How To Hang Curtains Without Drilling?

Living in a rented house or an apartment can be very limiting in regards to what decorations you are allowed to have, especially if you are responsible for repairs or if you want to ensure that you get your security deposit back. Fortunately, if you want to hang curtains without damaging the walls or doing anything that requires the use of tools, we’ve got a few different ideas and methods for you.

Hang Curtains Without Drilling

Read on to find out how to easily beautify your owned or rented space without pulling out a drill, a hammer or having the hassle of measuring.

Hang Curtains on Pre-Existing Blinds
As we mentioned, there are a number of easy ways to hang curtains in your home without having to put holes in the walls. One of the best ways is by using this amazing product called the ‘No No Bracket.’ This miracle product works by simply attaching it to pre-existing blinds that you have in your windows. You attach the bracket to the headrail of the blinds and simply screw it in. The result is no uneven blinds, no unnecessary holes to patch up, and the blinds will stay in place. The best feature of these brackets is that it literally takes minutes to install.

The blinds come in two different finishes: nickel and bronze. Depending on your décor and the curtain rod that you would like to hang the curtains from, this combination should match accordingly. They can support rods that are up to one inch in diameter. Obviously these brackets don’t come with a curtain rod, so you might have to shop around a little bit. Some ideas to help you keep this home improvement at a lower cost are to shop at IKEA, as they have some very affordable options. Or if you are the crafty type, head out to thrift store and find some rods that you like. If they don’t match the color that you are looking for, you can easily change that with a can of spray paint!

Design Tips for Hanging Drapes
Drapes are accents to your home and windows, and should make them “pop.” When you are hanging drapes, it is recommended that you follow the rule of hanging them high and wide. Doing so will do a couple things for your home. The first of which, is to make your ceilings look higher than they actually are. This is a great trick if you have a smaller space, because it makes it feel a lot bigger than it really is. Second, this will make the windows look bigger. If you have drapes placed high and wide around a small window, it gives the illusion that it is much larger. By hanging them high and wide, you are allowing as much natural light in as possible without obstructing it.

Unfortunately, if you are using some of these tips and tricks to hang curtains, high and wide might easier said than done. The ‘No No Brackets’ limit you to hanging the curtains and drapes where the blinds are installed and not much higher or wider than the window itself. One way that you can try to get around this is by using a curtain rod that curves or bows out away from the window itself.

Hang Curtains Without Drilling

Other Temporary Curtain Solutions
There are a few other options that are available to hang curtains and drapes if you would like to try and explore other methods that might suit you and your home decorations.

Slide On Brackets
Slide on brackets are a nice option if you would like to hang the curtains high and wide. They are mainly meant for mini blinds and aren’t very well equipped for heavy curtains or drapes. You simply stick them onto your walls using the adhesive backing. However, you will have to measure and level them to make sure you don’t hang them lopsided (Trust me, people will notice). Another thing to be wary of is the adhesive used could potentially damage the paint or wall paper when removed.

Curtain Tension Rod
A quick and easy solution to your curtain and drape problem is using a tension rod. If you have a shower curtain hanging in your bathroom, then imagine that, but with a different finish on it. They come in many different sizes and widths to allow you to achieve whatever look you want without the use of holes or drilling.

You can expand them to hang inside the window frame and hold your drapes, though it can be limiting because you can’t hang them high and wide in many cases. Also, if you have blinds installed you will likely not be able to use this method.

Eclipse No Tools Rod
If you want to hang a black-out curtain, then the Eclipse Rod is a great option. There are a few options when it comes to this product. There are some, requiring tools to install, that wrap around your existing blinds. There are others that work just like a tension rod. These are easy to install and great for bedrooms or other places you might want to keep light out of.

Hang Curtains Without Drilling

Magnetic Curtain Rod
If you have a metal door or window, then it is possible to hang a curtain rod using the power of magnets. Stick them to the magnetic surface and you can adjust and remove them with ease and without worry of damaging the paint.

Stick On
Stick on curtain rods are another way to hang curtains and drapes without tools, though you might need a level to make sure that it is even. These give you the freedom to hang your curtains and drapes as high and wide as you would like, without the constraints of a tension rod or your window frame.

Command Hooks
Command hooks are adhesive hooks that were designed for the exact purpose of hanging curtains. They stick to the walls using an adhesive and act as a holder for your curtain rods. While these might not be able to hold the heaviest curtains or rods, they work pretty well.

Twist and Fit
Twist and fit is another off-shoot of the tension rod method of hanging curtains. Instead of the ends holding it in place, there are brackets that hold it in place inside the window frame, allowing the curtain rod to hang out from the window. As an added bonus, they come with decorative ends to match your home!

Hang Curtains Without Drilling


How To Measure For A Tension Curtain Rod?
Tension rods allow for quick and easy installation for curtains of all kinds. You need to know the dimensions of your window and have a rod that is smaller than the window, but has the capability to expand to that width without using any tools.

How Long Of A Tension Rod Can You Get?
Tension rods are great solutions, but they aren’t the best. They get can be a bit weak and can bow in the middle if they are stretched too wide and the load is too heavy. To avoid this, be sure to use light weight materials on these. Also, don’t try to over extend it.

How Does A Magnetic Curtain Rod Work?
Magnetic curtain rods use the power of magnets. They stick to metal surfaces, as long as they are magnetic. The installation and removal takes minutes without using any tools. These also come with some drawbacks. They aren’t quite strong enough to hold heavy materials and they can come down pretty easily. It is recommended to install these in places that won’t be opened or pulled on often.

Can You Hang Curtains With Command Hooks?
Command Hooks are great when you are renting or don’t want to mess with drilling holes. Typically you will need three hooks to support the curtain and to prevent bowing in the middle. Keep in mind that you might need to keep an eye out for the right size to hold your curtain rod, as they aren’t a one size fits all type of product. Be sure to be aware of the weight that they say they can support and get all three at the same size.

How Do You HangA Curtain Without A Rod?
If you want to hang a curtain without a rod, then don’t worry, there are a few nifty ideas. Depending on whether you want the curtain to be able to move or stay in place, we have some simple solutions for you.

If you want to be able to open or close your curtains, there are some simple replacements for your traditional curtain rod. You could try to use rope, curtain wire, or copper pipes.

On the other hand, if you don’t want the curtain to move you have simple solutions that might require you to use a hammer. Try using nails, upholstery tacks, or hanging hooks to keep it in place.

How To Make A Replacement Rod?
If you have an imagination and an artistic flair, you could use potentially anything to replace a curtain rod. You only need to be sure that it can hold the weight and allow the curtains to slide open and closed.

If you are decorating a room for an avid outdoorsman or fisherman, you could use something like fishing poles as a replacement rod. If you are decorating for a cabin or going for a more country theme, it is possible to use a nice branch from a tree to hold your curtains.

There are so many different ways to hang curtains and achieve the look that you want without having to bust out the toolbox. Now, even if you are renting, you can customize your living space to make it feel a bit more like your own without having to pay for damages or go through unnecessary repairs. These tips work no matter what kind of style or look you are trying to achieve for your home or apartment. You are sure to save you time and money as well!

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