You’ve seen them everywhere – on TV and your neighbor’s tool shed – but perhaps you haven’t made the leap of faith to purchase your very own leaf blower. Should homeowners around the globe invest in a leaf blower or are these just specialty, one-trick-pony tools you use every ten months?

Is a Leaf Blower Worth The Investment?

You might be surprised to learn that a leaf blower does not just blow leaves around. These versatile tools have a million different outdoor uses that anybody can benefit from. As long as you know how to use one (and it’s not that difficult), a leaf blower can make outdoor cleaning jobs so much easier to complete.

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Saves Time

When was the last time you genuinely enjoyed spending many hours raking leaves under the hot, punishing sunThe answer is probably never. With a leaf blower, you can cut the amount of time needed to gather huge piles of leaves to a mere fraction of what it would normally take. With your spare time, you can spend it doing more productive things like spending hours on Netflix deciding which movie to watch.

Leaf Blower Worth It


Not only do leaf blowers cut your work time, but they also do it without any stress on your back and shoulders. Leaf blowers, both electric and gas, are lightweight, easy to swing around, and can even be used overhead to clear high places. If you’re a hard-core gardener, you might want to consider getting a leaf blower/mulcher combo tool that suctions up organic debris in preparation for creating mulch. Now that’s handy!


Leaf blowers either run on electricity or gasoline, so if you’re worried about how much money you’ll spend on fuel to keep the leaf blower running, forget about it! Despite the increasing cost of electricity and gas, leaf blowers are extremely fuel-efficient, especially electric models. Plus, the investment cost of a leaf blower isn’t all that expensive. So basically, whatever continuous expenses you incur, just know that the benefits of convenience and muscle-free work are definitely worth the cost.

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Moving Leaves

This is a no-brainer. From the name of the tool, you can correctly assume that a leaf blower is created to.. well… blow leaves. With the help of huge bursts of air, you can push leaves into a single pile before bagging and disposing of it. Since fallen leaves are naturally small and light, you won’t need to crank the tool’s power to the max unless you’re blowing leaves from a distance.

Clearing Cobwebs and Spiders

If this isn’t a good enough reason to get a leaf blower, I don’t know what is. You don’t have to suffer from arachnophobia to be unenthusiastic about removing old cobwebs from ceilings or gutters. By aiming a leaf blower up, you can blast the web into oblivion and relocate the spider to another spot, hopefully somewhere outside.

Blowing Snow

What many people don’t know about leaf blowers is that they aren’t just usable in the fall season. Take the tool out in the middle of winter (waterproof extension cord, please) and blast snow off of walkways and driveways and onto your neighbor’s yard. However, this only works when the snow is airy and fluffy, not compacted or sopping wet.

Why Buy a Leaf Blower?

Cleaning Cars

Before shooting high-pressure jets of water at your car, the first thing you need to do is remove any loose, dry bits of dust or concrete from the car’s body. Sure, a low-pressure stream of water can do the trick, or you could save water and instead shoot air from a leaf blower to remove the dried particles.

And leaf blowers are also an excellent tool for removing sand and dirt from your car’s interior. Just open your car doors and shoot all dust out of the seat cushions, carpets, and dashboard.

Drying Patios and Outdoor Furniture

When it rains, it pours, and when it pours, our patios and outdoor furniture becomes soggy and has the potential to grow mold. But with a leaf blower, you can eliminate the risk of nasty mildew and mold growth by blowing them all dry. Although leaf blowers don’t shoot out hot air, it’ll still be more than good enough to get rid of moisture hidden in the pores of wooden objects. And as we all know, water is not furniture’s best friend.

Why Is It Advantageous To Choose Backpack Leaf Blowers?

Feeding a Bonfire

What’s the one thing a bonfire needs to liveOxygen! And if you’ve ever spent time fanning a small flame, you know that it can be more than annoying to do. Instead, take a leaf blower and shoot oxygen into the bonfire to help it grow and burn. Just be careful; too much air and you’ll either blow the fire out or push the kindling outside of your fire pit.

Shoo away Pollen

If you suffer from spring allergies, then a leaf blower can be a handy tool to eliminate airborne pollen from your home. Simply stand at the threshold of your door, aim the leaf blower’s nozzle outside, and blast airborne allergens away.

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Clean Gutters

Of the million different uses of a leaf blower, cleaning your gutters is arguably one of the best things it can do. And the best part is that you don’t have to juggle a leaf blower while standing on a wobbly ladder. Instead, if you get an extension for your leaf blower, you just need to connect to a downspout and shoot huge blasts of air into it. It’ll clear any obstructions hidden in your downspout, and any air that makes its way upward will push clumps of leaves out of the gutters.

Verdict – Worth the Investment!

If you’ve read this article from start to finish, then you should be thoroughly convinced that any homeowner could benefit tremendously from their very own leaf blower. Despite their name, this tool is not just used to blow leaves away, but it can be used for a multitude of different jobs. Plus, it saves time while you do it, and it does most of the heavy work so you won’t have to. So if you value your car, your outdoor furniture, your gutters, or your sinuses, then a leaf blower is a must-have tool for your home.

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