720 Revolutions per Minute. This helps the machine eliminate stock faster and more efficiently than most sanders on the market.

The Jet 7235020K JWDS-1632 Drum Sander with stand is a great tool for anyone running a small shop and wants a machine that makes flattening small items fast. Inboard cutting season, this unit will be a valuable workhorse worthy of investment. It produces a better product and saves time.

JET JWDS-1632, 16-Inch Drum Sander with Stand,...
  • Self-Regulating Feed Rates: Sandsmart control continuously monitors the load on the drum motor and regulates...
  • Toolless Adjustments: Conveyor bed parallelism is easily adjusted by turning the dial on the outside of the...
  • Efficient Dust Collection: Dust hood includes a patented integrated channel that mirrors the shape of the drum...

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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