Weighing approximately 3.9 pounds, the Festool T18+3 Li Set 564575 Cordless Drill feels well built and sturdy. At first, this unit may feel heavy, but you will eventually come to dismiss this – considering that it is a very well balanced drill. This model arrives with a Festool Sustainer box and four FastFix application specific chucks, one drill bit and two bits. The chucks are what make this machine unique as well as a host of other features.

Festool T18+3 Li Set 564575 Cordless Drill Review

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Multiple Chuck Options

The chucks on this device are interchangeable and offer users free quick connection capability. The quick connect shaft is spring loaded with a retractable ring and locking lugs. You do not need to align the chucks with the output shaft in any way at all. A Centrotec chuck adapter is critical for holding fastener bits, allowing you to quickly change your tools and bits using the Centrotec shank system.

The Eccentric chuck is the offset bit driver that will enable you to work on flushing against adjacent surfaces. The right-angle chuck turns your bit 90 degrees to the drill’s axis and is a great option when working around tight spaces. Use this chuck for working in a situation where you have a surface that is perpendicular to the device’s body. The Jacobs chuck is the standard keyless drill chuck. The T18+3 also comes with a durable, stackable carry and storage case that has a top handle and the optional side handle.

Brushless Motor

This drill utilizes a brushless motor. The motor has permanent magnets inside and electromagnets outside. A computer chip is used in place of the commutator and brushes, it changes and charges the poles on the electromagnets. This helps the device run cooler, use less energy and stay running longer than brushed devices. Brushless motor technology provides you with maximum run time, meaning longer runs between charges.

Festool T18+3 Li Set 564575 Cordless Drill Test

Variable Speed

The variable speed dial at the back of this cordless drill is well located and protected. Variable speed settings allow you to control your driving as well as drilling and you need to do is dial in the speed you require.

Driver or Drill Selection

The Drive/Drill selector is located in a single location allowing you to select between driving and drilling applications. The 2-speed gear switch is located at the top of the device and is recessed and protected from fall damage. The gear switch allows you to achieve speeds as high as 450 rpm in the first gear and 1,500 rpm in the second gear. A battery gauge, LED light and belt clip are also available in the T18+3.


The two 18 volt, 2.6 Ah Lithium-ion batteries have built-in electronics that ensure your tool and battery is protected from deep discharge, overheating and overloading. It takes about 35 to 70 minutes to fully charge the batteries, and they operate at temperatures of about -5 to 45 degrees Celsius. The drill gives off a warning beep in case of overheating.

Festool T18+3 Li Set 564575 Cordless Drill

Festool T18+3 Li Set 564575 Cordless Drill Conclusion

The Festool T18+3 Li Set 564575 Cordless Drill is perfect for use in furniture assembly or kitchen fitting. It is also a handy tool to have when considering shopfitting, fastening in an industrial setting, studwork and for building canopies, carports, pergolas or fences.

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