How To Replace The Rubber Seal On The Door Threshold

Today’s guideline will take you through some easy steps to replace the rubber seal on a door threshold. The threshold receives daily wear and tear due to being at the bottom of a door. Over time, the rubber seal gets worn out and needs to be replaced for the threshold to continue protecting your room from outside weather and draft.
Debris, dust, water, and insects are prevented from entering your home or building by the bottom seals found at the bottom of the entry door. These bottom seals are made from a vinyl rubber sweep which is fitted into a weather strip made from aluminum. Naturally, these seals become brittle over time and require replacing.
Most home centers and other outlets which supply doors, stock these seals which fit most styles of doors. Installation isn’t complicated and can be done by any do-it-yourself fanatic with some generally used hand tools and a little time.

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Step 1
Start by closing the entry door. Using a flat-tip screwdriver, you can now remove the hinge pins by inserting the flat-tip screwdriver under the cap of a hinge pin and tapping the screwdriver with the hammer from behind to drive the pin upwards.
Step 2
With the help of an assistant, you should now lift the door off the hinges at its jamb. Once lifted off, the door should be positioned on one of its long edges to access the bottom seal.
Step 3
Using pliers, grip the end of the bottom seal and pull it out of the grooves on the door bottom. If doing this proves too difficult, cut the seal along the centreline using a utility knife. Use your screwdriver to work both halves out of the grooves.
Step 4
To insert the new seal into the aluminum door bottom, a generous amount of spray lubricant can be applied to the grooves. Start by inserting the one end of the new seal and then sliding it onto the door bottom fully. Any excess can be cut off with a utility knife.
Step 5
Asking your assistant again, let the door stand upright and lift it onto the jamb hinges. The hinge pins should be reinstalled by hand. Using the hammer, tap each cap in place.

Final Verdict
To replace the rubber seal from the threshold is easy. Following these guidelines will help you restore the seal successfully within no time. Get going!

Rubber Seal On The Door
Rubber Seal On The Door
Rubber Seal On The Door
Rubber Seal On The Door
Rubber Seal On The Door

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