Gas Pressure Washers & Power Washers

Gas pressure washing machines derive power from a combustion engine, which burns a fossil fuel. It can be any fossil fuel, say gasoline, diesel, or propane. Electric machines have an electric motor and run on electricity. One major limitation of electric machines is that it is not convenient to use these machines on outdoor locations.

It is almost impossible to find electric plug points at suitable places in outdoor locations. That means if the job involves outdoor cleaning, a gas pressure washer is the best choice.

Gas Pressure Washers and Power Washers

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Gasoline or propane pressure washers are more suitable to use as portable machines. There are two types of portable machines. Some of these machines have wheels attached to them. Users need to push or roll the machine from one place to another.

Another type is the more sophisticated truck mounted pressure washers. These machines can be mounted on a truck or trailer. It requires less physical effort to transport these machines when compared with that of wheel-attached machines.

Moreover, these machines are available in all ranges of pressure levels and specifications. For any outdoor hard surface cleaning tasks, there are no better choices than gas pressure washer machines.

Gas Pressure Washers

Wet Sandblasting: A Top Feature of Gas Pressure Washers

What Is Sandblasting?
Sandblasting is the technique of using fine grains of sand for cleaning rust, paint, and other dirt from hard surfaces, especially metal and glass. Normally, a machine such as a pressure washer propels the sand onto the metal or glass surfaces. A common application of the technique is to smoothen and flatten a metal surface before repainting.

The Process and Machines
Modern gas pressure washers are available with wet sandblasting technology. The difference between wet sandblasting and other methods like air sandblasting is that the former is much safer. The main problem with sandblasting is the likely health hazards it can inflict on the workers.

Inhalation of dust and silica particles is a prime danger associated with sandblasting. Consequently, the process is systematically controlled to limit the workers’ intake of dust. The whole cleaning process is a three- or four-step affair, which often requires a skillful cleaning worker.

Benefits of Wet Sandblasting
Wet sandblaster pressure washers greatly limit the dust of sand propelled into the environment from the hose of the machine, thereby limiting the quantity of dust inhaled by the operators. In these gas pressure washers, sand is propelled to the surface along with the water output of the machines.

Gas Pressure Washers and Power Washers

How a Gas Pressure Washer Meets the Challenges of Industrial Cleaning Tasks Effortlessly

Using a gas pressure washer to tackle the rigors of industrial cleaning is a sensible thing to do. It can eliminate dirt and grime build up completely and leave the surface sparkling clean in no time. You can remove even the most stubborn of build ups without having to use harmful chemicals and harsh detergents.

An industrial gas pressure washer must be made up of solid components that are able to withstand the high pressure output levels of the cleaning machine and deliver robust performance consistently.

The higher the pressure output levels, the better will be the cleaning power. Commercial pressure washers with high pressure output can blast away hardened deposits, grease and oil build up, and industrial debris.

You should choose a gas pressure washer with utmost care. There are many brands available on the market, but not all of them can meet the tough challenges involved with industrial cleaning. Pressure washing machines from reputable suppliers come with advanced features, which help remove tough grease, oil and chemical deposits with ease.

Do you need a machine that offers hot, cold and steam pressure cleaning options. Do not worry as cleaning machines are now available with tri-mode action. A commercial gas pressure washer can tackle various kinds of cleaning jobs with its heavy duty cleaning action. Heated cleaning can definitely work better than cold water cleaning in some situations.

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What Makes A Gas Pressure Washer Perfect For Industrial Use?

Gas pressure washer machines are widely used by cleaning professionals to manage a host of cleaning operations in different settings. Power cleaners fueled by gas are generally used in areas where the supply of electricity may not be reliable or available.

In large warehouses, industrial zones, and outdoor settings, electricity may not be easily available. For this reason, maintenance professionals choose gas pressure washer machines with truck-mounted configurations for use in such areas. With long hoses, these pressure wash systems can even be used for indoor cleaning.

Truck mounted pressure washers powered by gas are perfect for use in commercial and industrial settings. The solid construction and truck mountable configurations make such gas pressure washer systems capable of tackling the toughest cleaning applications with ease.

To ensure superior cleaning results, some of the best gas pressure washer equipment available from leading suppliers generate output at pressure levels of up to 3000 psi, flow rates of more than 5 gpm, and temperatures as high as 330°F.

Cold water, hot water, and wet steam are all viable options; but, for greatest flexibility – opt for a tri-temperature system offering all three.

Gas - Pressure Washers - Pressure Washers

Managing Industrial Cleaning Tasks with Gas Pressure Washer

Maintenance professionals now increasingly choose gas pressure washer machines to tackle industrial cleaning operations. Since gas-powered pressure washing systems do not have to be connected to electrical outlets the way electric versions are, they are great for use in areas with uncertain supply of electricity.

This is the primary reason why these gas-powered versions are widely in use in vast commercial and industrial areas. Here is a look at the other benefits of using gas-powered pressure wash equipment:

Ease of operation: Using steam pressure washers powered by electricity involves constantly stepping over power cords and watching out for wires you may trip over. Gas pressure washer equipment, on the other hand, does not pose such distractions and you can easily get the job done without needing to search for electric sockets or manage long power cords.

Mobility: The best gas pressure washer machines available from leading distributors now come with excellent portability features. You can choose from compact versions in wheeled configurations or heavy-duty, trailer mountable versions. The truck mountable ones are particularly great for managing contracted maintenance jobs in industrial settings.

Designed for industrial applications: To cater to the specific cleaning needs of industrial environments, branded gas pressure washer systems feature huge water tanks that can easily be loaded on trucks and transported to the area that requires maintenance.

Gas Pressure Washers

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Gas Pressure Washers and Graffiti Removal

Gas pressure washers are used for many kinds of cleaning applications, from cleaning agricultural machinery to auto detailing tasks. Another area where they have proven to be extremely effective is graffiti removal. Traditionally, graffiti removal has been a tough task that usually involves the use of harsh chemical cleaning agents and manual scrubbing and scraping.

Even after using these harmful chemicals, the graffiti could only be partially removed. In many cases, people simply opted to paint over the graffiti. Gas pressure washers offer a cleaning solution that is far more effective and faster.

What to consider?
While gas pressure washers are a great way to tackle graffiti, it’s important to know how to use them in the best possible way. Mobile pressure washers are a better choice, since they allow the user to cover more area in a convenient way. It’s also important to consider the kind of surface that needs to be cleaned.

Concrete surfaces can be quite resilient, though certain surfaces can be more sensitive to high pressure levels. Brick and delicate masonry can be damaged with high pressure levels and needs to be cleaned carefully.

It’s also important to pay attention to the nozzle of the gas pressure washers. If the nozzle has a zero degree spray pattern, it will provide a more focused cleaning power. However, this intense spray pattern could end up etching the graffiti pattern into the surface.

A less intense spray pattern can provide effective cleaning power that doesn’t etch a pattern into the surface. Hot water can also be effective in removing stubborn graffiti stains.

Pressure Washer | Recommended

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Pressure Washer | Recommended

Last update on 2023-09-06 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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