Industrial Pressure Washers for Industrial Applications

Buy pressure washers for industrial applications is a complex task. There is a broad range of features and options to choose from. Certain features are crucial in deciding if you should invest in a particular pressure washer. Some, like the quality of parts used, the length of the hose, temperature levels provided, determine the effectiveness of pressure washers and ensure that you spend as little time on cleaning as possible. After all, in a commercial or industrial setting, time is money.

Karcher G2700 Gas Power Pressure Washer

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To select the right pressure washers for industrial use, make an inventory of your requirements:

1. Cleaning metal surfaces and machinery: If you have to remove coats of paint, rust and chemical deposits from small sections of equipment, without damaging the surrounding areas consider buying a pressure washer that uses sandblasting technology. Ordinary sandblasting pressure washers have one drawback — they require protective gear because the sand that blows out of the nozzle can create a layer of dust. Wet sandblasters, however, do not require such precautions.

2. Cleaning industrial and shop floors: The flooring in any industrial facility is bound to face heavy soil and grease associated with daily traffic and the use of heavy-duty machinery. Industrial pressure washers allow users to quickly blast away all kinds of dirt and grime from shop floors, for fast and effective maintenance of virtually all types of flooring.

3. Non-cleaning purposes: In industrial settings, pressure washers have multiple uses, apart from the regular cleaning. For instance, phosphatizing pressure washers are used for preparing metal surfaces for powder coating or the application of paint primer.

However, the problem with most phosphatizing units is that the chemicals they apply to the metal may end up corroding some parts of the pressure washer. Therefore, choose pressure washers that have stainless steel parts. High-grade stainless steel does not corrode easily. Many high-end pressure washing machines have a system by which only a few parts come into direct contact with the chemical, this offers maximum protection for the phosphatizing device.

4. Quality: Every feature and component contributes to the quality of a machine. When buying pressure washers for commercial use, you cannot afford to pick a poor quality product because of it is priced low. Eventually, their aluminum parts will fall apart under high temperature. It is good to invest in pressure washers with steel or carbon heating parts – they are more resistant to the damaging effects of heat.
Select devices for industrial use with care. Durability and ease of use are very important factors to consider. Never go for low-grade equipment even if you get a huge discount on the product. Think of your pressure washing machine as an investment. Purchasing rugged, dependable equipment will provide return for years to come.

The most important factor to consider before buying pressure washers, be clear about the purpose of the equipment and the utility.

Karcher G2700 Gas Power Pressure Washer

From the time power cleaners were launched, fuel-powered pressure washers were widely used by maintenance professionals to meet the cleaning demands in different settings. However, the popularity of these fuel-powered versions took a backseat with the advent of electric pressure washers.

If the particular fuel type is not readily available, it could be impossible to operate the pressure washing equipment. Another problem with fuel-powered pressure cleaners is that they may emit fumes, making it unsuitable for use in indoor or poorly-ventilated areas. In addition to neatly resolving these issues, electric pressure washer machines offer a host of advantages as well.

Why Choose Electric Pressure Washers?

Commercial pressure washers powered by electricity offer plenty of benefits. They are lighter and more compact than fuel-powered versions due to the absence of fuel tanks. The compact and light-weight nature also makes them more portable.

The best 100% electric pressure washers operate quietly and incur minimum maintenance issues. Electricity being a clean source of power does not result in the emission of fumes.

Choosing the Right Electric Pressure Washers

The range of electric pressure washers available these days is truly amazing. You can easily get overwhelmed by the vast array of cleaning technologies and other advanced features.

From compact and portable versions to truck mounted pressure washers, there is a machine for every maintenance job imaginable. Instead of judging an electric pressure washer simply by its price, take a closer look at the construction, quality of components, cleaning functions, ease of operation and user safety.

Experts recommend choosing the best electric pressure washers based on your specific requirements. For instance, if your daily maintenance operations are lighter-duty ones, cold water based power cleaners should be enough. However, when you need to clean extremely greasy areas such as food processing plants, choose the heated versions.

For cleaning small areas or stairs, it is best to go for portable pressure cleaners and when it comes to maintain vast outdoor areas, you will be able to accomplish better results with truck mounted pressure washers.

Karcher G2700 Gas Power Pressure Washer

How are Industrial Pressure Washers Different?

The maintenance applications in industrial settings are considerably more demanding than the cleaning tasks in commercial or residential environments.

As a result, the power cleaners designed for use in industrial areas have to be more ruggedly built, durable enough to withstand rough use and be empowered with the advanced technologies that simplify the cleaning process and enhance the results.

Electric pressure washer machines designed for industrial maintenance applications generally feature multiple temperature options.

You can choose the cold water mode for lighter tasks, switch to hot water mode for demanding jobs and set the machine to steam mode for the most challenging cleaning jobs. For enhanced mobility, take a look at wheeled or skid-mounted versions of power cleaners available from leading suppliers.

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When Do You Need Ultra Powerful Pressure Cleaners?

Ultra powerful electric pressure washers are tose capable of generating flow rates of up to 7 GPM and pressure levels up to 7000 PSI. These power cleaners are unmatched when it comes to blasting away almost all kinds of contaminants from different surfaces. If you need to maintain industrial settings on a regular basis – for instance more than 1000 hours per year – it would be a wise option to purchase a high-quality, durable and ultra powerful pressure cleaning machine from a reputed distributor.

The durable construction and high-grade components will guarantee excellent performance and minimum maintenance issues for years.

Before purchasing an electric pressure washer, evaluate the kind of power you will need to accomplish the job efficiently and on time. The power of a pressure cleaner will depend on its major aspects such as pressure levels, flow rates and temperature settings. Choose the perfect combination of these factors to get the power you need.

2000 PSI Electric Pressure Washers6

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Pressure Washer | Recommended

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